Gratitude for the Adult Baby and Little Boy

We were far from home. In a different country. Two little guys on a big adventure.

To me, I saw someone who was clearly a baby boy. I saw a toddler who waddled slightly as he walked.

They looked free. Happy.

Travels with the Adult Baby Boy

There is something about being far away from home. Like any vacation, inhibitions can drop. There are new sights and smells, new things to experience, new food to taste and new languages to learn.

But for the adult baby or little boy there’s also a chance to experience a greater sense of freedom. To not feel as much fear when Daddy puts you in a thicker diaper and a cute childish t-shirt, or when he chooses a pair of shorts that barely hide your crinkly padding.

I smiled that day. We were at a zoo. One of the monkeys kept following us. There were wild boar and they sure were stinky! There was a sloth sleeping up in a tree.

adult baby in public
Adventures with little ones. Can you tell they’re diapered?

I was happy to see them be themselves. Laugh and make jokes and take photos. And also waddle along, the outline of their diapers visible through their shorts.

The Challenges of Being Baby

It’s the kind of moment a Daddy to adult babies and little boys lives for: seeing them feeling safe, happy, and free to be themselves.

But it can also be a reminder of how far they might have come to get to this place. That it wasn’t easy to ‘come out’ as a little boy, that it wasn’t easy to reach out to a potential Daddy, that they may have lived with a lot of fear over being ‘different’.

Moments away from home with Daddy can feel like a dream. And they can maybe feel bittersweet: “why can’t life always be like this?”

Even as a Daddy I remember the feelings of being different when I was younger. Of trying to navigate a world that can be too often filled with judgment, especially of things that are outside of the norms and expectations set up by media and culture.

And so that moment seeing a little one explore a hidden wood, a zoo, or just heading out for a movie and blushing when daddy pats their bum…these are reminders that a baby boy has come through a lot to be there, in that moment.

Gratitude for the Little Ones

And so, as a Daddy, the moment out at the zoo, in a strange country, had me thinking about how grateful I am for the courage of ABDLs everywhere. In fact, that list of gratitude would take up a book!

But we should all be grateful for what adult baby and little boys bring to the world:

Vulnerability: Being able to express and share moments of tenderness and vulnerability

Trust: Showing trust in others, whether a Daddy, a “little brother”, a fellow AB or a vanilla friend. It takes courage to show so much trust. And when that trust is broken it can be heart-breaking

Change: NO, not THAT kind of change. But instead the way that little ones can shift over time. From being babyish to being an older brother, from being nervous to being confident, from being alone to being part of a community.

Community: And that last one is a big deal. Community was difficult to find when I was ‘coming out’ in the ABDL world. And now look at how vast it is! And how many tools we have to connect, if we use them in the right way.

Little ones deserve our gratitude because they bring something special to a world which often feels raw and tough, lonely and disconnected.

They can remind us that child-like wonder can still be present even in the most ‘adult’ of us. That we can all express who we are inside with enough courage and enough support.

And so I send out thanks to all the babies, DLs, daddies and mommies, toddlers and big brothers, and to all of the friends of this big wide community.

3 Replies to “Gratitude for the Adult Baby and Little Boy”

  1. And let us not forget to be grateful to all the mummies and daddies out there who make safe spaces to express our little sides! Creating these moments takes planning and creativity. And let’s be honest, the caregiver’s responsibility can be a lot of work. A huge part of ABDL play is for the little to become dependent on the caregiver for many basic needs. Littles, don’t forget to give back to your mummy or daddy by planning special moments for them too! This blog contains lots of ideas for how to make this daddy’s heart melt. I bet your caregiver would adore a hand-made card or the occasional breakfast in bed, for example, even if the end result is a little clumsy and they might not be quite as big a fan of peanut butter as you are.

  2. Wolven – wow.

    Daddy would be so super thrilled and would bite into that banana and peanut butter and Smarties sandwich and smile so big! What a sweet little guy! (Although maybe the little one should finish it, Daddy’s um on a diet?) 🙂

    But it’s a really kind and thoughtful comment. Thank you for that on behalf of all of us ‘bigs’ everywhere.

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