Guest Post: A Night at Daddy’s

It is starting to get late in the evening, about 8:00pm.  You are drinking milk from you bottle while laying across daddy’s lap on the sofa while he is watching some TV show that you have no interest in.  All you care about is sitting and cuddling with daddy. 

You start feeling a bit sleepy and it is getting harder to hold your eyes open.  Daddy has noticed this for a little while now, but he too likes this cradling time with his baby boy.  It is a special time of connection between daddy and baby boy that simply cannot be expressed with words.

After more time passes, you start to give up the fight to hold your eyes open and your body becomes more limp across daddy’s lap.  It is okay, it is bedtime for baby.  

Getting Ready for Bed

Daddy knows this and gently moves you from his lap to get up and prepare you a bath.  The sounds of the bath water running excite and stir you a bit.  Bath time is always a fun time!  

As you are ready for water time and want to get more water on Daddy than on you, you give no fuss when Daddy undresses you and removes your diaper and brings you to the bath. 

You splash around in the water and play with your bath toys.  You might be winning this water match! 

Daddy then bathes you when he thinks play time has lasted long enough.  The sweet smells of lavender in the bath soap begins to sooth you and calm you more ready for bed.  

After the bath, daddy brings you to the changing table and he lathers you up with baby lotion.  Again, the soothing scents of lavender further lulls you into a sense of calm and sleepiness.  

A new fresh diaper is wrapped around you.  Daddy fastens it snuggly but firm enough to make sure it will last all night without leaks.  Finally, your favorite, a footed sleeper pajama is fitted on you and zipped up and you feel all snuggly and thankful for this time with daddy.

Now time for bed!  Daddy brings you to bed in the crib.  He ruffles your hair a bit and you give him a giggle and a cute smile.  Daddy clips a paci to your footed sleeper and presents it to you to take into your mouth, which you do gratefully. 

The Safety of a Crib for an Adult Baby

The side of the crib is raised and the click of it locking into place gives you a sense of safety and security.  You hear the soft melodies of the mobile start to play and watch the splash colorful displays of light on the ceiling above.  And, finally the words “goodnight and sweet dreams my baby boy” from daddy.

A perfect end to a wonderful day with daddy, you think, as sleep starts to take a hold of you and you slip into the world of restful comfort and dreams.

You wake in the morning, hardly moving.  Your feet curling up and relaxing the in the soft cloth of the comfy footed sleeper daddy put you in.   You begin instinctively suckling on your paci still parked in your mouth as you slowly wake.  

Still you are hardly moving.  A little bit of pee starts to come out into your swollen diaper that is already soaked through and full while you slept soundly through the night.  Maybe a second surprise for daddy starts to slip out.  Morning is here and time for a new adventure with daddy.

Eventually, you fully wake, play with the crib toys and coo happily waiting for daddy to come and get you out of bed.  When he enters the room, you greet him at the rails of your crib with a big smile on your face and the two of you hug tightly for a bit.

You are all ready to start the day, but daddy knows best and it is first things first.  That morning time diaper needs a changing!

Guest Post

A special thank you to our anonymous guest who provided this post. He’s a baby prodigy who can program computers and databases and maybe setup a website or two and also loves British automotive shows while driving in a car seat from the proper left hand side of the car!

This very special story helped me, as a Daddy, to understand the feelings and experiences of a baby boy. Thank you!

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