A Very Special Thank You: BabyJohnnie

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I wanted to send out a special thank you to one of our regular readers, and to share with you comments which I think are profound and heart-felt.

BabyJohnnie has really helped to put into words things that I find difficult to do. He has clearly thought a lot about what ‘adult baby’ means to the broader culture, and his comments always touch me, amaze me, and make me feel proud to be even loosely part of a community that can have such brilliant and wise contributors.

Yesterday, BabyJohnnie had this to say:

.. and the number of visiters to this site demonstrates how many people there are who crave the gentle nurturing love that is expressed here..

The media-driven world in which we now find ouselves is a noisy brutal crowded-out world, a world driven by fear, sexual pleasure, domination, requirement and demand, theat and litigation ..

As Pope Benedict once put it, humanity bellows and brays, and has forgotten how to sing and fly with the birds, or to be silent with the silent depths..

Many of the people who visit this site are no doubt already babies or daddies ( or, as with me, both !), but maybe some visiters are just people who feel instinctivly that this modern artificially created world is not a healthy place to be, who feel some itch of dissatisfaction, and who find here some hint or awareness that there may be other more gentle ways of being-in-the-world.

I find the huge growth in the numbers visiting this site encouraging. There are many, apparently, who are fascinated by a “counter culture” like the AB world.

Baby Johnnie (Sydney, Australia.)

And I’ll share this one as well:

Thank you for the insightful phrase “sensual caring”. Of course there is sensual delight in caring for a baby, or in being cared for as a baby.

This is the way it is in nature, and the way it must be.. How confused and unloved a baby of any age would feel if the mother ( or father ) who cared for him never felt a warm sensual thrill when hugging him or powdering him, touching and caressing his soft skin. Most mothers who breatfeed will testify that breastfeeding is a highly sensual bonding experience for both mother and child. Really, love that has no element of warm sensuality is not lover at all, but just some sort of duty.

In a dirty-minded media-brainwashed world most people can only understand this sensual delight in terms of “sexuality”, and some of us have been made to experience guilt or self-doubt, a fear that we might be “sexual perverts”, “in denial”, hiding behind an AB excuse.. But “sensual” does not necessarily imply “sexual”.

Thank you for your most tender and gentle website.

James ( Sydney, Australia ).

Now, I don’t really like to single out one person. Because whether you simply read this blog or comment I can assure you that every one of you makes a difference in my life.

I have found my own form of self-acceptance because of you, I read every comment, and I will often think about things you write or share for days afterwards.

You are all inspirations and I wish you all the best for 2012.

(Now, anyone want to volunteer to be the 2012 New Years Baby? 🙂 )

12 Replies to “A Very Special Thank You: BabyJohnnie”

  1. I can’t be with my Daddy this New Year’s, otherwise I would certainly pop out of the cake in my diaper and sash. Can’t you picture it?

    Baby Peter

  2. happy new year! tanks fow makin this site. 😀 now I wish I had a da fow the new years….
    well happy new years.
    ~ Baby Christopher

  3. It’s always nice to hear what other AB/Littles/Daddies have to say. A lot of us have the same or similar feelings when it comes to expressing ourselves and hearing or reading the words of others confirms that we are all human and very much a like and we all look to be nurtured and Loved. Being cared for by a daddy or mommy is a special bond and is very Loving. Parents sacrifice a lot in raising their young and put their babies needs before their own.

    I always enjoy reading your updates and its always a thrill to get a message that says there is a new post to read. Keep up the Good Work Daddy and Happy New Year to You and everyone that follows here at abdldaddy.

  4. hi daddyjosh, it littlewetbaby off twitter here, you know what this site means to me, and the way i feel after reading your blogs, i will make my feeling public, the way you write makes my feel so small, and the things that you talk about are so good, in the passed i have pointed people to this site, as the you write makes it easier for them to get around the whole strange point,
    everyone heres to daddyjosh, abdldaddy and his twitter @abdldad happy new year, and may your dreams come true
    babyandy http://twitter.com/littlewetbaby
    big hugs and cuddles

  5. Hello, I have been part of the ABDL community fback in June I meet my baby boy ‘Baby Anthony’s. We have a great relationship together. Unfortunately he has come under fire from friends for his choice of Daddy. I hats that term “choice” as we did not choose or pick each other, this is just something that happen. They feel that with me being a BDSM Master that I can not love or care for him. They way he needs it. My love for Baby Anthony is beyond the need for sex or bondage. He brings out the Daddy in me and I love him for the calming nature he brings out in me.
    These, so call friends of his before we meet. Have treated him like he is stupid and rudely. Even to the point deleting him from their own list.
    The hard lesson he has learn that friends come and go. Just because they do not agree with your choice in life, a true friend will be happy for you and stand beside you.

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