You Can Tell Daddy: Adult Baby Secrets

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You’re at school or work and you can’t focus. Every time you feel your diaper grow a little warmer under your jeans or pants you feel a little blush and remember your Daddy.

You can’t help slipping your hand in your pocket to feel your paci, and touching it reminds you that no matter where you are you are Daddy’s little boy regardless of what the rest of the world sees.

But today you’re distracted because there’s something on your mind. Something’s been gnawing at you and you really want to tell Daddy but every time you think of it you feel a flutter in your tummy and you feel your face turn red.

You spend the day working yourself up to telling him. You try to picture the conversation and you might even convince yourself: “I can be a bigger boy and just take a deep breath and get it out. I’ll tell him and then I’ll feel a lot better.”

Best Laid Plans
When you get home Daddy meets you at the door. You’re ready to just blurt it out. But the first thing he does is check your diaper and something inside you turns all soft and floaty.

Maybe Daddy senses it – but he takes care in changing your diaper first, putting you in a cute play suit, romper or shortalls.

Before you know it your plan to tell Daddy has, well, changed. And suddenly you find that it’s Daddy who starts the conversation.

Somehow he has sensed a feeling bubbling up inside you. He cuddles you on the couch and he can sense your body language, your tone of voice, the way you hug your plushy close to your chest.

And instead of you being the one to bring up a topic, it’s Daddy who says:

“Baby, what’s on your mind. You can tell Daddy.”

Being Safe to Be Little
Being a Daddy to an adult baby or little boy is filled with joy. But it’s also filled with lessons that might not seem obvious at first.

When you start a relationship with an AB or little boy there will be (and should be) lots of space for ‘adult’ talk.

An AB is both and adult and a baby. As a Daddy you are helping to give a safe, secure and trusting space for him to express the sides of himself that may have been bottled up for years, but which have been part of him since as long as he can remember.

You give assurance and trust by sharing ‘adult’ feelings and histories and by using those discussions to understand boundaries, triggers and how his ‘little’ side fits into his larger world view.

But over time, as your little guy feels more comfortable in being who he is, then he’ll start seeing you as a true parent figure.

More and more, you’ll find that he has difficult ‘shifting’ from a toddler or baby space into that mind-set when you first met.

Simple Secrets and Being a Daddy
Being a Daddy to an adult baby or little boy is filled with joy. But it’s also filled with lessons that might not seem obvious at first.

Your little guy will have things he really wants to say but will have difficulty saying them. When you first met him, it might have felt like he was happy to confess every fantasy, dream or desire – whether about being a little boy or more adult things.

But as time goes on, he will feel safe. He will sense your care and guidance. And he will increasingly look to you for direction and to sense the feelings that he needs protected or understood.

But this can be confusing, especially if you’re a first-time Daddy.

You’ll sense that your little guy has something on his mind, and you’ll immediately think it’s something important. The way he seems to bottle something up, the way he blushes as he tries to tell you, the way he pulls his blanky up so it covers his face – your mind will be spinning with scenarios and you’ll be expecting something ‘monumental’.

But remember, he’s your little boy. He’s your toddler. He’s diapered and dressed by you, bathed and changed by you.

And more often than not, the ‘big confession’ will be something simple:

– He spilled some juice on the floor and didn’t tell you
– He was mean to his plushy one night (your little guy will often have important ‘events’ related to his plushy) – maybe he forgot his plushy while he was watching cartoons and feels guilty about it
– When he was at school, he didn’t change his diaper as quickly as he should have because of circumstances
– He used a mild swear word and feels horrible about it.

As a Daddy, these might seem like trivial things.

They’re not.

Small things take on very big meanings for your little guy and you need to treat them with all of the assurance and understanding that you would for any toddler.

Baby Spencey - Cute Lil Boy (thanks for the photo!)

The Big Stuff of Being Little
And then there’s the ‘big stuff’. The most common things are related to confessions or boundaries.

These are the things where maybe your little guy really has done something really wrong and he knows it.

Or maybe he wants to ask you for something and it might be a major topic for him.

One example that comes to mind is a little guy who confesses to you that he wishes you would give him a proper bed time. Or maybe he’s unsure about your feelings about something like messy diapers and he wants to know what you think.

In all cases, the first thing to remember is that however you respond, he will be feeling vulnerable, possibly afraid, worried about whether he’ll upset you or scare you away, or concerned about the consequences of you saying no.

How a Daddy Responds

Every Daddy will have his own approach and it will depend on the topic, but I suppose there’s a few things that might help think through how you respond:

1. There are boundaries. Those boundaries should always be openly discussed and your respect for those boundaries should be absolute. Very common boundaries include things related to ‘adult’ touching, punishment, public displays, or family members. You need to know what those boundaries are and your respect for those boundaries is of absolute and paramount importance. You need to determine if the issue is related to those boundaries and address it accordingly.

2. So long as it’s within the safe space of the Daddy/son relationship and his (and your) boundaries are being respected, just remember: you’re the Daddy. Your decision will stand. You can ask his opinion, ask how he feels, but at the end of the day you’re in a position to decide what’s right, what makes sense, and what’s going to keep your little guy safe and secure.

3. Take your time. He might press you or want an answer, a response, but you should also feel very confident that you can take your time. You don’t need to solve every problem right now. Sometimes it’s better to wait a day or two, or to help a little guy deal with one issue at a time.

4. If you are disappointed, hurt or you feel he has done something bad or wrong, express it right away. If he has done something bad, hurtful or wrong the consequences of that on your feelings should be made clear. How you feel should be clear, how you will act about it can be deferred as you think about what he has done.

5. Keep an open mind, always. Maybe there are things he wants to explore which you’ve never thought about. You don’t respond immediately and can try to understand where his feelings are coming from. But also don’t let an issue linger too long – your job as a Daddy is to establish structure and safety for your little guy.

Fears and Joy

But most of all remember this: your little guy will be filled with joy at being able to express who he is. You have given him a gateway to that joy, just as he has given one to you.

Understand that this may be the most emotional, connected and important relationship he has been in with someone.

His greatest fear will be losing you, just as you will fear losing him.

No matter what he has done, no matter what he has asked for, no matter how small or big the secret or request – you need to respond honestly with your disappointment or uncertainty, but you also need to respond in the full knowledge that these things are not things that will break the bonds you have together.

You will learn and grow from these moments, and that have the potential to deepen the very special, sometimes fragile, but incredibly deep relationship between a Daddy and adult baby boy.

And finally – there’s an expression which should be adapted for your life as a Daddy.

It’s not “never go to bed angry”. It’s “never let him go to bed without a diaper”.

Because whatever happens, never let your little guy go to bed without knowing he’s still your little boy.

Make sure he has his diaper, his paci, and that one of his last memories of the day is Daddy tucking him in, kissing his forehead and saying: “I love you baby boy, and my world is better because of you.”

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  1. Super nice word you have her. Make me feel good like it always is to read you blog post you made. I wish i could make blog post like you do on my blog. But you post is something special. So loaded whit feelings and nice stuff. It get straight to the heart for me. I wish i had some like you close to me. You post is awesome.

  2. Such a Great Topic and post Daddy ~ you are always very insightful. It is very true to never go to bed angry and also never go to bed without a diaper. Also it is important for daddy and baby to solve the problem together so that in the end both are happy. No matter how big or small when you work on things together it all just goes easier. Tucking in baby definitely reassures baby that no matter what he his loved.

  3. awww,dash weawee cute!:)me and my daddy just went through dat,it was vewy scawy to tell him the truth,because i thought if i told him,he wouldnt want to be my daddy anymore.but all in the end,he kinda already knew my secret and helped me feel much better,my daddy is very sweet and caring and i love him very much because i know he will always be here to comfort me and make sure that im alright with his decisions:)

  4. I hope I get to have a daddy. Especially one like this. I am in the process of trying to ask someone to be my daddy. I am so scared, but this gives me hope that they may say yes. Thanks so much to you!!!! :3

  5. Daddy,
    Thank you for this article! SO insightful. I have a question for you.
    The other day I got up the courage to ask daddy how he felt about poopy diapers. I was REALLY scared because I thought he might freak out, but actually it was the opposite. 🙂 He smiled and hugged me and said of course I can and should go poopy in my diapers, that’s what they are for.
    Yesterday I had my first poopy diaper and it was…weird. Lots of complicated feelings, but daddy smiled and gave me a big hug when I did it, and kind of gurgled at me as he took my baby wipes and wiped up my poopy. But he also made a decision I’m kind of scared of (but happy about, I guess)…in order to help me with this, he got a lock for the toilet. Now there is NO place besides my diap for me to go poopy. I’m scared but daddy says that he thinks its for the best and that he wants to see poopy in my diaper every day now. What do you think about this daddy?

  6. Seth – It sounds like you and your Daddy went through something very special, intimate and which connected you in a new way. That’s awesome and I’m really happy for you.

    There are different ways that Daddy can help to, well, reinforce that you’re his little guy. Being a little boy can be scary at times, but as long as Daddy is respecting the boundaries that you and he have discussed in ‘adult space’ you should place trust in his decisions.

    Those boundaries can include things like your rules about how you’re dressed in public or around family, or boundaries around punishment or other topics.

    I think what’s happened is you’ve had to face two major and emotional things at once: making a messy and no longer ever using the potty. It sounds like your Daddy is a very loving person (he hugged you after all when you had a dirty diaper) and I’m sure he’ll be there to ease your fears and show you his support and care and that you’ll feel connected to him in a new way because of how he reinforced you’re his little boy.

  7. Thanks d – maybe I will get back to using the potty again (if I ever am a big boy, but I doubt it), but just diapers for me now! We do have boundaries set up – we said no messing in public (although accidents happen, and my Daddy is always prepared)- as well as for punishment. Lucky for me, my Daddy tends to be loving and not big on punishment, unless I make “adult pee-pee” (Daddy’s word), in which case I get spanked a little for not being his good little guy before getting cleaned and promptly re-diapered. My Daddy’s REALLY good at giving me a safe space to be his little guy. 🙂 Thanks for your comments :))

  8. Oh these stories always bring a light flutter in my chest. They really are masterpieces in their own way. It’s fantastic to hear the daddy’s perspective on so many things!

    It was a fantastic and heart filled article! As always! I really do hope I can one day (maybe in the close future) find a daddy as caring and open as you. It’s really nice to see what you can turn up from all this!

    So my fingers are crossed till that day. Maybe I’ll be able to find a local daddy up here in northeast Ohio soon.

    Thanks again!

  9. I am definitely not an out baby to really anyone, but I would love a daddy like the one you described who would make me feel like daddy’s baby boy and that he would make it comfortable to be diapered/wear diapers out in public under my clothes. I want one who would put me in diapers and just love me. Maybe I will find one one day like you Daddy. Love this site, every story is so great and caring!

  10. The part about most secrets being minor is so true and it’s kind of sweet to know that my AB boyfriend takes them so seriously. It shows how innocent he is.

  11. Last week I wanted to try (again) to be a big boy and wear training pants instead of my diaper. I was really nervous to say anything but didn’t even have to. When my morning diaper was changed I kinda looked sad and funny and with a reassuring glance and a tousle of my hair, I was asked what’s wrong? I wanted advice, really, and kind of pushed away the diaper. O.K., do you want to try it again, Davy? Yeah, I said and of course was happy to not have to say my secret cause he guessed it. Out came the training pants and I eagerly put my legs through the openings. With a reassuring smile, I was told, a bit sternly, that I still needed my plastic pants. Off I went to play and of course, by the time I came in I was wet and even my shortalls were a little damp. No anger, but I was whimpering. I tried, REALLY, But we both knew I’m not ready. I was changed and in the most kind and gentle tone, told how proud he was that I tried but I’m still a little boy who needs his diapers. What a nice surprise when he pinned on a cloth diaper and slipped me into my my teddy bear plastic pants. The idea was they feel more like the training pants and maybe I can say when I was wet . I was so happy. I think he knew all along this wasn’t the right time but the cloth diapers are now my daytime diapers and I love how they feel. Real soft and thick. A few times I announced I had made pee and got a big hug for saying so like a bigger boy, but we know I’m still the little boy who needs his diapers. A few days later as a reward I got two new pairs of plastic pants, one has babies on it dressed in diapers, like me, and the other has little cars and trucks. Hugs and smiles and good advice are the best, when you don’t even have to say what’s on your mind sometimes!

  12. Update on my progress with cloth diapers in the daytime. Daddy knows it means a lot that I’m trying to be a big boy but he explained the rules that I really need to tell him BEFORE I wet my diaper because hes in charge of unpinning me and taking me to the potty. To make it easy in the house I can run around and play without shorts or jeans, just my plastic pants and tshirt. He said even big boys always wear there plastic pants cause anyone can have an accident. So far I went to the potty a couple times instead of in my diaper and I asked each time if I’m a big boy. With his bit smile and a little laugh Daddy says yes Davy your my big boy as he pins my diaper back on nice and snug, pulls up my plastic pants and pats my bottom.

  13. Good Evening Everyone…. I guess when u laid out plans.. Well I have an Idea for the Perfect Little Boy room in My Opinion.. But A lot people Say a Little Boy Room isnt one unless u have a Changing Table and Crib.. Well Sadly I disagree… I cant Be changed on a Changing Table cause well Im afraid of falling off.. and Im afraid of heights… The reason why I wouldnt wont a Crib in The Little Boy Room is because… Sleeping in crib to me is like Im jail… Like Im caged up cause I was Naughty or I made Daddy Mad….. Back to Wat I would love my Little Boy Room to look like.. * Bwushes*.. I would Love for It to have Sky or Aqua Blue Paint or Wallpaper on the wall with Pure White Fluffy Clouds… In The Center of the Room up headboard push up to the wall.. is gonna be a queen size bed with Digimon Bedsheets… to the right of bed is a 4 draw dresser full of diapers and diapering suppiles…. If ur facing the Dresser.. then to the right of it.. in the corner is the Huge changing matt…. now on the Left side of the Bed is 2 closets… One with Big Boy clothes in it and the other with Little Boy clothes and Diapers….Oh the Carpet would like Light Brown.. Thats my Dream Bedroom for me…. Tats the laid out plan of it… Now My fear.. is well of Begin alone and never Loved… I have had a rough Childhood.. So it is hard to trust people let along Trust a Person to be My Daddy.. I have had one Daddy in my life… But after about year he wouldnt let me be myself… i wasnt allowed to be a little boy.. he just wanted me to wear diapers and thats it.. * Whimpers*.. Im gonna stop here on the comment.. cause its suppose to be a comment.. but yea mine is a short story.. Sorry DADDY if I broke one of ur rules…. and to everyone on here… Hi… If u want so hello.. well then just say Hi… If Not then Ill just stay alone… Bye bye… *Leaves*

  14. also on sad note to this.. I have yet to find that Safe place to be who I truly want to be… to truly be My true… age.. which sadly Day by Day is dieing….. 🙁

  15. I can’t seem to find a daddy that would diaper me and turn me or teach me to be his little sissy boy or girl can someone help me find one

  16. I tried potty training but I dindot work. Luckily my daddy was okay with it and I back in diapers fulltime which inst so bad

  17. Hi my name is ash I wish I had a daddy too to look after my like this. This is my story of my life when I was little about 7 years old I said to my dad did you ever feel like you shouldn’t be here right now it was my birthday I didn’t feel right at all I felt not right I mean I had all my class mates round and every thing but still didn’t feel right my dad said stop being silly. Then when I was about 11 years old I discovered nappies temped to try them I took one of my sisters to try it then I know what was missing from my life my nappies. Then I carried on warring them as much as I could wear them from then. Then when I was 14 years old I bought a dummy from the shop and I was so amassed I was in haven. Then I discoverd at 16 years old my best friend ever my teddy I like to call chomper then I felt complete and happy all them things what was missing was complete I felt happy fanilly. I am now 28 years old I wear nappies as much all the time I have my dummy and my best friend chomper my teddy bear we go every ware together all day every day but I wish that one day I had a daddy to look after me all the time 7 days a week 365 a year and treat me like a 2 year old all the time. My favourite things I like to do are watch tv I like Pokemon, Ben 10, I love land before time. I watch these all the time, toy story 1,2,3, cars 1 and 2. I like to play with my toys my best toys are my toy cars my dinosaurs and my toy story toys buzz and woody I love buzz the best. Thanks for listening to my life story sorry about going on abit now it time my bed time night night.

  18. This remInds me of when me and daddy were watching the ant bully even though it was a “big boy movie” and it made me feel bad because I steped on a ant hill and I wanted to tell daddy but I was to scared and he sensed it and asked me if anything was wrong I told him and he made me realized how silly i was being.(no more big boy movies for me XD

  19. I’ve been with my boyfriend for a couple of years now and he’s a total sweetheart. For sometime now I’ve been debating asking him if he wants to be my baby. I did have a baby-girl before my boyfriend and I met and I really enjoyed being a Daddy quite a lot! Does any other Daddies (or babies) have any suggestions about how to ask him? I don’t want to scare him or “come off as creepy”. It’s just, I miss being a loving full-time Daddy and I want a baby-boy to nurtrue so badly. Thanks for your time. 🙂

  20. I want to be not only an adult baby but I think I am going more and more towards being a true baby. I have had alot happen in my adult life and it is just too much for my adult side to handle. My baby or child side has been doing all of the work so far. Daddy, I sure would like your input on this one, please ?

  21. I am not an Adult baby. I am a true baby. I have reasons that only I will tell daddy about as to why I am a true baby. I like being an true baby. I just wish I could find someone to adopt me, and take care of me for the rest of my days. But, that will never happen.

  22. I am a 35 years old male & i am But I still badly need a daddy in my life to leed me and to submit me to his fatherhood power & of course put me in my position whenever I got out from it or tried to as he always did with me when I was 12 & younger, But of course, I will not be that easy, I will dare objection and I will remind him that I am thirty-five years old and that I have become a man and at this moment my ears will be waiting to heard him saying: you are a man in front of people & you are still my son and you are still behaving like if you are ten, so you still need your father To cure your corrupt morals Which I think are many so let me do what a father has to do with a boy like you so undress yourself i know that you hate standing naked in front of me since you were fifteen & I hope this helps you not to forget my teachings…and at this great moment I will wave my hand and remind him for the last time with a tone of begging: Dad, please I am thirty-five… & he knows that this tone means one thing, that I am convinced that he is correct in every word he said, but I used to humiliate myself more to him as children do. So i believe that i really need an 50 years old daddy & i still need to hide my face & rise up my ass to him.

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