Sleepy Babies: Why ABDL Boys Need Naps!

You’re on the couch watching cartoons with your adult baby boy. You head to the kitchen to grab a snack. You return to find him….fast asleep!

As a Daddy, you’ll find this happens a lot. An active baby becomes a floppy, sleepy one, who barely stirs even though the cartoons are still at full volume or when Daddy kisses his forehead.

His paci still in his mouth, his arms will cuddle around whatever is nearby: a pillow, a plushy, or Daddy!

abdl boy sleeping
A suddenly floppy, tired baby boy….will grab whatever is nearby as he nods off into a sudden nap.

Is he bored? Did you tire him out with too many activities? He might be a baby, but he’s still an adult one! So what explains the sudden collapse into a deep nap?

Why Adult Baby Boys Get Sleepy

I was reminded of this while catching up on tweets from LilAcornDL who recently had his first experience with ABDL diapers. In his tweets, he talks about how relaxed he feels in diapers, and how anxious he feels when he’s not wearing.

His experience isn’t unique. For many little ones, a diaper helps them feel relaxed and calm. It’s a way to take away at least one worry: of wet pants, of making it to the potty in time.

It helps them to de-stress, and to enter a bit of that cozy “little space” where the most pressing concern is which of their many stuffies to snuggle or to make sure their paci is properly clipped to their shirt so they don’t lose it!

But now add a Daddy to the equation: not only does your little one not have to worry about wet pants, he also doesn’t even need to worry about his diaper!

Daddy is there to check him, evaluate how squishy his diaper is, and change him when needed. Daddy is there to bring him a bottle, encourage him when he’s colouring, cuddle him when he’s watching Finding Nemo (for the 500th time).

All of this can provide a profound feeling of relaxation for an adult baby or little boy.

If Daddy is doing his job, your little one will be feeling safe and cozy, and will be able to put some of the stress and anxiety of being ‘big’ aside. He’s a baby boy. He doesn’t need to worry. His diapers are Daddy’s job.

And suddenly…ZONK! He’s out like a light.

Planned Naps Don’t Always Go As Planned

But Daddies be warned!

Just because your little guy will be super relaxed and sleepy, that doesn’t mean he’ll go down easily for a nap!

I actually think naps feel threatening to some little ones. They represent time when he’s not with Daddy! When you say “time for a nap” what he really hears is: “Daddy needs a break, now get some sleep!”

But he needs his naps. So you need to be both firm and reassuring. Tell him how Daddy wants his little tyke all rested up for fun adventures. But also remind him that all babies need naps.

If he protests and claims he’s a “big boy”, point out his slightly soggy diaper, his romper, and the paci in his mouth. Tell him he doesn’t LOOK like a big boy. And then remind him that Daddy needs him to be a GOOD boy even if he isn’t a big one….and that besides…his plushies need some alone time so they can catch up on all the latest news.

Moments of Joy For Daddy

Honestly, finding the little one fast asleep is one of those amazing moments of joy that is hard to describe.

He will fall asleep on the floor playing with Lego, the pieces stuck in his hair. He’ll fall asleep while cuddling with you and watching TV. He’ll fall asleep right after you change him into a nice thick clean diaper!

Those moments, when you kiss his forehead during an unintended nap, when you check his diaper and find it slightly warm (but not wet enough for a change) while he lies on the couch or floor, when you watch him suck gently on his paci as he sleeps…they make being a Daddy super special.

And they give Daddy a chance to recharge and get ready: because your little one will be awake soon, and more adventures await!

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  1. “for the 500th time”, it’s only 473 times!

    Great post! I love all the insights from a Daddy’s point of view.

  2. I hope you managed to find a daddy. πŸ™‚ If not: I had success in finding three amazing littles (successively) on r/ABDLPersonals

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