About and Rules

This blog was started in 2010, long before the world of Tumblr or Twitter, Instagram or Snapchat!

I started it because I found very little written about or in support of the daddy/caregiver in the AB/DL relationship. While there are articles on topics related to being a ‘sub’, they tend to come from the perspective of BDSM.

I hope that by sharing my hopes, fears, confusions and expectations here that I might be able to provide something to the available discussion of AB/DLs and in particular the perspective of the ‘adult’ role in those relationships.

About AB/DLs
Yes – this site is about adult babies (ABs) and diaper lovers (DLs) – terms used to refer to adults who role play or who have a fetish regarding age regression or diapers.  It’s not a site about children. References on this site (and in the ABDL community) to children, to ‘sons’ or to ‘boys’ are references to adults playing those roles.

Like many alternate sexualities and tastes, diapers or age play can be off-putting to some, confusing to others, intriguing perhaps, and something that many can instantly relate to (many more than you would think!)

I do not feel a need, however, to justify my world-view to anyone and this site does not welcome intolerance of this subject or of others.

Privacy and Commerce
Your use of your e-mail address in order to comment on posts is for administrative use only and will never be shared with another person, never sold, and never given out, even to a close friend.

In 2021 I have added Memberful to the site. The purpose of doing so is to help cover the costs of running this site and to allow me to post more content.

Memberful integrates with Stripe for payments, and I have integrated with Discord and MailerLite for e-mail. These integrations each mean that the terms of service and privacy policies of those services will apply.

However, any personally identifiable information you share will not be sold or shared with third parties other than for the administration of the ABDLDaddy Crinkle Club membership and its services.

You do not need to join Memberful in order to read the posts on this site. Posts will be members-only for a brief period after which they will be made open.

Moderation and Rules
Comments are moderated for the reasons noted above: to avoid spammers, griefers, trolls, and people who don’t understand the community. When you post a comment, I get a notice and will try to approve it as quickly as possible. I will not approve any comments that are spam, trolling, intolerant – and I reserve the right to choose any other subjective reason!

Moderation and rules for the ABDLDaddy Discord Server are separate and distinct and are included on Discord.

The contents of this site are copyright and subject to the appropriate laws related to copyright protection and fair use. The contents of this site, in whole or in part, are not granted for any publication purposes, including for the purposes of research publication. All photos are either owned by this site or have been provided with express permission.


You can contact me at abdldaddy@gmail.com

47 Replies to “About and Rules”

  1. No Tyler, you don’t need to be a member. If you want to receive e-mail updates to know when a new post is online you can subscribe at the right….but otherwise this blog is open and public. 🙂

  2. Hi, I was wondering you could write an explainers for how to be a good daddy. My boyfriend really relied on your information. Sadly, he didn’t turn out to be a good daddy. He didn’t take personal responsibility, was neglectful and negative and just didn’t have his life together. If you could make something that talked about good qualities daddy should have, like respect, caring, have their lives together, take care of themselves before they can care for others. That would be super helpful! I have more suggestions if you wanna email me!!


  3. There’s an odd behaviour on the blog where I can’t see any of your new posts in Safari until I force a refresh. Perhaps the cache expiry date is set too far in the future? I notice that the HTML page is set to roughly 6 months.

  4. Hi abdl daddy, glad to see you posting new content on the blog. Lurked around for a long time. Would love to chat one on one and get to know you. I’m a shy little who needs an experienced daddy to guide me.

  5. Daddy, would you mind doing an article about how you feel about more ‘mischievous’ kids? Because I feel like what I want sometimes would make you mad (see: Taking off my diaper and running around naked, throwing food, kicking and wriggling and squirming during diaper changes, etc.)

    An article about how you feel about Pull-Ups and potty training and how you approach it wouldn’t go awry, too.

  6. Benjamin – that was a piece of software that was a ‘plug-in’ to the site. The software was discontinued. I wonder whether I should look into a new chat feature.

  7. Oh, yes, I think it would be great. And, if you can’t make a chat, you can always just make an official Discord server.

  8. Hi Sir
    I’ve checked in your web site for ages, I am an older ABDL and always have been have loved your site , even when I found you were back on this site.
    My name is Jan I do prefer Yarn maybe until my adoptive Daddy gives me a name he prefers , I live in OZ and would love to have a Daddy to care for me and give big cuddles in return.
    Love everything on your site , gives hope.

  9. Hi Sir
    I have never found it in OZ unless they want sissy.
    I hope you may be may be able to help online.
    I know its a lot to ask but you but I would love your help I am sitting here in a wet diaper and plastic pants (which I love) and yes I love your plastic pants protector or comfortfortment control , In short Sir putting the presser on and would love adult advice

  10. I would love to call you Daddy Sir, I would like some advice on how to be me
    all ive ever wanted is a Daddy

  11. Hi Sir it is a big country in OZ but all I want a MAN I can love and worship and had would like some tips on how to meet them , A lot to ask but would be appcecated

  12. Hi Sir I thought Ide let you known I got my first pair of dickies today and they feel greet ( probley not what you like to see your boys dressed in )but I feel like a baby in my dickies with my diaper held high.
    love how they keep my diaper up

  13. I wish my daddy was here? But he passed away in 2010! I am ab from 1976 until 2010? Still wearing diapers wetting and poop in them for 44 years now! I wish I had other one I’m to old now for one 🙁🙁🙁

  14. Hi, Daddy, what is your attitude toward sissy boys? I have Disney shortalls that you would like, and a bright red cartoon romper. I also have a sweet short toddler dress that shows off a matching plastic lined diaper cover. This is nice for hot peaceful days when I don’t have to be building houses or running races. Is it ok to like these clothes on occasion?

  15. Hi there, I recently just began a really serious relationship with my daddy and Im looking for advice on long distance daddy boy relationship advice. Since there is very little in the way of solid gay/abdl advice I thought you may have interesting or helpful tips and wisdom on how to keep the relationship amazing with all this distance and pandemic separating us.

  16. Champ, I would think that Skype sessions at strategic times would help, perhaps at bedtime to make sure you are diapered and tucked into bed, and in the morning when you awake with a sodden diaper. This would associate your Daddy with important moments.

  17. Hi Kevin. What a lovely name for a little tike. You are not too old. I am just like you in many ways and often feel that the community is almost vacant of finely aged abdl men. But we are here. And many of us are seeking a relationship with a like-aged person. Some one who understands our inner little from years of experience. I hear the sense of loneliness in your voice after losing that very special person. I hear it in my voice and in my thoughts every day. My little side feels particularly abandoned but I call upon my big side to comfort little, to remind little that we are together and that we are not alone in reality. And that there are nice people like Kevin who are also feeling this way and need a friend’s voice. It’s not as good as a daddy’s hug, for sure. But it is something to keep in mind as you go through your day. Let’s us both keep positive in the belief that there are many new special people for us to meet and enjoy and share with. Virtual hug.

  18. Daddy I’m looking to become a ab and am looking for some one to be my mommy/ daddy or to have both near New Hampshire that you

  19. Hey

    So I need some advice, I met another little boy who is willing to meet and have a play date, his mommy has also offered to watch us and also take care of me, such as diaper changing and what not

    Thing is ive never had my diaper changed by someone, is there a way to calm my nerves or do I just jump head first

  20. I felt the same way when I first met my Daddy. I tried it, and it worked out well. You can always leave if you feel threatened in any way.

  21. Hi Daddy I am so happy I found your site. I wish you had a chat on your site so as we could chat with other ABDL boys and Daddys. All of my life I have wanted to meet Daddys who take complete control of my life and treat me as a little boy of about 8. I enjoy being dressed as a cub scout or dressed in a school uniform with short pants with a diaper and baby pants underneath. I would one day love to find a daddy who is strict and treat me as his a naughty boy . A Daddy who will keep my bottom red to keep me in line. To be talked to as if I am nothing but a little boy. A daddy who will have me tucked into my bed early every night even if I put up a fuss. During a school year I want to be kept in my school uniform and have to be home schooled as an 8 year old.I want a daddy to take total control of me and regress me to where I depend on Daddy for everything such as diaper checks . I would love for a daddy to only buy me childrens clothing and keep me fully shaved. A daddy who will have my hair cut just like a little boy. A daddy who will buy me lots of toys like Lego and lots of toys. I wish for a daddy to be protective and not allow me have money.Phone or computer. I would love to have a little boys bedroom . And after Daddy spanks me for being naughty he may turn me into a complete baby by dressing me as a toddler and make me drink formula in a baby bottle paci etc and sent to my room for being naughty. I do cry when I am spanked and I want to be scared of getting a spanking from Daddy. I am not interested in sex but love been babied by strict gay daddys .

  22. Hi little one, dada will change your potty pants. I’m a handsome middle aged dada who loves poo poo and abdl toddlers

  23. Mr Josh i am 62 years old, just an update if you want an would give up total to you as my Daddy to keep me in a sagging diaper. And take total control of my day-to-day day life.
    I would love to be diapered and dressed as you please and sucking on the paci you put in my mouth.
    On my knees begging please my Daddy

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