Diaper “Boosters” for the Adult Baby

I’m so excited to share another video from LastStryke – one of my favorite people and an awesome little boy! He sure knows his diapers – and now gives his thoughts on inserts/boosters.

In particular, I love how he includes a section on “why Daddy will like it” – in this case the answer being…..well, you’ll just have to watch it to find out!

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wtGKKxJfYlA’]

Do you use inserts or boosters in your diapers? And what kind?

7 Replies to “Diaper “Boosters” for the Adult Baby”

  1. Yes I do, like the smaller one shown. They are in the other room so I do not know the name offhand. It is a purple package. (Attends or Depends) I got three from Salvation Army thrift store. I love them . Really take the worry out about leaksge. Plus they give a nice full feel when soaked.

  2. Thank you so much for the suggestion of using boosters cause I have been having a problem with leakage at the back, and at the legs, Love your videos. Have a happy holiday.

  3. I like to use real baby diapers as boosters ~ just have to poke little holes in them as not to flood them when wetting. Also pull off the tapes so they don’t scratch your bum while wearing. They feel nice stuffed inside a thick Abena or AB universe diaper 🙂

  4. I use abena/abri form maxi liners or goodnites in mine most of the time when I need the extra absorption. I’ve learned that using the good nites, pull ups, or real baby diapers causes the beady gel stuff to get stuck to my skin.

  5. LastStryke (Thomas) is the coolest! He talks about and models everything so great I really like his snap up tshirt. I have some like that too and they snap in between my legs. The boosters absorb A LOT and I wear one inside my diaper and plastic pants every night. I keep them on til I’m done with breakfast and sometimes all morning playing at home and theres no leaks. Daddy laughs when he takes them off and pins on my cloth daytime diapers cause the booster is so heavy with pee but feels kind of dry. I almost always can wear the same pair of plastic pants that I wore all night cause there dry inside too.

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