Diapers in Public for the ABDL: Little Secrets

diapers in public for the Abdl

If you picture taking your adult baby or little boy out to the park, you might picture him in shortalls or a cute t-shirt, wearing a backpack emblazoned with cartoons, or laughing on the swings in slightly too-tight shorts while wearing running shoes with velcro instead of laces.

But sometimes the best way to take your little boy out for … Read the rest

What Kind of Adult Baby Are You?

I’ve been so amazed and touched by the questions and comments from people who have read this blog, or who have e-mailed me about their feelings and experiences. One of the reasons I started this blog was that I couldn’t find much advice for dads to adult babies/diaper lovers.

Actually – that isn’t true, and thus this post. Because there … Read the rest