Are Goodnites Really Diapers? What a Daddy to an Adult Baby Needs to Know

For the daddy to an adult baby the natural impulse is that your little guy be in diapers – they’re the safest thing, they provide the right level of protection, and there’s a bond that’s created between you and your little guy that only comes from changing him and taping up his crinkly diaper so that it’s secure and snug.

But often a little guy might come into your life who confesses with a blush that he likes Goodnites or Drynites and that maybe Daddy will consider letting him wear them at night or in the day.

But before you say no – consider that there can be a lot of emotions and memories that your little guy has, and that time in a Goodnites (or sometimes a Pull-Up) can be affirming and can help remind him that he’s Daddy’s little boy.

Discovering His Little Side
For many adult babies or ‘little boys’ a Goodnites may have been their first experience being ‘padded’. Unable to or afraid of buying adult diapers, they might have the courage to buy Goodnites or Pull-Ups.

Other times, their “little” side will first express itself in a curiosity about wet beds or pants. They will associate those feelings with ads for bed wetting ‘protection’. They might think it’s one of the only options available for ‘older’ boys and many will continue wearing them as they get much older.

Wearing Goodnites can also be practical – they will even fit larger kids, and so they can be a practical first step in discovering the inner connection to needing diapers and expressing the little side of themselves.

Finally, the lack of a noticeable ‘bulge’ or crinkle may have even been the basis for them to learn that they could have protection outside of home and because of it have learned that being in a diaper can provide a sense of security in all kinds of situations.

Some Boys Never Grow Up
For many, they may never grow out of being a little boy who needs protection for wet pants or beds – and might never feel that they need the full protection of diapers.

For those boys you have a special little guy who might need help with potty training and who might even wear training undies or plastic pants while he tries to become a “big boy” (usually with only very limited success!)

But for other boys, they will eventually realize that the need for protection doesn’t stop at ‘padding’ – they need a diaper and they will need a Daddy to put them in one, to check them and change them.

You will be giving these little guys a chance to express the sides of themselves which might have started as a ‘little boy’ trying a Goodnites but might end up with a toddler in his diaper and onesie, Daddy holding him and making sure that he feels loved and accepted no matter how little he might be.

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  1. Goodnite’s are not as good as regular diapers. They do work though for light wetting and will come in handy when you wanna be more of a big kid but maybe have accidents still. I would still prefer daddy to put me in a thick crinkly diaper followed up with a Big Hug and a “That’s a Good Boy” pat on the behind when he’s done.

  2. Sometimes it’s not about protection, and more about feeling more childlike and less baby-like. At least that’s how I feel wearing a form of pull-up instead of a full fledged diaper. But even then, sometimes I’d prefer my diapers over pull-ups.

  3. Not good for little boys. though they were the first thing i could have, they always leaked on me, and never seemed to do what a diaper can do, even now a pullup can never do the job that a diaper, even a store brand diaper can do. And thats keep a little guy dry. If hes not gonna worry bout wetting then wants to still be padded all for the goodnites. But if hes 24/7 like me, hes never gonna be able to wear a good nite, for longer then an hour. best of luck to those boys who can.

  4. Out here in the country it is difficult to dispose (burn) any disposables so cloth and rubber pants is preferred only for this reason.

  5. For me, no, Goodnites, Pullups, and most other pull-on briefs are not diapers. Diapers are for boys who aren’t potty-trained yet. If I am in a diaper, that means that I’m not grown-up enough to pee in the toilet. I’m supposed to wet my diaper. But no disposable pull-on brief is absorbent enough to contain all of my pee without leaking. Neither are most cloth training pants. (Very thick cloth pull-ons with plastic pants on top might count as diapers.)

    But that doesn’t mean that pull-on training pants aren’t great. They’re a wonderful way for AB boys to be padded more of the time. For me, and for a lot of other ABs, wetting diapers at work is not an option. I could wear diapers to work and not wet them, but wearing diapers all the time without wetting them would feel wrong to me. But I could see myself instead as a slightly older boy who’s mostly done with potty training. I sometimes leak on my way to the bathroom when I realize too late that I need to go, and I still wet in my sleep most of the time. So I need to wear training pants during the day. I need to be diapered at night and any time I’m going to take a nap or any other time I might fall asleep, like a long car ride.

    I’m not 24/7 now, but if I ever decided to go 24/7, this is how I’d do it.

  6. i prefer diapers over goodnights i like the sound od of plastic diaper crinkling and the diaper holds better than thwe goodnights if i had a daddy i would prefer him to keep me in diapers than good nights

  7. as long as i can use them instead of a toilet,i consider that a diaper for me:) text me!for seven eight,five zero eight,for seven one eight.hooe i csn hear from any daddy or baby boy soon:)-babyzac

  8. i still luv goodnites because it was what i was given to wear when they thought i was too old for diapers. they were like proof that i was not really a “big kid yet” so i was totally happy i at least got “pullups” and could keep being a baby at least at night time. so i still luv having goodnites even if they dont keep me as dry as diapers. i only wear them in the days now when diapers would not be ok under some clothes. all the stuff from when i was a little kid in diapers make me happy still now, including goodnites some of the times.

  9. I think it all really depends on your opinion…

    But for me, Goodnites don’t count as diapers…They’re pull ups and are totally different.

    I’ve tried Goodnites, I’ve tried Attends, and I’ve tried Cushies. And pull ups are TOTALLY different from good old fashioned diapers. Nothing beats the tape ups too. It’s that special something that makes the changing even better.

    By the way, any daddies near Cleveland want to help me into these things? I can never get the tapes of the Cushies right the first time and end up stapling them for them to fit well.

  10. 478-508-4718 text babyzac,i am a nice baby boy who is in need of a daddy or a bigbrother.please give me a chance:)-babyzac

  11. I prefer using a full blown diaper for the kids and adults.They are made to do a job. These pull ups and boxer shorts are good and no good. I know you say Iwrong but lit me give you and example.. Your penis moves around in your short and pull on.. It end up aiming to either left or right.. When it discharges it some times shotes right out of the leg. This happers when laying on side. Now with a diaper there is those leak stoppers. It you use a cloth diaper when you put it on you fold on each side of the diaper when you pull the front up. That folded material is like the leak lock.

  12. i love goodnites. I am 14 and wear them just in case. I also wear them during school i just dont want to get made fun of. I think they are wonderful and if you have an accident it comes in handy, 🙂

  13. I prefer to have my goodnight’s while waring my diaper & a long cotton t-shirt & long socks & my Baby Teether toy in my mouth looking at my daddy eyes while he reading to me a bed time story & if my teether fell down he should put it back in my mouth

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