Adult Babies on a Deserted Island

Thanks D and Sammy for the photo!

There’s a little game people play: if you were stranded on a deserted island, what three people/books/movies would you want with you.

Today, I thought we’d play the game too!

But here’s the question (and yes, I’ve added two so it’s not such an agonizing decision):

If you were stranded on a deserted island (which magically has a crib and a lifetime supply of diapers) what five items would you want to bring with you?

Now, I suppose little guys will always look for sneaky ways to bend the rules. So you might put “my baby wardrobe!”….but I’m really interested in knowing what things you have a special attachment to.

Would you want onesies or rompers? Shortalls or your paci? Your plushy or your bottle?

Different little guys will have different things that make them feel special or that they have a special attachment to.

What are your five things?

56 Replies to “Adult Babies on a Deserted Island”

  1. Hmmm…that’s a tough question! I’d probably end up doing something silly and taking five of my most favourite plushies! 😛 hehe

    1) Merci ~ my most cherished plushie!
    2) Dr. Seuss collection ~ gotta have something to giggle at to pass the time
    3) shortalls ~ they’d be like my everyday jeans, super comfortable no matter what the conditions
    4) Ritz Bits Sandwhiches ~ the cheese kind are one of my favourite childhood snacks
    5) sippy cup ~ if I had a magical unlimited supply of fruit punch I would be the happiest little boy stranded on a deserted island haha


  2. Well the little boy in me (seth) would bring
    1a computer
    2 some kind of router for the internet
    3 my sippe
    4 a lifetime supply of sweety tea
    5 my bulldozer to play in the sand wif
    The little girl in me (samantha) would bring
    1 my dolly natalee
    2. my camwa
    3. My blankie
    4. My baba
    5. And my nukie
    Seth + Sammy:D

  3. I’d be pretty freaked out to sleep in a barred up crib all alone in a scary jungle, so I’d probably first reconstruct that into a shelter that I can get out of easily.. Sorry Cribby. :’)

    Anyway, I’d have:
    1- A wear and tear proof copy of Life of Pi by Yann Martel. (My favorite book and it contains an island/ocean survival guide. Double Whammy!)
    2- My greyhound “Amsey” (He can keep me company and catch those wascally wabbits for our dinner!)
    3- A very extensive First-Aid Kit.
    4- A magical, unbreakable iPod with unlimited GB that is always connected to the internet and doesn’t need to charge…:)
    5- My paci.

  4. 1 would bring 1my baby bottle of baby formula 2 baby clothes like maybe some sissy baby dressress and onsies 3 sometoys to play with 4 a baby stroller so daddy can take me for a walk 5 and maybe a large playpen to play in

  5. 1- Footed Sleeper
    2- Pacifier
    3- Baby Bottle (unlimited supply of milk)
    4- Onesie for each day of the week
    5- Stewart, Joey and Jake (my teddy bears)

  6. 1) The Pandora’s box of candy.
    2) My three favorite stuffed animals.
    3) My Paci always.
    4) A computer w/ internet connection and every game on steam.
    5) A rotating orange platform that can travel at 20mph and that I can control with my mind.

  7. On a deserted island hm….

    I’d want a Daddy (he can worry about those grown up things like food and flare guns), one of those awesome e-reader/tablets, a sketch pad and crayons (I’m counting that as one thing because everyone knows it just not a pretty picture with out crayons), a big hoodie (nothing says comfort like lounging around in a hoodie and diapers) and a big cushy body pillow!

    What can a i say a girl loves her comfort, even a tomboy like me!

  8. 1. Unlimited supply of diapers.
    2. My favorite dinosaur sippy cup.
    3. Unlimited supply of milk.
    4. My stuffed animals. (There are tons of them!)
    5. A Daddy to care for me.

    ~ foxxyluv

  9. First off I am Picturing the cover of “Where the Wild Things Are,” by Maurice Sendak??? Been a long time since I read that story. I was reading some of the Creative ideas on the list and how babies get around the bars of the crib rules. :p
    1. at least 3 onesies
    2. At least ONE binkie
    3. Either Boo Boo Bear or Lucky bear – that would be a hard decision of who to leave behind
    4. Mr. Pilly so I could at least snuggle in the crib
    5. Have to have my Ba Ba for my coconut Milk – I assume they have coconut milk after the THREE HOUR TOUR- A THREE HOUR TOUR!
    *Runner ups- I wish I could bring my Giraffee and my blankie to cover up on those chilly tropical nights and My Toy box but only allowed like 5 things. Books and Snacks would be nice too OH and I wish I could bring my AB High Chair T- Bear built for me but alas- ONLY 5 things to come. 🙁

  10. 1.a nice cuddly teddy bear favowite bwankie for baba filled wif my favowite abble juicey:)-Baby Zac

  11. I’m super excited to have found this blog! Found it last night and read some of the posts in bed. Had some awesome dreams because of it! :3

    1. Overalls
    2. Legos
    3. My Teddy
    4. Training Pants
    5. … Diapers :X

  12. I am thinking that everything practical is all taken care of?? Yes? Food..Shelter…clean water..?? Penicillin?? Pain Pills?? If all practical needs were already addressed..then my choices would be…

    a nice warm Daddy to snuggle up to…talk to… things with..explore.

    my doggy….[and a TON of canned dog food}

    Sensible shoes..and some changes thereof..

    TV..and a dish to see things with..

    the ability to live forever….

  13. I would bring:
    My Kitty Ginger
    Warm Blankies
    My Favorite Onesies
    My Emergency Radio (You Wind it instead of batteries)
    A Tool kit for help with making a shelter and other neccessities

  14. hmmm i never thought of this one!
    1. paci
    2. apple juice(because i like it a lot and it makes me happy)
    3. Chazz my beloved teddy bear
    4. toys for the sand(to be specific, 3 shovels, 1 for me, Chazz and a friend!-8 buckets all varying in shape and size-and some cool toys that sift the sand)
    5. blankets (to be specific, a fleece throw, a duvet and my actual baby blanket from when i was a baby)

  15. i have to say so long as there was a little cabin there what had everything needed for safety and diapers are inlcuded…

    1) my puppy atlas hes my cuddle buddy hims can chase off the monsters
    2) my footie pjs for the cold days
    3) my paci
    4) overalls for the adventure days
    5) onesies for the hot days

  16. Well of course you should have:
    1: Food- without it the baby will go hungry
    2: Clothes- such as oneises, footie pjs, and etc
    3: Toys- your favorite plushies
    4: Daddy/Mommy- someone who will always be there for you
    5: Emergency supplies- radio and maybe first aid equipment

    Well it depends on the person anyway so yea….
    – Baby Alex

  17. hi daddy josh, number 1 will would need mr tedted i can not sleep without him, 2, my brown bear dummy, 3, my 2 handled bottle, 4, my blankie, 5, mmmmm, large tub of sudocrem just incase

  18. I would take…
    1. Unlimited food.
    2. A rattle
    3. My Pacifier
    4. My Daddy
    5. Unlimited supply of juice boxes W/ a bottle

  19. 1 – My fox plushie
    2 – My best friend
    3 – My entire collection of Manga

    …I wouldn’t need much anything else. x3

  20. 1 my plushie polar bear triplets: cpb, snowdrop, and stretch
    2 my doggie scoodles
    3 my cookie monster paci
    4 my trombone (im a music baby)
    5 an unlimited supply of diapers and bottles

  21. 1. Schnoogie, my stuffed fox!
    2. My pink feety pajamies.
    3. Play-doh
    4. My big nuk pacci! I love the fire flies on it.
    5. Definitely my pink fuzzy blanket that is sooo big.

  22. Me only get 5 items so me got to make them count
    1. blue blankie
    2. Benny the bear
    3. my nummy
    4. my green ba ba
    5. legos

  23. One top of the line, selfupdating computer, with permanant internet connection.
    two, about the same thing, yet a kitchen, with everfull food storage and frige/freezer. Kinda sucks to have no food at all.
    Three, A wardrobe, with all sorts of clothing for me, and anyone else that joins me.
    Four A dog, to help keep me company.
    Five Plushies!

    I am a bit too practical to think of it the way its saposed to be thought of.

  24. My baby side the usual: my daddy, my little baby family, plushies, books, and video games

    But my big boy side would say a knife, fishing rod, guitar, boat, and first aid kit

  25. My stuffed duckie screebers, my captain america tshirt, my orange nuk 3 paci, a box set of studio ghibli dvds,and I have to have my nala plushie. I can’t go to sleep without her.

  26. I would have to take my mommy, daddy, my stuffef lamby
    My hello kitty blankie ans my crayons ( coloring book too if i could) *giggles*

  27. what are the five things i would want with me

    1 i would want my daddy so he could keep me safe
    2 my binky cause it helps me sleep without daddy there
    3 my banky to keep me warm
    4 my teddy
    5 something for daddy to keep him happy besides me cause i know all the joy that i bring daddy he sitll needs someone else to talk with

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