Bibs for the ABDL Boy

Abdl boy bib

You fasten a bib around your adult baby or little boy’s neck. You admire how cute he looks with the childish pattern. You feel happy that he won’t smear spaghetti sauce all over his new onesie.

When you’re a daddy to an ABDL or little boy, a bib just makes practical sense. When he’s feeling little, he can get a … Read the rest

Bibs for the Adult Baby

Bibs for adult babies

Dressed in just his diaper and a colorful t-shirt, the adult baby boy sits in his high chair and can’t help playing with his food. If it wasn’t for the sippy cup or bottle, there would be more of a mess than there already is, and daddy can’t help smiling that his little guy treats his mashed potatoes like he’s … Read the rest