Bath Time and the Adult Baby

Bath time isn’t just about getting your little guy clean – it’s one of the most important rituals of the week and creates a special bond between Daddy and the adult baby boy. It might not be practical every day depending on your circumstances but giving your little boy or baby a bath combines the perfect set of feelings and sense of care and should be an important and consistent part of the week (or day!).

For the adult baby boy, bath time will take him through a range of feelings.

These feelings create another safe space where he can experience the full range of being Daddy’s little boy – a sense of play, nurturing, and being totally in someone’s care.

Diapered Boys Need Baths!
As Daddy runs the water for your bath, he’ll undress you. As you stand by the bath in just your diaper, you’ll remember the special feeling of being Daddy’s diapered little guy.

He might give the front of your diaper another little check, reminding you how wet or messy you are, and as he carefully un-tapes you and the cool air touches your damp skin you’ll know that a bath really is needed.

Bubble Fun
But what’s a bath without some fun? Piles of foamy bubbles are a must of course – and so are bath toys! Rubber duckies, little boats, squirty toys.

Daddy will probably laugh as you splash around in your bath and try to avoid getting too soaked himself. He might make funny noises as he dive bombs one of your toys, or he might put a smudge of bubbles on your nose making you giggle.

As you start to settle down a little and the warm water calms you – you’ll feel Daddy with a soft cloth cleaning your back. The soothing feeling of the little circles he makes as he washes you, the way he gently cleans your tummy, and the natural way you shift slightly so he can clean your diaper area will give you a special feeling of being cared for as you continue to play with your toys.

This focus – being aware of Daddy cleaning you while paying attention to the bubbles and toys, isn’t unlike the feeling you have about your diapers. They are there, they are part of you – but over time you just naturally use them and know that Daddy is in the background to take care of them.

Now, as you have your bath, Daddy is just “there” – cleaning you while you focus on the fun of the bubbles and toys.

Gentle and Sleepy
A bath is fun – but as the warm water and Daddy’s care envelopes you, you’ll also start to feel a little sleepy…this is the result of your relaxed feeling and the almost hypnotic state of being cared for.

Daddy will sense when you’ve had your fill of bath time – and will carefully wash your hair, rinsing it carefully – the last step in making his boy squeaky clean.

The smell of the bubbles, the baby shampoo, and the lightly scented soap might leave you feeling more ‘babyish’ than ever – it’s almost as if you stepped into the bath as a little boy and will leave with a relaxed feeling of being very little.

Daddy will wrap you in a super big towel and carefully dry you – and then, of course, lead you to the change table where he’ll put you in a nice crinkly new diaper or soft padding with your plastic pants.

While you might not think of the diaper as part of bath time it really is – because Daddy is affirming a circle – from a diapered boy back to a diapered boy, and within that circle you’ve learned that it’s OK to have the kind of joyous fun, the sort of gentle care, and to be fully your Daddy’s little baby boy.

And what are your special rituals for bath time? Do you have favorite toys? And how do you feel as Daddy gives you a bath and you sense his love and care?

14 Replies to “Bath Time and the Adult Baby”

  1. The few times I had a daddy give me a bath were really nice; it’s probably my favorite part of AB play.

    My daddy used a special bath glove to wash me–and he had a habit of putting a small pile of bubbles on the top of my head when he would start to wash me; it never failed to make me giggle.

    It’s been a really long time since that happened, though.. about seven years.

  2. What an wonderful setting to put us in Daddy. Actually I got my bath out of the way just after dinner tonight to get it out of the way. Because of my weekdays at nursery school (work) I have been taking my bath at night since it got cold. It feels nice to warm up my body, but the other half is I get too tired so its easier to get it done right after dinner lately. It feels so much better to go diaper to diaper with the bath in between. I have never gotten bath toys but I try to imagine what it would be like as an infant in one of those infant bath seats. πŸ™‚

  3. Ive had those bafs wifs daddy, and all i can say is i wish i had a bath time everyday…would make life soooo much easier. If there was a daddy i could lives wif, and be his lil boy, its the best bonding experience to put that trust into your daddy that he will hold, wash, and keep you safe as he dumps the warm water on your head, and fills your senses wifs his touch as the soap bubbles and foams around you…..Bestest time wifs daddy esp right before bed when your put into your thick night diapies, and into a nice warm footie sleeper tucked in with you paci and plush toy.

  4. once again you’ve captured the many layers of experience for an adult baby boy. for me, it is about definitely about playtime and being nurtured…and regression:

    “it’s almost as if you stepped into the bath as a little boy and will leave with a relaxed feeling of being very little”

    it is very affirming to read your posts daddy…i’m sure it helps some people understand ab boys even better!

    baby jimmy

  5. Bath Time is a Very Soothing Relaxing Ritual where a baby boy is free to be and do what ever he wants. Its especially nice to play in the tub when its full of bubbles. I Love to use Johnson’s Eucalyptus Menthol bath stuff. It is very calming and smells good. The Lavender Wash is also great. I also like it when I can get my back washed.

  6. I would love experience that only if it’s in a large tub that could fit me as if I was a little boy and have enough room for daddy or another little boy to make bath time more fun. But, then again I still never found my self a daddy.

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