Big Boy Undies for the Adult Baby?

Now, I can’t help feeling that most little boys are probably better off in diapers.

If a daddy puts an adult baby in big boy underwear for a trip to the movies, he’ll find himself sitting in the theater beside a fidgety, squirmy ‘son’. Not the best way to enjoy a film!

It’s not that he’s being difficult, it’s just … Read the rest

Caring for the Adult Baby: Turning Points

There’s a lot of joy in being a daddy to an adult baby or diaper lover. There’s a sense of trust, commitment, bonding and love that is rare to find.

It’s even more rare to be able to care for someone in which there are so many ways to express your feelings.In what other relationship do you have such tangible … Read the rest

Saturday Adventures with the Adult Baby

It’s Saturday morning. You’re in bed and you hear the pitter patter of little feet. (Well, not so little, let’s say a ‘little’s feet’).

You smile but pretend to be sleeping. Suddenly, with a whoosh and a cry of “daddddy” your little guy jumps on top of you. You give a big growl and then flip him over in a … Read the rest

A Crib for the Adult Baby

Not every diaper lover or adult baby wants to sleep in a crib. Often, what someone dreams of isn’t practical, or they might dream of a bed that looks like a race car instead!

But for many adult babies, a crib is something they dream about but don’t always have a chance to experience. And so I can’t help thinking … Read the rest

Summer Days and the Diaper Lover

It’s a beautiful day where I live, and it feels like summer is starting to set in! For you dads out there, it’s the perfect time to get your little guy in a nice thick diaper, put him in a pair of shorts or jeans, and go for a long walk.

Some of my best memories are long strolls through … Read the rest

Bibs for the Adult Baby

Bibs for adult babies

Dressed in just his diaper and a colorful t-shirt, the adult baby boy sits in his high chair and can’t help playing with his food. If it wasn’t for the sippy cup or bottle, there would be more of a mess than there already is, and daddy can’t help smiling that his little guy treats his mashed potatoes like he’s … Read the rest

Promoting Healthy Care for the Adult Baby or Diaper Lover

Dads to adult babies or diaper lovers sure try to do their part in providing guidance and care. But where’s the new dad going to turn to understand the important role he plays in a little guy’s life?

I personally would have found it useful if there had been posters or brochures at my local library or community center pointing … Read the rest