Car Rides and the Adult Baby

Going for a car ride can take on a whole new meaning for an adult baby.

It’s a special experience: in-between a private space and being out in public. He knows that really, no one can see. And yet can’t help feeling that he’s a brave little guy being out in public with his daddy, his paci, and his crinkly bum.

And for the daddy to an adult baby or little boy, it can be a special way to affirm that he needs protection, that someone else is responsible for keeping him safe, and that he should feel free to be ‘little’.

Adult Baby Car Ride
Your adult baby or little boy will end up in a squishy diaper after a long car ride.

“We’re Going On an Adventure!”

A car ride with an AB starts before you even leave your home.

Usually, an adult baby or little boy feels safest at home. They’re used to feeling comfy in their babyish or boyish clothes. They have things which are familiar: their toy box, their plushies, their box of Lego.

And so Daddy needs to be aware that going for a car ride can create both anxiety and excitement. It’s important to reassure your little one by creating a sense that Daddy has everything under control.

“We’re going on an adventure today, baby boy! Don’t worry, Daddy has it all planned out. And everything’s going to be safe and fun for my little guy.”

At the same time, Daddy should recognize that he’s excited and a bit nervous. It’s an important event for helping a Daddy bond with his little guy – whether its the first car ride or the 50th!

So Daddy can also build some anticipation. Remind him that even though everything will be safe, he will still be Daddy’s little boy:

“Now, we need to get you into a nice thick diaper! Can’t have baby leaking on the back seat!”

Getting Ready

Daddy shouldn’t give away all his secrets. On the other hand, he can give his little guy time to process that you’re about to leave the house together to go for a ride.

Have him prepare:

  • Tell him to choose one, (or a maximum of two), plushies to take with him. (Believe me, if you leave it open-ended, your back seat will be covered in stuffed animals!)
  • Have him pack his backpack. One or two toys, his pacifier and perhaps a colouring book or other diversion if you’re going for a long ride. Check it after he’s done and give him approval.
  • Go to the kitchen and choose some snacks for the ride. Have your little guy help to pack them up.

Make sure you take time getting him diapered and dressed.

Remember what will be going through his mind! If you choose shortalls with dinosaur prints or a onesie and shorts, he might feel anxious that you’re going to take him to a public place.

You might choose to reassure him, especially if this is one of his first times going out of the house in clothes that are more ‘little’. Tell him:

“Awww my little guy looks so cute. Don’t worry, probably no one will notice, and even if they do they’ll just think what a cute baby you are!”

Time for a Car Ride! Tips for Your Adult Baby or Little Boy

One of the fantasies that many ABDLs have are car seats. But a there is both an adult and a baby side to ABs…and let’s face it, not every little guy can fit into a car seat!

But there are some ways that Daddy can help him to achieve that same feeling of security:

  • Bring a cushion. Waterproof of course! Place it under your little guy so he sits up a bit in his seat. The slight increase in height will have his feet waggling around, and help him to feel like a little boy.
  • You can set up an extra strap to attach to the seat belt. Use it to secure the front of your little guy. A strap rubbing against the front of his diaper will help him feel even more secure.
  • Buy a seat belt safety lock. These are used to prevent toddlers from removing their seat belts, and help to reassure him that only Daddy should be the one to buckle or unbuckle his little guy.
  • Always put him in the back seat! Even if it’s just the two of you. For safety reasons of course! πŸ™‚
Buckle up your ABDL for his big ride in the car!
A safety lock helps him know that only Daddy should buckle or unbuckle his little boy.

Diaper Checks and Changes

Whether you’re driving to a local park or across the country, Daddy still needs to take time to check his little guy’s diaper.

Now, you won’t do this while you’re driving! But you can make small comments:

“How’s my little guy doing? I bet someone has a squishy diaper! Daddy will check at the next stop.”

If you’re on a longer car ride, find a protected spot to park and give him a change. Even if he isn’t yet super-soaked, there is something special to a little guy about being changed in a car.

You’ll see it in his eyes and in the way he blushes as you change his diaper in the back seat of the car.

It’s Not The Destination!

I’ve written about all kinds of fun things a Daddy can do with his adult baby or little boy. Maybe you’re off to the gym, out for a hike, or just headed to the store.

But remember that sometimes it’s not just the destination that counts.

As your baby sits in the back seat in his shortalls (or perhaps in nothing more than a diaper, especially if you’re outside of a crowded city where other cars are too ‘closed in’), he feels safe.

Daddy has buckled him in, prepared him, brought along some of his favourite things.

At the same time, he’s in “public”. Sure, no one can see he’s just a baby boy, but as you drive along your little guy is probably thinking: “I’m in a diaper, I’m Daddy’s baby, I’m out in the world and it’s exciting and wow, maybe people can kind of see!”

And he will feel a bit safer. A bit more ‘little’.

And he will know that for every adventure with his Daddy, he can discover that it’s the ride getting there that matters, and he’s glad he has a Daddy at the wheel.

5 Replies to “Car Rides and the Adult Baby”

  1. What a joy it’s been to read so many new posts these past few days! I adore reading your perspective on ABDL play. Even with the large number of ABDL blogs around these days, I still find the daddy perspective pretty rare, and your blog packs in so many creative ideas that I come back regularly for, um… inspiration?

    This one about car trips is a great example. I’m not at the stage where I feel comfortable “wearing” outside the home, let alone in front of anyone else but my partner. The most daring thing I’ve done outside is wear training pants, and the couple of times I’ve done so and “daddy” patted my bum with a reassuring grin have made my heart melt. The idea of a car ride sounds hot, where I could be wearing in public and yet still feel somewhat hidden. The way you describe it makes it feel a little like “threat of exposure” exhibitionism, which I’ve enjoyed a couple of times in other kinds of play than ABDL. I’m not sure I’ll ever have the courage to do any of the stuff you describe here, but I will definitely have fun fantasizing!

  2. Wolven – like everything, and as I’ve written before, boundaries are so important! And Daddy should never do something that crosses a line. πŸ™‚ But take the baby steps you’re taking and who knows what you’ll do (just don’t do anything to offend the general public is my rule).

    Your comment is super appreciated. Thanks so much. Glad it’s, um, inspiring πŸ™‚

  3. Hello Daddy,

    I just want to say, it’s great to see you being active on your website again.

    Even though, it’s been over a year since you last posted anything new!

    You’re an inspiration to many worldwide wannabe Gay AB Daddies and also to many Gay/Bi AB Boys within the ABDL Community.

    I hope you post more material in the future, because whatever you do post, we read it with respect.

    Also, you should update your Twitter feed with your new posts; I’m sure your followers won’t hesitate in reading your new work/advice.

    Keep up the great work, sir! x

  4. I was in handicap car seat slap in! For long trips sitting for 4 hours! In handicap stroller for going into stores and restaurants! And 4 hours back home plus diapers change

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