ABDL Discord: This Week in Chat

It has only been a week, but the ABDLDaddy Discord chat feels like family!

Now, I’m new to all of this. And so the little ones kept wondering why the colours of their names kept changing! That was just me trying to figure out how to help differentiate the bigs from the middles and littles.

But I had help! Our community has some super helpful little tykes in it and they’ve been really helpful with suggestions.

After an exciting night chatting on the ABDLDaddy Discord, Patrick fell fast asleep! Photo courtesy of Crinkle Club member LilBoyPatrick who you can find on Tumblr.

Support and Care

Perhaps the most amazing thing has been the amount of support everyone provides. Whether it’s helping someone choose which diaper to wear (answer: Rearz Dinos for Patrick!) or giving someone some moral courage to wear diapers while getting a haircut, our little group has been incredibly supportive.

It feels like a quiet little corner of the Internet where it’s safe to express who you are.

What’s Next

I need a Trello board! (And I have some amazing offers of help. We seem to have some organized little squirts in the chat).

This week’s plans include:

  • Revising the channels to include ‘ABDL-gear‘ for links to cute onesies, diapers, and other ABDL stuff
  • Revising the channels to include one for introductions. This will let new users read quick bios/intros and can include links out to social profiles
  • Adding new honorary roles for achieving certain levels on the leaderboard. Will appear as a special tag on user profile cards!
  • Holding our first weekly activity! This was suggested by Crinkle Club members. I’ll be announcing the activity later today. Results will be posted next weekend on the blog!

Meanwhile, I’m pondering a contest to encourage sign-ups for the ABDLDaddy Crinkle Club. But first, I need to ask our Discord members! It’s something I’m debating but feel like it isn’t in the spirit of the site. And so more news on that soon.

But if you want to give me your thoughts, I’d love to hear them in the comments below or (of course) on our Discord server.

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