ABDLDaddy Discord: This Week in ABDL Chat!

It was a busy week but we kept busy in the ABDL Daddy Discord chat! Our new channel structure seems to be working well.

The little ones have been posting some super cute photos! And sharing their wish lists for onesies, notes on the best diapers and the ‘usual’ crinkle-related chat.

This Week’s Updates

This week we’re adding a few features and making plans!

  • We’ve added a #gamer chat – for, well, discussion of games. Because we all know that adult baby boys love their video games.
  • We’ve added new ‘reward’ roles for our leaderboard. First little one to reach level 20 gets an extra tag in their profile.
  • We’ve been looking into a weekly event. First up, a group board game. Details to be determined, but I’ve been researching some ways to use Discord to make it fun and easy to play.
ABDL Boy in Bed with Plushy
Photo courtesy of Crinkle Club member LittlePrinceTheo!

But the main thing? I find that even when I’m super busy with “Daddy stuff” that the chat is like a constant companion throughout the day. It’s like having a little one playing happily in the playpen nearby. And I’m super grateful to our Crinkle Club members for keeping me (and each other) company.

Now – who left the Lego all over the floor again? (I’m looking at you Wolven!)

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