A Crib for the Adult Baby

Not every diaper lover or adult baby wants to sleep in a crib. Often, what someone dreams of isn’t practical, or they might dream of a bed that looks like a race car instead!

But for many adult babies, a crib is something they dream about but don’t always have a chance to experience. And so I can’t help thinking … Read the rest

Bibs for the Adult Baby

Bibs for adult babies

Dressed in just his diaper and a colorful t-shirt, the adult baby boy sits in his high chair and can’t help playing with his food. If it wasn’t for the sippy cup or bottle, there would be more of a mess than there already is, and daddy can’t help smiling that his little guy treats his mashed potatoes like he’s … Read the rest

A Bottle for the Adult Baby

Settled on the couch, you lie back across daddy’s lap and he cradles you with one arm. Already a sense of stillness comes over you, no matter what came before. You’re about to be given your bottle, and there’s a warm sensation of being cared for and relaxed which makes this a very special moment of the day.

Wherever a … Read the rest