Summer’s End: Why Seasons Matter to the Adult Baby and His Daddy

Adult baby in public

Diapers at the shore. Thanks to Stanion for the photo.

It’s the season for sleepers and overalls, mittens and corduroy pants.

It’s even the season for different diapers – maybe your Daddy put you in cloth more during the summer because of the heat, and now he has you back in Cushies or diaper covers with dark blue designs and little yellow duckies on them.

When Daddy tucks you in at night he pulls the snuggly blanket up to your chin (the one with bears on it? Or Toy Story?) but in the summer he simply made sure you had your teddy in your arms and that your onesie was snapped up nice and snug.

The Seasons of a Little Boy
Maybe I resisted the end of summer – I love the feeling that if you just kind of wish for it, summer will last forever.

But soon the leaves change color and there’s a chill in the air, and when you take your little guy to the park he doesn’t want to splash around in the wading pool, he wants to jump in a pile of leaves or scramble over the monkey bars.

Seasons remind us of the different ways a little boy can express himself. Trips to the beach give way to a trip to the zoo, and when winter comes you wrap him up in his snow suit and go ice skating.

The way he tugs on your sleeve to go out when the weather is warm gives way to pouting when the wind gets all cold, and all he seems to want to do is snuggle in your arms or play with his Legos by the fire.

Daddy and Baby and How Things Change, But Never Grow
But seasons also remind us of the rhythm of being a Daddy to a little boy. To the shifts that happen in ways that we don’t first notice, and then you realize your little guy has discovered a new way of seeing the world and you’ve discovered a new way of being with him.

Maybe he’s become softer, or gentler, or more giggly! Maybe he likes ‘little boy’ time now more than baby time, and grabs for a sippy cup instead of a bottle.

Or maybe his work or school has his “big side” anxious or depressed and he needs MORE baby time. Warmer sleepers, thicker diapers, and high chair time.

The amazing thing about being with a little guy isn’t just that he’ll have lots of ways to express his little side – Lego one year and Hot Wheels the next; training pants in the day when you met him but diapered full time as he started to understand he’s happier when he’s padded.

The other amazing thing is that every AB is an “A” and a “B” – and that your relationship deepens and finds new forms of expression over time.

But while your relationship may age and get better, go through rocky times or float along happily, your little guy will never really grow. You may sometimes go through stages when you see it less, but he’ll always be your baby boy, he’ll always need his Daddy, and no matter how often the seasons change or where the two of you end up, you’ll always have those memories of a day at the shore, a tucking in at night, a diaper change, or the memory of knowing that you shared something special no matter what the time of year.

When you look back on your summer, what do you remember most? What memories did you make that you’ll remember and carry with you when the weather gets cold? Oh – and a big apology to those who live in places of the world where summer has just begun!

29 Replies to “Summer’s End: Why Seasons Matter to the Adult Baby and His Daddy”

  1. Hi Daddy Josh,
    As always you have great insight into the daddy and baby boy relationship and what is important for a daddy to consider. It always surprises me how something that seems insignificant to me can mean a great deal to my baby boy. I never had a real child of my own so I don’t have personal experience to relate too. I have gained so much understanding of what my baby boy wants and needs from reading your blog.
    Thank You, Hugs and Kisses

  2. Thanks Daddy you hit that one right on the head.
    It made butterflies in my tummy the other day when I was diapered and put into my sleep, thinking summer is over waaaa waaaa waaaa, But yet the soft comfy sleeper brought me to an even deeper place in being a baby boy.
    It is hard to explain but I love sleeper weather. and love setting by the fire with daddy.

  3. Hi Everyone And Daddy Josh,
    Always Great to read your posts and its so true too. As I go back into Nursery School from the hot summer I have my white Onesies under my Regular T-shirt or Sweat shirt to hold the diaper in place. At night the fan is no longer on and I hear more of the crinkling than normal I have to get used to again as I roll around in my crib. The chill requires my other blankie at night instead of just my orange “TODDler” blankie (afghan) that has my name embroidered into it. Miss those warmer nights with just a white T-shirt and a diaper on from Summer and its back to sweats and the Blue Onesies again for ni ni as I snuggle my Teddies and suck my binkie. 🙂 Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  4. Awww! These articles just make me want a good daddy EVEN MORE!

    I actually prefer the colder weathers. “You can always put on more layers, but you can’t always take them off” is what I always say.

    In my opinion, if I can’t sleep in my footed space pajamas and snuggle my favorite husky plushie underneath a nice snuggly blanket then its TOO HOT!

    I love the fall and the winter, but ESPECIALLY love the spring. The colors are the greatest durning fall and spring, and winter’s cold. So playing in the snow and getting all snuggly warm at night. NOTHING BETTER!

    Summer is just too hot for me. I don’t like being hot because I’m part polar bear like that 😛

    These articles are as heart fluttering as always! They have a way to rekindle my desire to find a good daddy that will care for me like you so delightfully illustrate in your posts!

    I love them all and maybe one of these days I’ll find a daddy up here in northeast Ohio 😀 *fingers crossed!*

  5. What I remember most about this past summer was meeting a wonderful Daddy and spending 3 fantastic months as his baby boy…something I never really thought of myself as (more DL and have to wear for medical reasons) but he brought that out in me. It was a great experience and I only wished it was still going strong but sadly he decided to part ways. I am deeply saddened by this but will keep searching for that loving Daddy who wants a boy like me. Luckily, here in Florida the summer weather is still going strong and I can still go to the beach and other outdoor activities for another month or so when we will finally get fallish sort of weather. Maybe I can find another Daddy before winter sets in to hibernate with.

  6. I live in Florida now but used to live up north.I kind of miss living up north because up there footed pj,s and a diaper on, on a cold night were nice…soooo…soooo comfy! Sitting next to my fire place with my special someone was always a pleasure.I am more a Daddy…even though I have fantasies of being the Toddler boy I think I may be, I was always and will always be a DL.May fall bring special times to ALL the AB/Dl’s that are amongst us!!

  7. I like summer too and will miss being able to play outside in my little shortall outfits. They always make me feel more babyish then my winter clothes cause they show my diapers so easily when I slide or swing in the playground. But I look forward to the cold weather and being in double cloth diapers pinned nice and snug and snapped into my thick side snap plastic pants, then put into my spiderman jammies. I cuddle next to Daddy as he reads me a story and I drink my nitetime bottle, then all cozy tucked into my toddler bed for a wonderful sleep.

  8. I always like the cuddly blankies and the warmth of a nice sleeper…. I used to live in florida, but i live in georgia now…. mabey I will find a dada one day….

  9. Tanks daddi josh I Wuv footy pajama weather but I live in the Deep South of Mississippi I want to live up north where you have defined seasons preferably in Illinois wif my daddi

  10. I am finding that now me and my ab friend rather stay inside and play with are WII instead of being outside in the cold, as well as hangout and watch morning cartoon’s while we are in are sleepers

  11. hey, im new to this site and just found it about a week ago. ive even sent Daddy Josh an e-mail but he hasnt’t responded.i’m also looking for a daddy im currently 17… if you would like more info e-mail me at ill send pics and you can see what i look like… also im probably gonna write an AB/DL story for the site as there aren’t many.

  12. you always are in the know and carry such profound love and joy in all that you share in your writings .. it is the lucky boi’s that get to spend time with someone who truly knows the heart of a AB/TB …. and it is in all the hearts of thoughts who read your BLOG that search the world for the MAN THE DADDY LIKE YOU .

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