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All-time record views! (Thanks Maxen for the photo)

I was confused. I had spent years struggling with my feelings about being a caretaker, a ‘Daddy’, and had a hard time knowing whether my feelings were valid. I didn’t know whether there was a place for my feelings in a world that often seems to focus on sexual pleasure over sensual caring, on domination over giving, on the requirements of love rather than loving unconditionally.

Through this blog, I set out to simply share my feelings and to hope that one or two people might share their own in response. Over time, your e-mails kept coming, you contributed through comments, and I feel like I know some of you very deeply although we’ve never met or chatted – you’ve simply made a comment, sent an e-mail, and I feel connected to you in a very special way.

In other cases I’ve lost the trail of the conversation – sometimes I’ve met you on-line or in person but the demands of life have made it difficult to stay connected over distance and time, and I wish I could apologize to anyone I’ve ever lost track of because the demands of life took my ‘on-line focus’ away.

Over the last three days over 14,000 visits to have also helped to break the record for traffic to the site. On Boxing Day we set a new record with 5,000 views, and today I woke up to find that I had 5,800 in one day, an all-time record.

I don’t care about the numbers – but when I set out I thought I might get a few dozen visits per day. Your interest and attention means a lot to me, and I feel so grateful for the gifts you give both to me and the world. Thank you.

This has become a community as much as a blog and I hope we can continue to share time together. So with a New Year coming – a gift back! I’d love to hear your ideas for future posts. Put them in the comments below or e-mail me! And hugs to everyone.

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  1. No thank you , You see I have been looking all my life for some one to understand me who could help with my broken life .
    I was 13 when I became incontinent and on top of that I was gay
    I lived in TX and too be gay ment Death and to be in diapers was ridicule and
    Shunned ( and presumed gay ) in my prime years I lost my youth and what could have been a nurturing upbringing was set with school’s who labeled me as mental and recused me to a minimal education with so much working to repers who I could could become . I did not let them win and was a fighter , I searched and in my 20’s found some one but soon the diaped little boy was rejected .
    It was only threw your writings that I could at least see there is some one out there
    Who Truly understands ! P

  2. No Daddy.. it is US out here who are grateful to you for having this wonderful site in the first place! The stories and perspective are great, and the pictures are very cute too! Please accept our thanks, and keep up the good work!!!

  3. Your site, the love and gentleness you show, the wonderful story of Cody deserve the appreciation you get and the number of visits on your blog. I am from France, old enough to be a grandfather. How much I wish internet could have existed in the late 1960’s and 70’s when I was a teenager. Thank you for what you do and who you are, may many little ab boys find peace, love and comfort with you.

  4. and Again – Thank YOU Daddy. Its nice to see so many people have a place to express their feelings and also to find out about it from the other side on the Care Taker’s View. I don’t always make a comment but try to where I can and when appropriate. WE Love YOU and your site down here in the lower 48 at least and I am sure there are some Eskimo AB’s as well as in the tropics and around the World down under and in Sud Amerique Aussi. I think what most of us AB’s want is a site that is secure and a care taker for the site that will always be there now or in 5 years if we come back to visit and people on there that will be understanding of our feelings as well as kind to us as babies. So again- WE ALL Thank you for all the articles you have taken the time to painstakingly put together that makes us feel loved and cared for even if we don’t actually have a care taker at that given moment. 🙂

  5. No, thank you daddy. If it wasn’t got your site, and more specifically your intro page, I’d have almost no ab fweinds

  6. nu,tank ew’s daddy,we babies and dadas wuv ew’s wif aww our heawts!!(huggles,cuddles,snuggles and kissies from BabyZac:) we love you daddy josh!:)

  7. je suis un bébé adulte et me sens bien seul au milieu de tous ces adultes heureusement il y a tout ces site avec lesquels je me reconforte d’etre abdl et de ne pas pouvoir me passer de mes couche et mes tototes merci a vous et bonne nouvelle année bisous a tous

  8. Thank you for the insightful phrase “sensual caring”. Of course there is sensual delight in caring for a baby, or in being cared for as a baby.

    This is the way it is in nature, and the way it must be.. How confused and unloved a baby of any age would feel if the mother ( or father ) who cared for him never felt a warm sensual thrill when hugging him or powdering him, touching and caressing his soft skin. Most mothers who breatfeed will testify that breastfeeding is a highly sensual bonding experience for both mother and child. Really, love that has no element of warm sensuality is not lover at all, but just some sort of duty.

    In a dirty-minded media-brainwashed world most people can only understand this sensual delight in terms of “sexuality”, and some of us have been made to experience guilt or self-doubt, a fear that we might be “sexual perverts”, “in denial”, hiding behind an AB excuse.. But “sensual” does not necessarily imply “sexual”.. Ours is the sensuality of nurturance, not the sexual sensuality of one who is aroused and who is craving sexual intercourse..

    Thank you for your most tender and gentle website.

    James ( Sydney, Australia ).

  9. Many congratulations – the increased traffic/visits and support are well-deserved. I don’t believe I’ve commented here before, but I really enjoy your blog. As a straight woman who’s had “mommy tendencies” since childhood, I have an age-play-oriented relationship with my husband. As such, it’s wonderful to visit this blog, as your sense of perspective regarding the lifestyle is so balanced, loving and healthy – it’s incredibly refreshing. Keep up the great work – you clearly have quite the fan base, and for good reason!

  10. .. and the number of visiters to this site demonstrates how many people there are who crave the gentle nurturing love that is expressed here..

    The media-driven world in which we now find ouselves is a noisy brutal crowded-out world, a world driven by fear, sexual pleasure, domination, requirement and demand, theat and litigation ..

    As Pope Benedict once put it, humanity bellows and brays, and has forgotten how to sing and fly with the birds, or to be silent with the silent depths..

    Many of the people who visit this site are no doubr already babies or daddies ( or, as with me, both !), but maybe some visiters are just people who feel instinctivly that this modern artificially created world is not a healthy place to be. who feel some itch of dissatisfaction, and who find here some hint or awareness that there may be other more gentle ways of being-in-the-world.

    I find the huge growth in the numbers visiting this site encouraging. There are many, apparently, who are fascinated by a “counter culture” like the AB world.

    Baby Johnnie (Sydney, Australia.)

  11. Thank you Daddy. I love ur website. I’m not a AB yet, but I’m thinking of getting into it.

    Happy New Year,

  12. Yaaay! Congratulations Daddy. Your blog is so informative to us new “parents.”

    As for future posts ideas, I’d love to read one about the great burping after bottle feedings: Should Daddies and Mommies do it at all, and if so, which positions are best?

  13. Thank you for this wonderful site with great stories that you share.

    As a nurturing dad myself, I have enjoyed many wonderful experiences with many babies and I have some lovely friends in my life that I continue to enjoy time with.

    Dadda Graham
    Sydney Australia

  14. sehr gut daddy
    ich wünsch mir auch schon sehr vile jahre einen daddy der mich zu seinem kleinen windeljungen machen würde wie ein kleinkind angezogen werden gewickelt gefüttert und und
    wer mal intresse hat mich kennen zu lernen kan sich gern melden
    suche einen daddy der sich vorstellen kann mich inko zu machen so das auf immer windel tragen muß und auch mehr kan mir vorstellen so das real zum kleinkind werden würde

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