ABDL Playgrounds: A Vision from Andyroo

Imagine walking down Main Street with your adult baby or little boy. You wave at the other Daddies. You comment on how cute their little guys are. Your neighbour’s ‘son’ is dressed in shortalls and they’re headed into the diaper store to pick up supplies.

It’s a world where ABDL behaviours are accepted, where every other person is diapered (and the other half are trying to keep up with their little tykes!)

And it’s a dream shared by Andyroo, who publishes the AB Central blog:

I really understand both sides of the argument about indulging AB/DL behaviours in public and it would be amazing to get to sidestep the entire issue by living around people who are ok with it. Also, think about the amenities, how awesome would that playground/ dog park built for adults be. What about all the people you could get who maybe wouldn’t live there full time but would visit, you could make an ABDL store like the world has yet to see.

– Andyroo, AB Central

Fantasy or Reality?

Now, I’m sure Andyroo would be the first to admit: an entire community of kink-friendly people, with pups and babies, DLs and Daddies, seems a bit far-fetched.

But it’s not an uncommon dream! Friends have long-dreamt about and planned for a place they can escape to, with an ‘adult-sized’ playground and all the plushies and diapers you can handle.

Others prefer to keep their dreams a bit closer to home: a full nursery hidden behind a secret door in their home, or more daringly a playpen in the living room and high chair in the kitchen.

But regardless of the fantasies, the good news is that there are small islands of community, and they have grown larger over time.

ABDL Public
Andyroo, AB Central author. Meet him on his blog!

Growing ABDL Communities

My first exposure to the ABDL community was through Compuserve. (Google it little ones – there was a time when there was *gasp* no Internet!)

I had suddenly found a home. People who understood exactly what I meant when I talked about diapers. And who helped me learn about regression. About the difference between ‘daddies’ and ‘littles’. And who I would chat with each night for a few hours, feeling as if I had finally come home.

Even back then, I didn’t know about some of the ABDL events and meet-ups. “DPF” was a new term to me.

It was only years later that I learned that somehow, in spite of everything, ABDLs managed to meet one another, share their common interests, and have some fun.

ABDL Events: Islands of Communty

I think of it this way: we start out exploring who we are in the safety of our homes. Perhaps we invite someone in. We have a play date with a local ABDL.

Maybe this sense of safety expands a bit. We meet a few more people. Maybe a little guy is lucky enough to connect up with a Daddy or Big Brother.

This expands further – we attend a munch. A meet-up. In my city there’s one each month. I’ve heard of a monthly meet-up in Birmingham, UK that’s attended by 300 people!

And then we take the plunge: Tomkat or Teddycon or Capcon (or Folsam Fair for the more daring!), and we experience what it’s like to be in one place that’s filled almost entirely with like-minded people (and a lot of crinkle sounds).

The islands of ‘safety’ keep expanding.

Sure, it’s unlikely that ABDL Town will become a reality any time soon.

But over the decades there are more and more kink-friendly spaces, the venues where ABDLs can express themselves have expanded, and we grow to have more self-acceptance and a deeper sense of community.

So maybe Andyroo’s dream won’t happen exactly like he imagines, but perhaps some version of it is possible? If we all help to make it so.

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  1. If I could walk away from this society and create my own world,it would be filled with ppl with diapers and nudists.

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