Diapers in Public for the ABDL: Little Secrets

If you picture taking your adult baby or little boy out to the park, you might picture him in shortalls or a cute t-shirt, wearing a backpack emblazoned with cartoons, or laughing on the swings in slightly too-tight shorts while wearing running shoes with velcro instead of laces.

But sometimes the best way to take your little boy out for the day is in his ‘big boy’ street clothes. With a diaper underneath, of course.

adult baby boys in public
Photo provided with permission by Timmy! You can follow him on Instagram @tbkiddoboy or ABDL.Link

Being in Public for the ABDL

Every relationship should include a discussion of boundaries. For the ‘Daddy’ to the ABDL, these discussions extend to how far he is willing to go in his commitment to his little side.

Does he want to wear diapers full time? Are there exceptions? Is he willing to go out in public, and how visible is he willing to be?

One of my own boundaries is to be conscious of the world around us. I once met an ABDL in a very adult steakhouse for dinner – and he showed up in a sleeper and asked the waiter to fill his sippy cup!

For myself, this crossed a boundary because it could cause offence to those around us. It was really no different from someone showing up in, say, a jock strap to the same dinner!

And so your little guy may have established that he prefers not to wear anything remotely ‘babyish’ while in public but that he’s OK wearing diapers if they’re discrete.

Diapers under shorts for the ABDL
Wow – there’s two of them! ABDLs ready for a trip to the park.

Secrets of the Adult Baby Boy

But even if your ‘baby boy’ doesn’t mind wearing Pokemon shirts and bright shoes out in public, there can be another reason to dress him in his normal ‘street clothes’ for a trip to the park: it creates a special secret between Daddy and ‘boy’.

The thrill isn’t in being seen as toddler-ish to the rest of the world. The thrill is in knowing that while the rest of the world sees him as a well-dressed man, his Daddy knows the truth: underneath his jeans or khakis he’s in a diaper, and nothing can take away from the fact that Daddy sees him as a little boy.

As you walk to the park, beach or other destination, you might talk about TV shows or the weather, work, what to eat for dinner, or a book you’ve been reading.

diapers under pants for the adult baby
Ready for a day out with Daddy. OK, with an extra layer of crinkle and protection.

But every now and then, you give him a little pat on the bum. You watch as he gives a little shudder, and his mind goes momentarily blank.

You’ve just reminded him that no matter what the event or discussion, he’s still diapered, he still needs Daddy, and he’s still a little boy.

Watch for the Signs

In addition to whatever you talk about, there will be a silent conversation going on. For me, it’s part of the fun of being a Daddy!

The conversation happens through small gestures and movements.

The way he tugs down at the back of his shirt, trying to make sure that no one can see his diaper peeking up over the back of his pants.

The way he might get a sudden glazed look, and the pace of his walk changes. A sure sign that your little one is using his diaper and feeling it get slightly warm and squishy.

Or, as he gets more comfortable being out in public, the way he might ‘accidentally’ stretch his arms, his shirt lifting up to reveal the top of his diaper along the waist of his jeans.

Such a Good Boy

Daddy doesn’t need to do much. Part of the joy is in letting your little guy experience the secret thrill of being diapered and knowing that only Daddy is aware.

A bum pat, adjusting his shirt, or ruffling his hair are sometimes all it takes to reinforce that you’re there, you’re keeping him safe, and that you’re the only one who knows that this mature, adult ‘man’ is actually a boy who needs his diapers, whether at the park or at home.

A Special Thanks

Thanks again to Timmy for the photo that inspired this post. You can follow him on Instagram ( @ tbkiddoboy ) or ABDL.link

5 Replies to “Diapers in Public for the ABDL: Little Secrets”

  1. Thank-you for such a lovely post, as always! I feel like the fantasy you’re describing here might actually be attainable for me, terrified as I still am of betrayal by a loud crinkle. I’m sure it would be okay to feel a little scared so long as daddy is there to guide me and give me a reassuring squeeze. The intoxicating feeling for me in ABDL play isn’t humiliation or even embarrassment. It’s vulnerability: the vulnerability that comes from taking the terrible of risk of showing myself in all my absurd silliness, and having my partner there to keep me safe and even to treasure me for it. Just like I can sometimes cry from happiness, sometimes fear can be the most precious and delightful feeling I can imagine.

  2. find the 7.


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