About and Rules

This blog was started in 2010, long before the world of Tumblr or Twitter, Instagram or Snapchat!

I started it because I found very little written about or in support of the daddy/caregiver in the AB/DL relationship. While there are articles on topics related to being a ‘sub’, they tend to come from the perspective of BDSM.

I am a healthy, active and successful person and am happy in my life and place in society. I hope that by sharing my hopes, fears, confusions and expectations here that I might be able to provide something to the available discussion of AB/DLs and in particular the perspective of the ‘adult’ role in those relationships.

About AB/DLs
Yes – this site is about adult babies (ABs) and diaper lovers (DLs) – terms used to refer to adults who role play or who have a fetish regarding age regression or diapers.  It’s not a site about children. References on this site (and in the ABDL community) to children, to ‘sons’ or to ‘boys’ are references to adults playing those roles.

Like many alternate sexualities and tastes, diapers or age play can be off-putting to some, confusing to others, intriguing perhaps, and something that many can instantly relate to (many more than you would think!)

I do not feel a need, however, to justify my world-view to anyone and this site does not welcome intolerance of this subject or of others.

Privacy and Commerce
Your use of your e-mail address in order to comment on posts or ‘subscribe’ is for administrative use only and will never be shared with another person, never sold, and never given out, even to a close friend. Your privacy is sacrosanct to me.

The subscribe function is an automated WordPress thing which will send you updates via e-mail so you can know when I have added to the site or to update you on the status of your comment etc. This information, again, will not be sold, shared, given out other than within whatever terms of service govern WordPress – and I feel that those terms are well-aligned with the goals of this blog and will change my use of these features if I ever have reason to believe otherwise.

Moderation and Rules
Comments are moderated for the reasons noted above: to avoid spammers, griefers, trolls, and people who don’t understand the community. When you post a comment, I get a notice and will try to approve it as quickly as possible. I will not approve any comments that are spam, trolling, intolerant – and I reserve the right to choose any other subjective reason!

The contents of this site are copyright and subject to the appropriate laws related to copyright protection and fair use. The contents of this site, in whole or in part, are not granted for any publication purposes, including for the purposes of research publication.

8 Replies to “About and Rules”

  1. No Tyler, you don’t need to be a member. If you want to receive e-mail updates to know when a new post is online you can subscribe at the right….but otherwise this blog is open and public. 🙂

  2. Hi, I was wondering you could write an explainers for how to be a good daddy. My boyfriend really relied on your information. Sadly, he didn’t turn out to be a good daddy. He didn’t take personal responsibility, was neglectful and negative and just didn’t have his life together. If you could make something that talked about good qualities daddy should have, like respect, caring, have their lives together, take care of themselves before they can care for others. That would be super helpful! I have more suggestions if you wanna email me!!


  3. There’s an odd behaviour on the blog where I can’t see any of your new posts in Safari until I force a refresh. Perhaps the cache expiry date is set too far in the future? I notice that the HTML page is set to roughly 6 months.

  4. Hi abdl daddy, glad to see you posting new content on the blog. Lurked around for a long time. Would love to chat one on one and get to know you. I’m a shy little who needs an experienced daddy to guide me.

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