Guest Story: Awakening || An ABDL Baby Boy Wakes Up

The more time goes on, the harder it is to remember life before Daddy took you into his care. There have been too many bath times, diaper changes and snuggle sessions to count. It feels like you’ve always been his baby boy and life before was just a dream you had so very long ago.

This story was submitted by a super special little guy. Thank you to Baby Puck for the story!

As the sunlight filters through the bars, gently waking you from sleep, it’s a new day with new adventures ahead. Snuggling tight to Mr. Bear, which Daddy gave you in your early days with him, you try to hold onto pleasant dreams, but the waking world slowly calls you home.

You find yourself safe and sound in your crib, a little warm in your fuzzy sleeper, the bulk of a squishy diaper pushing your legs apart and hugging your waist.

Wetting in your sleep has become so commonplace, you hardly think of it anymore and you are glad your thick diaper handles every drop of it.

Your baba lies next to you, nearly drained of water from the night before, but there is just enough to quench your morning thirst. As you place the nipple between your lips and suckle down what remains, the stream is cool on your dry throat and the mobile above your head comes into focus.

You remember Daddy winding that mobile up for you last night as he put you to sleep. He had just read you your favorite chapter from Winnie the Pooh, in which Pooh and Piglet celebrate Eeyore’s birthday. As the music played and the stars of the mobile spun around. Daddy kissed you on your forehead as you drifted away. Now in the morning light, those stars are silent and hang above your head, unmoving — and you are fully awake.

The nursery around you is painted green. Jungle animal stickers align the wall with friendly faces smiling at you. You spot your stuffed giraffe “Geoffrey” who stands as tall as you ever do, watching you from just outside the crib bars.

You remember the day Daddy bought him for you from the toy store and how proud you were carrying this giant stuffed animal through the mall and out to the car, waddling along in your overalls. If you weren’t already drawing attention to yourself as the cutest baby in the mall, the giant giraffe toy certainly made people notice you, but you just held onto Daddy and smiled.

Beyond Geoffrey, you see your changing table. Aligning its bottom shelf are stacks and stacks of fresh diapers in a multitude of varieties — featuring friendly animals, grinning dinosaurs, and even a few with cars of many colors. You get a fuzzy feeling knowing those diapers are all for you and only day each one of them will be taped around you. There are enough there to keep you padded for months on end.

You know that you aren’t allowed to get out of your crib without Daddy’s help, so you decide to play make believe with your favorite stuffed animals in the crib. Mr. Bear and Wolfgang decide to climb to the highest peaks of the crib in search of their best friend, Geoffrey, but they can’t do it alone. They need your help to get there.

As they reach the peak of the crib and spot their giraffe friend in the distance, you begin to feel a funny feeling in your tummy. You giggle once you recognize it, squatting down and gently pushing.

You’ve made poopy diapers for Daddy so many times now, but it never stops making you feel so little. The seat of your diaper gently expands with warm, soft mush, and after a long moment, you fall back down into the mattress. The smell and squish of your diaper brings a fresh wave of vulnerability and embarrassment, reminding you how truly helpless you are.

At that moment the door to your nursery opens and there’s Daddy. “I thought I heard someone moving around in here,” he smiles at you. “Guess my baby boy is awake.”

As he walks over to your crib, you see his nose twitch and realize that he suspects you. Daddy looks down at you, rustles your hair and whispers in your ear, “Smells like you made a present for me, didn’t you?”

All you can do is blush. Daddy always knows.

He lowers the bars, unzips your sleeper and pulls back the waistband of your diaper to confirm. “What a good baby boy you are for Daddy,” he tells you lovingly rubbing your back. “Now let’s get you changed and put some breakfast in your tummy. We have an exciting day ahead. We are going to the aquarium.”

You look up at Daddy and smile. As he lifts you into his arms and carries you toward the changing table, you love trusting everything you are to his care.

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