Shopping for Diapers for the ABDL

There’s something special about taking an adult baby or little boy to a physical store to shop for diapers.

There’s a mixture of anxiety (everyone will know the diapers are for me!), excitement (I wonder what kind of diapers Daddy will choose?) and acceptance (I’m anxious, but I know I really NEED diapers).

I was reminded of this when Wolven Puppy commented on an old post of mine:

The errand itself unfolds exactly as you said. Your description is perfect and so I shan’t touch it. Suffice it to say, we emerge successful. My diaper may be a little wetter from the anxiety, but I now sport a shy smile of my own with a mixture of relief and even a hint of newfound confidence. That smile is no match for daddy’s beaming expression, though, as he loads two armfuls of unbagged and colourfully-patterned diaper cases into the trunk. The twinkle in his eye signals his pride in the enormous step that his special boy just took, as well as the pleasure of sharing this secret adventure with me.

Fantasy or Reality? Shopping for ABDL Diapers

But Wolven pointed out that this fantasy sometimes doesn’t feel realistic.

I hardly think my home town is big enough to support a brick-and-mortar ABDL shop with the products that I really need.

Most pharmacies have a huge section of baby diapers, but they don’t fit most ABDLs (who are adults after all!). And let’s face it: most “store-bought” diaper brands are, well, truly awful.

(Let’s all vote a big thumbs-down for all those ‘breathable covers’ and ‘discrete protection’! I’m looking at you Depends).

ABDL abena m4
Our local store getting a shipment. NO, they weren’t all for the little one!

The best option often seems to be Tena. And sure, if you’re travelling and have no other choice, they’ll do. And they can be more cost-conscious than buying diapers online.

At one time, your local pharmacy or medical supply store was your only choice. There were no ABDL-style diapers. There were no online resources. And yet store brands were also at least moderately better.

So is Wolven right? Is a trip to the store just a fantasy?

Once in a Lifetime

For most Daddy’s a trip to a store to buy a decent brand of diapers for your little guy might be a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

With pharmacies carrying lame imitations of diapers and even Abena being difficult to track down, a proper trip to choose diapers for your little guy can be a rare event.

I know of little guys who dream of going to the ABU or other diaper warehouse. I imagine that they picture walking amongst row upon row of diapers in a sort of floaty haze.

And the reality is – well, the reality is true!

Abdl diaper warehouse
Yes. Those are all diapers. Wow, you little ones sure do need a lot of diapers!

I’ve made the trek to our local ABDL diaper warehouse. And it really IS what you imagine: row upon row of diapers. Boxes of them. Crates of them!

It really struck home how many diapers all you little ones go through!

A Growing World for Little Boys

But the fact that there were so many diapers is also a sign of hope. The market is large. Distributers keep popping up in new countries.

Did you ever wonder why there are suddenly so many cute little guys and ABDLs from Mexico? A big part of it, I believe, is a new distributer who makes it easier to get diapers without all the shipping and import costs.

(As a side note, the folks at ABDLMx are amazing!)

And this leads to a few things:

  • First, some of these distributers or diaper companies have opened physical stores. The Tykables store, for example, is kind of famous! And they list other retail stores on their website
  • As the ABDL companies grow, they are starting to show up in more ‘regular’ retail stores.

These two trends mean that a physical diaper store might not be in your home town, but it might be close enough for a weekend expedition. Once in a lifetime, maybe, but worth it to see the look on your little guy’s face when confronted with a wall of diapers.

It’s Daddy’s job to choose. But your adult baby or little boy will want….well, one of each!

A Local Story

And if you think this still puts shopping for diapers out of reach, I’ll share a local story.

There’s a store in my city that focused mainly on baby items: diapers, clothes, and nursery items.

They also carried a few adult diaper brands. Abenas and the other ‘usual suspects’.

But something changed: an ABDL asked them if they carried Rearz, Betterdry or Bambinos. The owner shook his head but said he’d look into it.

He started carrying a few packs of ABDL brands.

Fast forward and he now has an extensive section of his store devoted to ABDL diapers. And he’s even thrown in adult-sized onesies, bibs, and other products.

I actually think the ABDL section of his store helps keep his business afloat! And while the owner was probably just as embarrassed to be selling them as the little ones were to buy them, he has grown more comfortable and actually gets excited about coming brands!

I remember him talking up Little Monsters before they were even available!

And so – maybe it can happen near you? Maybe you can play a role too? Ask one of your local retailers about specific brands. See what they say. Maybe they can add a few products to their selection

And maybe one day you can take your little one on a bit of a dream outing: to go to a store, stand in the aisle, and hear his daddy say: “Now what kind of diapers should we get my little guy?”

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  1. I love this. I hope one day ABDL continues and is eventually normalized so that one day in the future little boys can just feel completely free to be themselves no matter the level of potty training.

  2. Neat info! I didn’t realize half the ways ABDLers got supplies before the rise of so many specialized distributors. I’ve not been into this sort of play very long and so there’s a lot that I don’t know. Thanks for sharing the longer perspective as well as the practical tips. I’m amazed how quickly you whipped up this post, if it truly was inspired by my comment! Daddy is a machine. 🙂

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