Summer: The Season for the ABDL Saggers

His shorts slip down his waist a few inches. His diaper peeks up. He seems oblivious, just like last week when his jeans sagged down and a solid 6 inches of padding was clearly visible.

It’s a perfect image of summer to the ABDL Daddy.

Now – if I see someone walking down the street with their jeans down at their ankles while everyone can see their Calvin’s I’ll be shaking my fist Daddyishly and shouting “get a belt you ruffian!”

But there’s a difference!

Or at least I tell myself there’s a difference: sagging as a fashion statement is different from sagging because you’re a little toddler!

The Secret of the Sag

As a Daddy to an adult baby or little boy you wouldn’t take him out to the beach or park in some thin diaper, would you? Of course not.

TBDL boy with sagging jeans and diaper
TBKiddoBoy doesn’t notice that his diapers are there for the world to see. Thanks for the photo, kiddo! You can find him on Instagram.

He needs a diaper that’s thick enough that you won’t need to run to the first change room you find. Plus – he’s probably a little super soaker anyways!

Before you leave the house, you’ll slip his diaper under his bum and you’ll tape it up – not too tight, but enough that it’s snug. You’ll make sure the legs are secure but that they won’t make him uncomfy as you walk around and go on adventures.

Now: think about those tapes. Think about the thickness of the padding.

His diaper protects him and protects his pants too!

His diaper hugs his cute baby butt and wraps around his waist. The tapes act as a belt for his crinkles.

Your little guy can feel his diaper wrapped around him – but he can’t feel his pants in the same way!

And so without realizing it, his jeans might just slip down a few inches. Now, if he was a BIG boy, he’d feel the weight of the jeans against his bum and he’d yank them back up.

But he ISN’T a big boy, is he? And so when his jeans sag down it doesn’t change the real sensation which he’s experiencing: of a nice secure and thick diaper hugging his bum and waist.

And so the secret of the sag is that he won’t always knows it happens.

The fact that Daddy forgot to put his belt on when he dressed him in the morning has nothing to do with it.

At the right moment, you should come up behind your little guy and tug his pants or shorts up to the proper waist height. It might take you a few minutes to get around to it!

But once you do he’ll feel a sudden happy sensation knowing that Daddy is there to look out for his well-being and to help him keep his pants on (at least until it’s time for Daddy to take those pants off again for a diaper change).

The Other Sag Factor

Now there’s another kind of sagger.

You dress your little guy for the day. He’s wearing cute shorts. You can barely detect the outline of his diaper. It hugs his body nicely.

But as the day goes by, his shorts start to bulk out more and more.

Another photo from the adorable TBKiddoBoy. Ssshhhh ….don’t make him blush! His diaper is barely noticeable, right? You can find him on Instagram

You’ve helped him to learn not to worry about his diapers. Daddy is there for him. Daddy checks him and changes him.

And so he wets without noticing. The thickness of his diaper means he barely notices the wetness. It’s the super power of ABDL diapers!

Sure, he’s probably conscious that he’s waddling a bit more as the day goes on. But he might not realize that as his diaper droops, so do his shorts.

Now – the one type of sag that he probably WILL be conscious of is when the seat of his diaper suddenly bulges out.

It’s the kind of sag that Daddy needs to be super conscious about. You’ve helped him to feel good about being your little guy, and you’ve reminded him that he should always use his diaper whenever he needs to.

A sagging diaper bum means it’s time for Daddy to provide lots of reassurances. To give him a reassuring pat and then to lead him to a safe change place.

Taking the Time for Soggy Butts

Whether his diaper peeks out because his shorts sag or his shorts sag because you have a little stinker on your hands, these small little moments are important.

You might want to tease him or tell him what a baby he is. And for some boys that helps them to feel like a little boy!

Just remember that they’re little. They might live in an adult body but they’re still a little boy inside.

And enjoy the moment. Not just because it’s cute.

Enjoy it because it isn’t happening TO him. It’s happening to both of you: you’re the one who put him in a diaper, dressed him for the day, and encouraged him to not worry about his pampers.

It’s a reward for both of you when either his diaper peeks out above his sagging jeans, or his shorts sag because he’s used his diaper like a good little boy.

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