Bibs for the ABDL Boy

You fasten a bib around your adult baby or little boy’s neck. You admire how cute he looks with the childish pattern. You feel happy that he won’t smear spaghetti sauce all over his new onesie.

When you’re a daddy to an ABDL or little boy, a bib just makes practical sense. When he’s feeling little, he can get a bit goofy – playing with his food, losing his sense of coordination when he starts to giggle, or somehow missing the spoon when Daddy brings the food to his mouth (airplane noises!)

adult baby boy with bib
Bibs make the baby! Photo courtesy of LilPrincePatch

But bibs are more than just a practical accessory for the ABDL.

When you place a bib around your little one’s neck for the first time, he’ll be experiencing a new level of feeling.

He’ll realize that Daddy knows best. He’ll realize that even though he may look like an adult to the ‘outside world’ that he’s actually just a little kiddo who can’t be trusted to keep his clothes free from food.

And he’ll realize that he’s unique!

Because bibs aren’t just generic accessories! Like a paci, a bib says a lot about a baby boy.

Bibs, Like ABDLs, Have Personality!

When a Daddy creates a relationship with an ABDL, it’s important to take time to get to know each other.

You learn about each other’s desires and boundaries. And maybe you learn a bit about his tastes: does he like more babyish or toddler things? Does he enjoy bottles or sippy cups?

But bibs, to me, are one of those things where Daddy can make some decisions for his little guy.

Do you choose a plastic-covered bib with a large “catcher” to catch all those gobs of food? Or a cloth one gentle enough for a baby’s skin? Do you know your little one well enough to choose either a cartoon character or a more babyish print with teddy bears or duckies?

Choosing a bib that matches your little one’s personality will make a statement: that Daddy has listened.

Baby’s First Bib

Don’t show him the bib until dinner. Keep it as a surprise.

Bring him to the table for dinner. Then stand behind him and bring the bib to the front and fasten it carefully in the rear (either with the strings or velcro strips).

Don’t make a comment.

Give him some time to realize he’s wearing a bib for the first time. Let him look down and see the pattern and texture of the bib.

He’ll be realizing that this isn’t just some generic bib – it’s one that Daddy chose for him! It has his favourite cartoon character or is a babyish print in his favourite colour.

Don’t be surprised if he wiggles in his chair.

And keep an eye open for the tell-tale sign of a diaper which suddenly gets warmer and wetter. It’s always a sign that you’ve touched on something inside, you’ve unleashed a new emotion, and that he feels safe and excited to be Daddy’s little boy.

Dinner Time!

A bib has another benefit. It gives permission for dinner time to be a bit more…little.

Now Daddy really has his work cut out for him.

Choosing fun foods: spaghetti or chicken fingers and fries, a mushy/yummy pile of mashed potatoes with gravy, or maybe now and then some baby food.

Depending on the “inner age” of your little one, he may prefer to eat on his own with Daddy watching, or it may make more sense for you to feed him.

adult baby boy
Ready for dinner! Photo courtesy of LilPrincePatch

Daddy’s Secret Tricks

Regardless, there are a few things Daddy can do to help his little one express who he is inside: a baby or little boy.

First is cutlery. Choose spoons! And especially choose spoons that are either too small or way too big.

Imagine your little one trying to eat spaghetti with a tiny spoon. Or, imagine feeding him macaroni and cheese with a super huge soup spoon.

Second is his seat. Not every Daddy can find or afford a high chair. And not every little boy needs one.

BUT, you CAN put a ‘booster’ of some sort on his chair. It can be something as simple as a pillow (make sure it’s safe in case of diaper leaks!).

When he sits with his feet wagging in the air and not able to touch the ground it will add another reinforcement that he really IS a little boy.

The Simple Joys of Being a Daddy

Such a simple thing: a bib. And not very expensive!

But a bib suddenly becomes a gesture, a form of bonding, an expression of personality, a sense of safety, and a way to give permission to your little boy to be himself.

Whether he ends up playing with his food or you “accidentally” splatter spaghetti sauce as you bring in the airplane with his food, he will end the meal with a messy bib.

Seeing him like this brings Daddy an incredible feeling of satisfaction.

And before you know it…a bib has given you an excuse to give him a bath!

And you and your little tyke have had an incredible evening together. And all that from something as simple as a bib.

Now…do YOU have a favourite bib? I’d be happy to share a photo of it if you want to send it along! You can contact me at abdldaddy (at) gmail (dot) com.

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  1. Its so true! I’m ab myself and all tho I still don’t have a daddy, the stuff you’re writing about is just how I feel about whole aspect of being ab and would love to find someone who understands it the way you do!

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