ABDL Discord for Boys and Daddies

I’ve launched a Discord server for ABDLDaddy.

You can sign up for Discord-only access on the ABDLDaddy Crinkle Club page (choose the Independent Thinkers plan, or sign up for a higher tier and get even more perks!).

Be sure to use the email associated with your Discord when you sign up!

You can catch up on the latest here.

abdl discord for boys and daddies

Daddy In Training

I’m a Daddy. I don’t know anything about all this new technology the babies are using these days! What I do know is that over the years I’ve exchanged 100s of emails and 1,000s of messages with readers of this blog.

At one point this site had a chat function. It was disabled after some issues I had with hosting (and the domain). And that particular chat service doesn’t even exist anymore!

It was pretty awesome: a simple chat room where there was almost always someone to connect with!

I applied some lesson from that experience, and from the dearth of good ways to chat with ABDLs and their caregivers:

Your ideas matter. I love hearing ideas for blog posts! I can never get enough. Discord will be a great way to hear new ideas.

A safe, closed community. By using Memberful on this site, we can make sure that whoever signs up for the Discord server will truly mean to be there.

A chance to provide updates and random thoughts. Discord is just so efficient! A great way to ping everyone about new posts or content.

Meeting other ABDLs and Daddies isn’t ‘dating’. I mean, sure, it’s an adult-to-adult relationship. But building an ABDL relationship takes trust and time. It requires that we learn each other’s interests (adult and ABDL). A community forum can be a great way to get to know people. And who knows…maybe one will be a daddy, caregiver or brother one day!

An Amazing Community

I’m not here to replace all of the amazing way kiddos connect and communicate, whether through Twitch, OnlyFans, social media or by phone (people still phone each other, right?). One of the nice things about Discord is that it can be one channel among many.

So maybe you’ll consider subscribing, joining me, and helping me figure out how this darn thing works! *blinks into camera wondering if it’s on*.

12 Replies to “ABDL Discord for Boys and Daddies”

  1. Hey. So I am in a completely open marriage with a guy who I love dearly but I have one problem. He tries but doesn’t get into the ABDL side of me. Now I am dying to have a Daddy and I feel like it’s impossible. We both live and work together at a non profit. Hardly any free time. I don’t really care about the nurturing aspects of a Daddy. He covers that. I just want to enjoy the discipline and stuff. I’ve had daddies before but none particularly good. How can I ask him for just one weekend away when our free time is so far and few between?

  2. That’s a tough one! It sounds like you generally have an open and clear relationship. Which is really wonderful. So many people feel a need to hide an important side of themselves from their significant other. I do hope you are able to express your request – I don’t know enough about your relationship of course, but it might be a chance also to ask if there’s anything HE wants that he has dreamed about. All I can say is I wish you the best and hope you let us know how it goes.

  3. am in south florida. how do you find a DL daddy, im 65 into diapers but am also a sub type to serve , but only part time. tryed googling with little success as want to push my DL experiences

  4. Any Daddies in Tampa Bay? I would love to get out of my comfort zone, which means having daddy keep me in just a diaper.

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