Little Moments: Is There Anything Cuter Than An ABDL Boy?

I’ve been so busy lately. Combine it with the state of the world, lockdowns, and wondering when we’ll be able to have a meet-up again, and it has been tough.

And yet, even with a busy day, I will glance at our ABDL Discord channel and someone will have shared a photo from their day….and my heart will melt a little.

One of our Crinkle Club members was heading out on errands – and shared a photo showing how his diaper was peeking up over his pants.

Another shared a photo cuddling with his plushy.

Sure, it might seem to be “just a chat”.

And yet those little moments made my day. They made all the crazy Zoom calls and late nights of work a bit more tolerable. They made me smile.

And they reminded me that for a Daddy to an adult baby boy, life is made up of so many wonderful moments.

A few of these moments are described below.

Boop! What else can you say? Oh! Bum pat!

In The Kitchen

I like cooking. Maybe it’s because I like feeding the little ones!

But every now and then a little one will insist on cooking dinner. Which is amazing. Because an ABDL is still an adult, and offering to help out, to cook dinner now and again really means a lot.

But you know the rule around the house: no pants unless Daddy puts you in them!

And so dinner time becomes an excuse for Daddy to dress his little one in just a diaper and cute t-shirt. No romper today. No onesie. And certainly no pants!

And the secret?

That Daddy gets one of those amazing “little” moments. Baby boy at the counter preparing dinner, his cute little diapered butt wiggling a little.

And, of course, changing tint and sagging slightly as he wets. You have to wonder if he even notices! He just seems to wet without thinking, focused more on chopping vegetables than he is the state of his diaper.

Unintended Naps

sleepy abdl baby boy

This is a big one for me.

Sure, nap times are fun on their own. There’s the little tug of war between Daddy and his baby boy: “yes, it’s naptime”…”nooooo can’t I just finish this 200,000 piece Lego dinosaur?”

There’s checking his diaper before his nap.

There’s sitting on the side of his bed. There’s pulling up the covers up to his chin.

And there’s realizing that he might mostly lie there sucking on his paci and having an imaginary conversation with his plushy.

So yes, naps are fun.

But even better is the unintended nap. Where you come into the living room to find him fast asleep in spite the cartoons blaring at full blast.

Or where he’s on the floor playing with his baby toys and then 10 minutes later you find him fast asleep with a building block as a pillow.

It’s a moment of unplanned serenity. His diaper shines in the afternoon light. His thumb or paci is loosely in his mouth.

He might even be a little stinker: little ones seem to get tired after making a messy, probably from the emotional release it provides. Well…first they get a little fussy, and THEN they get tired.

It’s an amazing moment of gentleness for a Daddy and a reminder of why you love that you have a little boy in your life.

ABDL boy naps
Hey! You’re supposed to be napping!

It’s The Little Things

These are just a few examples of the little moments that can make up a day with a baby boy.

It hasn’t always been easy this year to enjoy them.

But I’m so grateful for all of the ways in which we share our moments together, whether on Twitter or Discord, in a chat or Zoom call.

And so I send out a thank you to all of the little babies and boys out there. You make the lives of Daddies so much better.

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