Plastic Pants and the Adult Baby

Daddy gets his little one ready for the day. Makes sure he’s had a bath. Puts him in a diaper. And then, at the last minute, adds a pair of plastic pants.

Putting on his jeans, shorts or dress pants, Daddy then checks him. The plastic pants poke up above the waist band.

Daddy smiles, pats his adult baby or little boy on the bum, and sends him off to ‘school’ (or, well, work…but Daddy still thinks his little guy is out there learning new things!).

Plastic Pants: More Than Just Nostalgia

For many ABDLs, plastic pants have a sort of nostalgia. They’re associated with potty training, being a toddler, or a time when diapers just weren’t enough.

Plastic pants are part of their memories, and help them into ‘little space’.

But plastic pants can serve another purpose, even for the ABDL who doesn’t associate them with memories of toddler-hood.

Why Plastic Pants

Plastic pants can serve a practical purpose: they can help prevent leaks, and reduce odour. Now, they aren’t miracle workers! But they can help.

Daddy still needs to check his little guy’s diaper. Even if that means a text mid-morning (“Hey little one, time for a diaper check!).

But knowing his little guy is in plastic pants can at least give Daddy some small assurance that even if he’s a bit squishy, perhaps he hasn’t had a tell-tale leak in the seat of his pants!

But more even than the practical benefit, plastic pants can give a little boy an added sense of security and protection.

Seeing Daddy take a pair of plastic pants out of the drawer gives him a little shiver, an awareness that yes, he’s a little boy. And that Daddy wants to make sure he’s well-protected.

The plastic pants feel snug against his diaper. They wrap around it and make it feel more secure. Your little guy will know that Daddy’s job is to make it safe for him to be who he is: a little boy who can’t keep his pants dry, and so needs all the protection he can get!

Plastic Pants vs “Baby Pants”

Now, this might be just me. But there’s a difference between plastic pants and ‘baby pants’.

Baby pants are usually patterned and they might be made of cloth or plastic. I think of them as diaper covers: they add some extra protection for a little guy with the added benefit of being either super crinkly sounding, or extra thick (if made of cloth).

Usually, Daddy will put a little guy in baby pants at home. They’re for when a little guy is playing on the floor with his Lego or other toys. And they’re so cute, he doesn’t even need pants or shorts!

Many ABDLs love to see the cute patterns on their diapers. There are so many choices these days and he’ll love looking at the Little Monsters or Aquanauts!

But baby pants are another way that Daddy can keep his little guy safe and feeling cute.

How Do You Feel?

I’m curious how other Daddies feel about plastic pants. And whether you little ones out there feel an extra sense of security with plastic pants poking up over your jeans when Daddy takes you to the movies?

At the end of the day, how Daddy dresses his little guy is about making him feel more safe and secure to be a little boy, and for some the additional layer helps them to realize that they need protection, and they need Daddy to help them keep their pants dry.

3 Replies to “Plastic Pants and the Adult Baby”

  1. Me being a bedwetter, I wear a nite time gauze cloth diaper and a diaper doubler with 3 inch yellow ducky diaper pins and plastic pants from adult cloth diaper. Com with my onesie, I feel little.

  2. Personally I love to wear a really bulky very noisy nappy and a pair of very crinkly plastic pants over the top of my really big nappy and I love the loud crinkling sound of the plastic pants underneath my trousers so anyone who cares to look in my direction can easily tell what I’m wearing especially if they ride up past the waistband for everyone to see and to be honest I actually enjoy the embarrassment when someone notices it and they usually make a rather degrading comment particularly if I’ve gone number two as obviously the smell is very noticeable but I’m used to it and I consider it their problem not mine 🙄

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