Guest Story: Room for Rent, Lodger Required (4)

In the first three parts of our story, a new lodger finds himself embarrassed by a wet bed and the need for nappies – but the diapers open up a new level of trust and connection between Andy and Tim. But will an unexpected Christmas together be awkward, or have they maybe found their ‘chosen family’?

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Guest Story: Room for Rent, Lodger Required

A special thanks to Anthony for the following story. It is, without a doubt, one of the best that I’ve read about the special relationship that can develop between two people – and about the feelings and experiences of being a ‘daddy’.

One of the things I love about the story is that it takes time to develop – and,

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Cody the Diaper Boy Next Door (Part 5)

Ever see a movie and know what the ending will be before the opening credits finish? Ever watched a TV show and felt upset that it ended ONE way when it should have ended another?

As I stood waiting for Cody to think through what I had asked him I felt like it could go one of two ways: it … Read the rest

Story: Cody the Diaper Boy Next Door (Part 3)

Some of the best things in life are….yeah, you thought I was going to say free. But what I was going to say was ‘complicated’. And with Cody there was nothing terribly complicated about how I felt, but being able to express those feelings wasn’t simple.

Now, most people would probably call me crazy. Look at it this way: you … Read the rest