What Daddy’s Thinking

You’re a baby or toddler in nice clean diapers and maybe a cute pair of short-alls. You’ve spent some quality time with daddy but now he’s left you to play a little on your own – maybe ‘baby’ time with some blocks or a coloring book, or maybe more adult time on the computer or just watching TV. Daddy’s in … Read the rest

Gay Dads to Adult Babies

There’s very little statistical evidence on adult babies. Or little that I can find, primarily those referenced via Wikipedia’s entry on paraphilic infantalism which states that there is a very high number of male AB/DLs compared to female (by a ratio of 10-20 to 1). Less still is evidence of the incidence of gay, straight, or bisexual in the adult … Read the rest

Control, Caring and Domination

It’s hard to find information on being a dad to an adult baby. There are lots of people active on forums including dads and moms, but very few ‘go to’ places for the parent of an adult baby.

One article that seems to pop up in search (and when I find the link, I’ll add it to this post!) was … Read the rest