Little Helpers: ABDL Boys and their Plushies

You come into the living room and your little one is on the floor. You hear the reassuring sound of his diapers crinkling as he wiggles his legs.

He doesn’t notice you enter the room. Instead, he seems to be deep in conversation…with his plushy!

ABDL boy hugs plushy
ABDL boys can have an important relationship with their plushies. Photo courtesy of Crinkle Club member LilBoyPatrick who you can find on Tumblr.

For the Daddy to the ABDL boy, his relationship with a stuffed animal can simply seem playful or imaginative. But for many little ones, this relationship can go far deeper: their plushy is a friend, confidante and snuggle companion.

ABDL boy sleeper
Phelan’s plushy is a snuggle companion! Can you tell where the little one ends and his blanky and plushy begins? Me either!
adult baby sleeper and lego
This is Wolven’s Teddy! Awww….I think Wolven is blushing. This is his first public photo! Look how adorable he looks! And what amazing Lego!

Little Helpers

I recently asked the little ones in the ABDLDaddy Discord server to send me photos of their “little helpers”. And I loved the photos, which are featured in this post.

adult baby boy and plushy
Jordi’s plushy needs a name! Don’t you just want to boop both of their noses?

They reminded me that before a little one has a Daddy he often has one steady companion: his teddy bear or stuffed dinosaur, a Winnie the Pooh bear he still has from his “real” childhood or a Build-a-Bear that he bought last summer.

ABDL boy pullups
Iamanolifer tells me that Winnie’s job is to at least make sure he wears a Pull-Up! It might not be what a Daddy would recommend, but at least Winnie is an awesome little helper!

It’s important to recognize that as a Daddy you’re a newcomer! And that his plushy has often been there for him through some difficult times.

When you first get to know your little one, you should also get to know his plushy: what’s its name? Does it have a favourite food? What kind of adventures have they had together? How has his plushy been helpful over the years?

ABDL boy hugs plushy potty
LittlePrinceTheo from the Crinkle Club tells me that his stuffed animal, Doge, is a very helpful friend at keeping him safe from the potty monster. I’m not sure what Theo is doing anywhere near the potty! But maybe he’s waiting for a bath.

Mr. Button even helps with accounting homework! (Which lets Daddy off the hook, thank goodness).

ABDL Plushies
Mr. Button helps with homework! Thankfully the Crinkle Club chat doesn’t seem to include a lot of accounting discussions!

A Little Family

As a Daddy to an adult baby or little boy, you’re in a relationship with an ‘adult’. But his little side also means you’re adopting a larger family: one (or a dozen) plushies.

You should get to know them. And you should involve them in decisions! Ask your little one: “does Teddy need a nap?”…”Doge looks sad, is he OK?”

Often, your little one can communicate his own needs through his friend. Remember: his teddy bear knows him really well! And so if Daddy asks, Teddy might be able to tell you whether your little one is scared or sad, excited or sleepy.

ABDL diapers and plushies
“Doge is a great friend when you need someone who is looking out for your rear-end,” says LittlePrinceTheo. And that’s a crinkly rear end to keep an eye on!

It’s good to know that your little one has a friend he can count on. And now with a Daddy, he has a super-powered zone of protection!

ABDL stuffed animal
Topher introduced me to his stuffy! “This is Bartholomew ll. He stands guard at night to keep the bad dreams away, and makes sure my glasses don’t get lost. During the day he guards my paci.”

Watched over by his plushy, protected by his diapers, and with Daddy there to give cuddles, diaper changes and lots of positive reinforcement, he can feel safe to be the little boy he has always been inside.

PupRogue brought his best friend Bjorn along as a co-pilot on a road trip to San Francisco. This is a while ago. He’s holding a candy bar for in case he got hungry on the way.

What was once a sometimes lonely time with only his stuffed animal for company has now become a family, and as a Daddy you should be proud that his plushy has adopted YOU, just as your little one might be proud that he has you as his Daddy.

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