ABDLDaddy Discord: Minecraft and Games and Chat!

The ABDL Discord for Crinkle Club members is…amazing. Everyday I get a chance to smile, meet amazing new people, and witness how special the ABDL community can be.

Now, waking up on a Sunday morning to find a bunch of soggy little boys is tough: I feel like there should be some Discord-based change service! Having said that, it’s nice to wake up and see the little guys had much-needed protection while they slept.

From Mario to Minecraft!

This week on the server, we shifted into game mode! The kiddos threw together a quick game of Mario Kart and by all accounts had a ton of fun.

A discussion of Minecraft led to….our very own Minecraft server! Now, I’m definitely not an expert on how to set one of these things up but I’ve had a lot of help.

We already have a little house and farm and I’m having fun myself. By adding in a voice channel via Discord, it was incredibly exciting to spend some time building and farming.

Now…what to call it? Mining for Crinkle?

This is What I Call Support

But to me, the most important thing about the Crinkle Club is the sense of community and care. Whether it’s sharing tips on diaper taping, or chatting about more serious topics related to health or anxiety, this is an incredibly supportive group of people.

Someone wrote me an email and said they were thinking of joining. They asked:

“I am also kinda hopeful (and fearful!) about the Discord server, but i would like to know about the community, because it would be my first time on an ABDL Discord.”

He was anxious about fitting in. Now, I won’t put words in his mouth but since joining he is already an incredible valuable member of our little family.

OK…now who wants to mine for iron!

4 Replies to “ABDLDaddy Discord: Minecraft and Games and Chat!”

  1. Awwwn, I missed the Mario Kart day! 🥺

    But yes, It’s a super cute and great place and I’m glad I got in! 🥰

  2. I assume that it you in those diapers, their from abuniverse. You could go to rearz.ca and order some purple diapers or some unicorns diaper just a thought.

  3. The photos are from members of the crinkle club. They tend to post their diaper status in the mornings. Maybe they hope one day to wake up dry but I haven’t seen any evidence that it will happen.

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