Fantasy Adoption Center

The Fantasy Adoption Center for Adult Babies is – well, fantasy. Lifting off of the famous Snugglies photos which used tricks of photography to show men in diapers, this adoption service is partly about exploring the many sides of being an adult baby or diaper lover. I’d like to show that there are as many different feelings and personalities as there are ABs, TBs and DLs.

If your profile was listed below, what would it say?

Oh, and please feel free to share/distribute – but if you could, leave the Web address in the photo please.


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15 Replies to “Fantasy Adoption Center”

  1. Hehe well, I’m afraid it’s still a fantasy adoption center Rob. 🙂 Although I’m sure there’s lots of baby boys who would love to be adopted. I’m taking applications also haha.

  2. I’m from Seattle, Washington, and believe me when I say that I wish there was one here, for real. I’d love to have a place to hang out and have someone diaper me and to play with me.

    1. Bonjour je suis une petite fille de 17 ans j’ai les cheveux châtain et les yeux bleus je suis française j’adore les câlins et je rêverait d’avoir un daddy a moi j’aime être un bébé si je vous intéresse n’hésiter pas merci d’avance ❤❤

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