A World of Connections: Where Daddy Meets His Adult Baby Boy

How does an adult baby boy meet his Daddy? Is it possible for caregivers to connect and create meaningful relationships with their own ‘littles’ or DLs?

I first started this blog in 2010. It sure was a different time! 

I was reading through some old posts about ‘how to meet a daddy‘ and noticed mention of sites like RUPadded – sites that have long since disappeared, only to be replaced by Tumblr or Snapchat, Mastadon or Twitter.

ABDL has gone mainstream!

At one time, it was difficult to find photos for this site – I actually had to create them.

I had a few volunteers who sent me photos. MiniMaxKiddo was one of them – but he insisted I not show his face! Now, he’s probably one of the most ‘famous’ ABs on the Internet, proud of being an ABDL and proud to share that with the world.

The willingness of members of the community to share a bit more publicly has also, I think, brought wider acceptance of ABDL as a healthy kink and lifestyle.

It has helped newcomers who may be struggling with their ABDL desires to see that there are others out there just like them, and to create connections and friendships as they explore this world.

The More Things Change

I started this blog because I found it difficult, back in 2010, to find resources or articles that explained what it meant to be an ABDL ‘daddy’. I was hoping that by starting this blog that others would share their own experiences so that I could learn from others.

2.5 million page views later I had been introduced to something even better: a global community of like-minded adults who shared a belief that ABDL experiences could be focused on caring, nurturing and positive self-image and acceptance.

I discovered that there were others who believed that whether you’re a ‘daddy’ or a little one, we often share a common desire to create safe spaces and relationships, and to allow ourselves the joy of caring for each other (or being cared for).

That hasn’t changed in all these years. But what has changed are the platforms and media we use to connect with each other.

From Online to Off

The recent adult content ban on Tumblr reminded us that our online communities can sometimes feel fragile. That online connections can be ephemeral. And that we need to keep an eye on the ‘real world’ if we don’t want to lose those warm fuzzy feelings that we often first experience online.

Most of us first discover other like-minded people online. Maybe we lurk and browse, check out stories or photos, and then maybe reach out to chat with others.

It’s rare that someone’s first ABDL experience is at a local munch or fetish night! (Although I like to think that ‘real world’ events are starting to introduce newcomers to the cause!)

But eventually we all want to meet. To create at least one connection in the ‘real world’, to change our first diaper (if you’re a daddy) or have our diaper changed (if you’re a little one).

And perhaps that’s the most astonishing thing about the way the world has changed since this blog was started: it’s not that the online experience has changed, it’s that the number of opportunities to meet in the ‘real world’ keep on expanding!

Offline Is The New Tumblr

No, I don’t mean that it’s infested with porn and bad memes.

But community has shifted over the years. Where once we connected mostly through online forums and meeting a few people locally, there are now more options to meet in person.

Whether larger meet-ups like Capcon or Tomkat or smaller events like local ‘munches’ or a fetish night at a club, there are now more options to meet like-minded people (crinkles optional).

Will you meet a daddy? Or if you’re a daddy, will your ideal ‘little’ be there, diaper wet and ready for a change?

Maybe. Or maybe you’ll meet new friends, extend relationships that you started online, or find that you’re not alone in this amazing world of little ones and caregivers.

Sure, things have changed a lot online. But the community has grown larger and stronger, there are more opportunities to meet in person, and through those changes we can each find that acceptance begins and ends with how we treat each other, whether offline or on.

What Do You Think?

Have you met others in ‘real life’? What was your first time like? How have things changed online (for better or worse!). I’d love to hear how you think things have changed over the years!

12 Replies to “A World of Connections: Where Daddy Meets His Adult Baby Boy”

  1. I’ve looked your blog up every month at least for the last 5-6 years… Even after it was blocked and out of new content… In the hopes that maybe someday you’d get back at it.

    I am truly happy to see that you decided to posta again. I truly looove the way you write, the way you think, the way you talk about the littles.

    Honestly, you say ABDL has become mainstream.. But, Ive looked in many places throughout the years to find a man as devoted, involved and caring like you but it was all in vain…

    I’ve been an ABDL for the last 10 years and I was but disappointed in the meetings I had with older man, trying to find the right dad.

    I really think you bring a lot to the community and I certainly feel blessed to be able to read your posts. I feel nurtured in a way when I read them. They speak of your tenderness and care.


    I wanted to share my joy in seeing you back at it. I imagine I speak for many as well.

    Thanks a bunch !!!


  2. Alex – wow what a beautiful thing to say. Iā€™m so moved and grateful for your kind words.

    I hope you have a joyous holiday season and that your dreams come true in 2019. Oh, and I hope you stay crinkly! šŸ™‚

  3. Well I am a DL, I live on disability cause of life long issues with CPTSD. Recently developed some urinary tract and am diapered 24/7. Never could get into an ageplay mindset but am realizing how having a daddy could be beneficial for my issues. Make up a childhood of abuse, neglect and trauma that huants me emotionally. Since being declared disabled I’ve continually learned to atone for what’s wrong with me. Having a daddy would extend what I am unable to do for myself. But I have no idea where to start, where to go, and how to just up and change my life much like the diapers I am changing everyday now. I appreciate whatever help you can offer.

    1. Mr. Bill, social media like abdl.link and tumblr are great for meeting people and dating sites like recon are great because it’s kink focused

      1. Pup Noa, I had a blog on tumblr, bigboydiapers. It promoted the average abdl guy, some A hole lied and reported it as child porn. It was without any further inquiry effectively shut down by tumblr. I’ve been on all the sites, rupadded, adblc, diaper-bois and so on. With the only luck of making online friends with others whom seek a daddy. As for apps I’ve only found fake people. I was hoping the “abdldad” would’ve given me a reply.

      1. I really have missed your writing. You know how to make a little boy feel warm and fuzzy inside through the pictures you paint with your words.

        You mentioned CAPCON in one of your recent posts. Hope we might see you there!

  4. I’m a adult baby boy / little boy that needs a mommy or daddy. These are my fetishes that i like and have tried a dating site though Kink dating site and got used by a pretending to care and love me mommy. She said all the right things. I have a Domanitrix but i want more and this is not a sexaull thing. I like being spanked so if you’re are listening daddy please help me and been trying to find a mommy or daddy or both for the longest time and still a newbie into this. I am 53 years old male and have been struggling about this and no where to go to find a mommy or daddy or both.

  5. Any suggestions for groups or abdl meets to go to around Toronto? Little here trying to open up more but always been to shy/embarrassed to explore with others.

  6. There are monthly meet-ups in Toronto. Look for Toronto ABDL/Ageplay Group (TAG) on Fetlife, or follow @me_want_c00kie on Twitter. Very safe, casual and just a great way to meet people.

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