Cody’s Story

Cody’s Story is a 9 part fictional story about an ABDL relationship between a daddy and the ‘boy next door’.  I wrote it from the daddy’s perspective – something which, at the time, I found difficult to find. 

I started writing Cody’s Story in 2010 – which seems like ages ago! It was a time before Wattpad or Amazon ABDL books. While you could find stories, they were often written either with more of a dom/submissive flavour, or from the perspective of the little.

I finished it in February 2012 after almost two years! (Life often had its own priorities).  

When this blog went offline (for a bunch of reasons, including pesky hackers), the number one thing I was contacted about was this story. It was so amazing to receive e-mails and messages from the community asking if I had a copy of this story.

Thankfully, it wasn’t lost.

Reading it again after all this time, I can still remember the love and hope I felt in writing it. If you read Cody’s Story long ago, I hope you’ll share with me whether it’s like you remembered. For others, the story will be new to you, and I hope you enjoy as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Love, Daddy.

The Chapters

Chapter One

In which the boy next door has an accident – and our author deals with his feelings of wanting to provide protection.

Chapter Two

In which our author tries to figure out a new world – of diapers. And Cody gets checked.

Chapter Three

Too many emotions? Cody retreats. And a plan is hatched.

Chapter Four

A question: diaper or no diaper? 

Chapter Five

New feelings. The meaning of feeling like a daddy. And Cody gets changed into a diaper.

Chapter Six

Magic moments. Feeling a bit…little. Encouragement and a wet diaper.

Chapter Seven

In which Cody slowly regresses. And our author realizes what he really wants.

Chapter Eight (A Very Special Christmas)

Something special is under the tree.

The Gift (The Final Chapter)

A daddy to a little boy. 

5 Replies to “Cody’s Story”

  1. Oh wow Karl – I’ve never heard that one! It took me over a year to write and I felt was pretty lengthy – but I can see what you mean. Maybe the pacing sped up near the end. Thanks for the nice comment!

  2. I think that a good story need the time for writing and you took your time ! 🙂
    I was lucky enough to be able to read the whole story at once and did not have to wait for the next chapter! I thought it was a pity that this great story ended and did not have a few more chapters!
    But thank you for the great story! 🙂

  3. I was introduced to your story of Cody by someone who was looking for a Dad, and who found wearing a diaper helped him feel safe. It was totally a foreign experience to me at the time, but through your writings, I was drawn in. It’s a very unique and intimate experience with a younger guy who has this need!
    I got to chapter 5, then the stories disappeared. I was so disappointed!
    But then this “son of mine” found that they had released the rest of the chapters….which I intend to read!
    The human condition is always fascinating when you step outside the box!! Awesome!
    Thank you!

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