picaby is a mobile app (currently for iPhone) that lets you add filters to your photos and then apply fun themes. The purpose of picaby is to slowly build a community-based app that is fun, secure, and tailored to the community.

At first, picaby was just a little side project. (“Little” can mean a few things!). But we’ll see where it goes from here. If you have ideas please pass them along!

One of the challenges with this blog, which has been around, on and off, for over a decade, is keeping up focus and energy. I’ve often had people who asked whether they could support it somehow, and I never wanted to put advertising or other forms of monetization – it was always my love letter to the community.

picaby helps to build a bridge – a way to support both a fun app and this blog. Over time, I hope that the two will intertwine a bit. For examples, I’d be so thrilled to post photos created with picaby on the blog (with user permission of course, and all the usual comments about privacy!).

But let’s see where picaby goes, and let me just say thank you for indulging me with this project. The support of the community has always meant so much, whether quick comment, an e-mail or a hug when we meet in person!

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    1. I’m from Toronto also! There are some really good social activities and groups in Toronto. A great way to find a daddy is to connect with locals and maybe even attend a local event. This month for example there’s an online ABDL meet-up for Toronto littles – although others are also welcome 🙂 Many people also connect to others through Twitter or Instagram. The main thing is to enjoy the ABDL community and often this will lead to amazing connections including, maybe, meeting a daddy 🙂

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