ABDL Activities: Colouring Books for the Baby Boy

You crouch down with your adult baby or little boy and take out a colouring book. You open up the super box of crayons and show him all of the different colours. And then you ask him which page he wants to colour in.

For the Daddy to the adult baby, colouring books might seem like they’re too ‘little’ to engage him. He is, after all, an ‘adult’ as well as a baby! Maybe you should get him something that will challenge him more?

But after he chooses a page, you show him the little key in the corner of the page. It shows him which colours go where!

adult baby colouring books
Make sure you choose a colouring book that’s ‘age appropriate’! This colouring book is for babies, perfect for certain little boys.

He might blush, realizing Daddy has chosen an activity that’s suited for the age inside that he wants to express: a toddler, a little boy or a baby.

What Baby’s Thinking

For the Daddy to the ABDL, it might seem like these kinds of activities could be boring. There’s a ‘bigger’ side to your little guy: he’s smart, he has a job or goes to school. So how can a colouring book meant for 2-5 year olds be any fun?

But these kinds of activities help him to enter a more ‘little space’. You’ll watch as he concentrates on the task. He’ll probably suck on his paci as he struggles to stay between the lines!

adult baby boy colouring book
Adult baby boys love their colouring books!

And maybe you’ll wonder whether the ‘little task’ is just simple enough that he can also think to himself: “I’m here, I feel babyish, I feel my diaper wrapped around me, I feel Daddy watching me, I want to make Daddy proud”.

Sometimes, simple tasks are about something else: it’s not about colouring, it’s about giving him time to process, to feel, to experience some time without any worries other than colouring everything in.

You might notice him squirm slightly. Usually a tell-tale sign that he’s wet his diaper.

And by the time he’s finished colouring, you find a little sog monster! And maybe that the task of colouring made him not worry for a minute, that he used his diaper almost without thinking, and so he made his Daddy proud in two ways: an awesome job colouring in his book, and a wet diaper for Daddy to check and change.

And what more could a Daddy need?

So next time you wonder whether something is too babyish for your ‘adult baby’, don’t worry: it gives him a chance to show Daddy what a good boy he is, and lets him float a bit in ‘little space’, his diaper crinkling as happily as he feels inside.

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