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picaby is an app for iPhone that helps little ones to create fun photos – hopefully to share with their daddies and mommies, but also across all of those social media feeds!

It’s amazing to me how much has changed since I started this blog in 2010. Back then, it was almost impossible to find ABDL photos except behind the ‘closed gates’ of sites like RUPadded or DL-Boy.

Most of the photos I posted were ‘created’. It was only after a few years that people started to offer their photos for use on the site. Minimaxkiddo’s first photos appeared on this blog!

A More Social World for ABs and Little Boys

picaby mobile app for ABDL sample

Now, the little ones are swarming over Instagram or Twitter like over a plate of cupcakes in a nursery school!

It shows that we’ve grown into self-acceptance and even some degree of pride. For an adult baby or little boy, sharing photos can be a way of saying “this is who I am! (and aren’t I cute!)”

They’re the calling cards for our community. They start conversations. They allow others to provide positive comments and feedback.

Now, I’ve always had concerns about anonymity and identity-harvesting (watch out you AI robots!), but each little one can make his or her own choice about how comfortable they are sharing with the wider world.

This is one of those things where it truly isn’t about Daddy, and the ‘adult’ side of your ABDL needs to make their own choice.

Have a Little Fun

It’s just a start, but the point of picaby is to make an ABDL-specific app (and I think the first one ever on the Apple App Store?) that lets kiddos (and their caregivers) to have a little fun with photos.

But over time, picaby promises to also provide a safe platform for community. It will all depend how people respond and what they find the most fun.

You Can Help!

For now, it’s a rough beginning but ideas, artists, partners, promoters and others are invited to begin helping to shape what for now is a simple app, one that’s exclusively ABDL-focused, and that helps have some fun with photos.

Over time, I can see how it might include community channels, sharing features and other enhancements. For now, it’s just a little fun, or fun for littles.


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  1. Hi, I just found this site and think it’s a great place.
    You mentioned Minimaxkiddo I’ve followed him on youtube for a long time.
    I found this site searching diaper pictures.
    I’ve never been with anyone else in diapers 😔
    Anyone here on Connecticut USA?

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