In Between: The Adult Baby in Public

Thanks to BabySpencey for the Photos!

As you get ready for the day, you glance into the living room and see your little boy playing with his Legos or plushy, dressed in his diaper and the cute t-shirt with the little cuddly bears on it.

You hear him make little gurgle noises as he plays, you watch as he sucks on his paci, and you see the happy face of….well, of a toddler or little boy – someone who looks like a grown man to a lot of the world, but who looks to you like a baby boy in diapers.

As you get ready to take your little guy out shopping there’s a part of you that wants to just slip him into a pair of overalls with snaps up the legs, or if it’s warm enough shortalls with a paci pinned to his shirt.

But being a Daddy to an adult baby means respecting limits – not just for your little guy, but for other people in the world too.

So is there a magic ‘limit’ you shouldn’t cross with your little boy in public? If you dress him in more ‘adult’ clothes does it mean you don’t recognize that he’s really just a baby boy who needs his Daddy and his diapers?

Safety and Boundaries

First, as a Daddy, the most important thing you can do is to help make your little guy feel safe to be who he is: an adult baby who needs to express the toddler inside, the little boy – but who also has an ‘adult’ side with responsibilities and friends and his own limits and boundaries.

Over time, you’ll discover what those boundaries are. Some little guys will have very few: they’re proud of who they are and don’t mind if all the world knows. It’s a decision they’ve made and you can feel comfortable respecting that decision.

Others might have school or jobs and for them it’s very important to have a balance between the ‘adult’ things they want in life and knowing that in spite of that they’re still your baby boy and need more than anything a lot of space to express the little sides of themselves and all the needs they have.

Establishing an understanding of what makes your little guy feel secure in the world is something that will change over time and the way that it changes is the reason you’re his Daddy: to be there as you build a safe ‘island’ in the world for who he is, and to explore new ways to care for him over time.

Diapered at the Mall

Once you understand your little guy’s limits….it’s also time to understand your own: your own needs and what makes you feel connected to your little boy.

For example, imagine you take your little guy to the mall to buy new shoes. Or to a movie to watch the new Disney movie. How would you feel as his Daddy if he didn’t have a diaper on?

For myself, keeping a little guy in diapers is an important way to let him know that you love him for being your little boy, and knowing he’s diapered makes me feel safe and secure.

Knowing that he’s protected and that he’ll need Daddy to check and change him is a special feeling for me and gives me an important sense of connection.

Even if a little boy is nervous about wearing diapers in public, your job as his Daddy is to make him feel secure and to gently protect him and make him know that everything will be all right.

BabySpencey Almost Ready for School

The truth is, almost no one will notice he’s wearing diapers so long as you carefully choose his outfit: slightly baggy jeans or khakis maybe.

As his Daddy, you can diaper your little boy and dress him for a day out and know you’re making the right decision: a toddler needs his diapers, and you’re simply  fulfilling his needs.

He may be nervous, but in this case Daddy knows best: only you and your little guy will notice the crinkle as he walks down the street, or notice the diaper peeking up slightly at the back of his jeans.

Dressed for a Day
But other than diapers, how should you dress your little guy for a day out?

It might depend if you’re going for dinner with friends. Or maybe you’ve planned a Daddy/Son day at the zoo.

But I think of dressing a little boy for a day out as the ‘magic of the in-between’ – finding clothes and outfits that are somewhere ‘in-between’ adult and baby boy.

For example, a onesie with cute bears on it might be too babyish, but a t-shirt with Toy Story characters on it is ‘in-between’.

A paci on a ribbon might be too babyish, but a paci on a little silver chain can look like he’s a cool club kid (or gang member, I guess – so maybe it depends where you live! HAHA)

Or think of getting him some colorful sneakers with velcro straps instead of laces. Or a backpack with cartoon characters on them.

There are lots of ways to make sure your boy feels happy and comfortable being your little boy – without offending other people or stepping over boundaries.

As a Daddy you can be creative in making sure your adult baby boy always knows that you’re his Daddy and that there’s no ‘on/off’ switch for being little.

But what about you? If Daddy dressed you for a day out, what are your limits? What’s your favorite outfit for a trip to the movies or the mall? And do you mind when Daddy diapers you for a day at the park?

26 Replies to “In Between: The Adult Baby in Public”

  1. Daddy decides how I’m dressed when we go out. Usually it’s a diaper, plastic pants, and a onesie, with long shorts or long pants over the diaper. It works for everything from shopping at the toy store, to a concert at Carnegie Hall. No one seems to notice or care. I love being Daddy’s little boy.

  2. I like being dressed as a little boy, and enjoy wearing my snap pants everywhere. and i am usually wearing something very colorful and little boyish. So I guess people can always tell that i am the little guy.

  3. As long as daddy is comfortable with it, I will do just about anything. As long as daddy cares deeply about me, most anything is fair game. (>’~’)> <3

  4. woow nice one daddyjosh, yes if i had a daddy, i love him to dress me up to remind me that i was under his control, yes wearing diapers in public no one has ever asked why, i am now inco (no point having a baby that not needing a nappy)

    hugs and cuddles babyandy off
    ps, if am daddies from the uk, that are looking for a 24/7 baby, links on my profile.

  5. Maybe this only works here in London, but i often go out dressed in my dungarees (light blue, green, yellow, brown or blue corduroy, some of them with cartoon charactes on the bib, none of them with a fly). I’ll wear some cute velcro trainers, or my green froggy wellies if it’s raining, brightly coloured tops and hoodies, and I carry my “supplies” in a shiny wipe clean cartoon backpack (from which sometimes one of my teddies peeks out). I’m diapered of course I’m pretty much diapered 24/7 – sometimes in extra thick ones with a doubler making a very obvious bulge. Yes, i am very noticeable dressed like this, but i have never had a negative reaction. Sure, the odd giggle, a shouted comment, but people seem genuinely happy to see me! I suppose it gives them something to tell their mates, and makes for a welcome change from the black, black or black that everyone else seems to be dressed in 😉

    The important thing to remember is that how you are percieved to a large part depends on how you percieve yourself; we project our own inner image and if you are relaxed, happy and obviously comfortable with who you are, then people tend to accept you without too much concern. Of course, i steer clear from places and situations where an infantile adult might cause alarm, such as schools and playgrounds – i’m not so naive as to think people may not draw the wrong conclusions, and i have absolutely zero interest in causing shock, offence or alarm. Nothing makes me feel more uncomfortable than making other people feel uncomfortable 😉 Another thing which is important to remember is that you can get away with a lot more if you are in someone’s company – particularly if the person(s) you are with have a more “adult” appearance.

    Sadly, i have been heavily criticised by the ABDL community for my lifestyle, to the point where i no longer participate in online communities, but i feel perfectly sane and happy and i utterly reject the notion that i would be causing any harm or damage to anyone. The world is full of people who do genuine harm to others through their behaviour and lifestyle and we all have to put up with some very “in-your-face” agressive behaviour (people driving SUVs at high speed through narrow city streets, drunken louts shouting, pissing and vomiting evrywhere, busybodies enforcing meaningless “health and safety” regulations, fast food and coffee shop chains filling the public space with their tasteless and vaccuos “culture”, godbotherers shouting their sulphuric messages of hatred and bigotry, “chuggers” assualting you on every street corner, skinheads and neo-nazis holding agressive mass gatherings, drug dealers hassling you to buy their diluted and dangerous wares, beggars, robbers, murderers and fat cat wankers). A sweet little boy and his teddy can hardly be considered a threat to anyone in this context. Just my $0.02.

  6. Thank you for another terrific, and thoughtful, article! I feel most secure, cute, and in touch with my “little boy” side when I’m wearing cute training pants or a Goodnite under “big boy” clothes.

    I like to wear jeans or short trous with a t-shirt that has a cute, boyish design. Some of my t-shirts have things like Batman, Dr Who, Green Lantern, Star Wars, or just cute animal designs with graphics that are cool enough to seem artistic, but also speak to my “little boy” side. I also have shoes with Velcro straps!

    I’ve never gotten any negative comments or odd looks from anybody. I think people see me as a cute, fun loving, slightly geeky guy. I even have a Boba Fett backpack!

  7. Dear Daddy I have enjoyed reading your blog since I first stumbled upon it. I love the way you write and the wide range of topics you cover. Mainly the reason I’m writing is because something wonderful has happened to me, I’ve found a Mummy. I’ve by now read so much AB fiction and never thought I could find a Mummy in real life! I’m so thrilled and excited that I just need to tell someone about it! 🙂

  8. Thanks for another great article!

    I feel most comfortable if I’m wearing some kind of protection 100% of the time, but what kind of protection depends on where I’m going. For me, a diaper means that we’re not working on my potty training right now, and that I’m expected to wet my diapers. Diapers feel right when I’m at the movie theater and in other situations where a trip to the bathroom would be disruptive. They’re also a good choice for cafes and bars, since the caffeine or alcohol will make it hard for me to stay dry. I don’t worry about people noticing my diapers in these noisy public places.

    There are other situations where I feel I should be trying to stay dry, though I know accidents could happen. I don’t feel comfortable wetting on purpose when I’m at work or when I’m in a non-ABDL friend’s home. For these situations, I feel best in a discreet pair of training pants.

    I don’t feel comfortable wearing AB clothes in public. But a plain, solid onesie is a great idea. It looks just like a tucked-in T-shirt, and it keeps diapers hidden.

  9. I am LG … seems your blog focuses on boys and does not recognize there are a lot of Little Girls out here, too.

    I like to go out dressed pretty. Usually that includes a dress, tights, Mary-Jane or saddle shoes, and my hair in pig tails or braids. Sometimes I wear petticoat dresses and sometimes just a regular dress or even just a skirt and top. I have been known to have a pacifier on a ribbon around my neck and I have been known to suck my pacifier in public. Diapers are a must – but easy to hide under dresses. I do usually draw a lot of attention (and it isn’t usually just me – I go out with friends).

    Other peoples limits aren’t much a concern to me. If we respected everybody’s limits all the time, no one could ever dye their hair. Women wouldn’t ever be allowed to wear anything other than a hijab and wouldn’t be allowed to show their faces at all. Shorts would be banned. What I wear is modest and doesn’t show anything it shouldn’t, so screw it if someone else doesn’t like it. Why should I have to bend to their will … if they are going to come out in public, let them know that they will see some things they don’t like.

  10. I don’t have a Daddy ~ Though at sometimes I wish I did. I dress myself to go out. I am usually dressed in jeans or overalls with a bright colored shirt or a onesie. I also like to wear my trackie pants over my diapers as the diaper bulge is a little more noticeable ~ hee hee and they are white which in the right lighting makes them sort of see through. Basketball Shorts are great too on warmer days or for walks in the park or beach. I always carry a bag with me filled with some extra diapers and a pack of wipes and some lotion/powder. My favorite times to be diapered are for a movie night when being fully padded is necessary. I agree that most people do not notice that someone is diapered as they are too busy with there own activities. I have two jobs and at one of them I wear often under my jeans the other not so much and when i was going to school I always felt comfortable wearing to classes. a couple semesters ago i almost told my psychology teacher about my wearing but i was too scared.

  11. Dada should be certain that his little one has his hair, especially in the diaper area be Naired or shaved. This will make the baby look more babyish and the diaper area will be easier for Dada to clean. Thankees!! Stevie

  12. I’m a mommy, and I dress my little Kayden about like the blog when we go out. A thin diaper baggy jeans, a cartoon charicter shirt, etc. Its a compromise for both of us<3

  13. Where I live it is now winter and cold so while outside baby should be dressed warmly. Daddy might place a harness in baby’s bag and as always plenty of diapers. If mittens are warm then it would be good to attach my mittens my sewing them to the sleeves. Thanks Daddy for being so thoughtful.

    Hugs, Stevie

  14. I would leave it in my daddy’s hands as far as my dress for the day. I know I would be in diapers, what baby wouldn’t. I would expect a diaper bag to tag along in order to house my bottle, baby food, bib, other stuff.

  15. I have a question for everyone. I really want to know what everyone thinks. Does wearing pants, jeans, khakis, etc that have a full elastic waist band that goes all the way around the waist make a little boy look more like a little boy? (assume they are being worn with a shirt that has cartoon characters on it and cartoon themed shoes with velcro straps)

  16. I love to wear bulky diapers and cute plastic pants in public. For this I usually wear large overalls over them, and I like to combine wearing overalls with character print T-shirts or striped T-shirts. I feel great when I’m dressed like this … I feel me myself … I feel like a real toddler.
    I’d love to find a daddy that keeps me this way 24/7. I have not yet obtained this divine grace, but I do not give up.

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