Big Time for Little Boys

Ready for a day in diapers (thanks Brandyn for the photo!)

You’ve been invited over to friends for dinner or a house party. Thinking about the night ahead, you check in to find the adult baby in your life still having his nap, holding his plushy and gently sucking on his paci.

While your friends know that you have someone special in your life, they might not understand that your relationship is beyond what you ever dreamed: you have a little boy and you feel like the luckiest person in the world that he needs you as his ‘daddy’.

You have always respected and loved all the sides of your little tyke: both the “A” and the “B” side of your ‘adult baby’.

But as your relationship has grown, he has become gentler, happier, and more secure: he seems to feel safe in knowing that he’s daddy’s little boy and a big part of that is needing his diapers.

As you prepare for the night ahead you lay his clothes out, picturing immediately what a handsome little guy he’ll be, and then consider whether to add a diaper to his evening outfit.

Diaper Time for the “Big” World
I’m a big believer that creating a safe space between a daddy and his little guy is the most important way for a him to feel OK to express who he is inside: a little boy who wets and needs his daddy to keep him in diapers.

Extending the safe space outside the home can mean taking him to a movie or shopping, to a quiet park or to the zoo.

But there will still come a time when daddy needs to make a decision: is it OK to keep him in diapers for a night out with friends? What are the boundaries for deciding it’s better that he be diapered?

It can be a big step when you diaper him for a social situation or an event in the ‘big world’.

Diapers Under Jeans, and Your Handsome Little Boy
There’s something very special to me about dressing a little guy for a ‘night out’ with friends.

A nice dress shirt with jeans, a casual polo top with a pair of khaki pants, or something trendy – maybe the rest of the world sees a “guy” but a daddy will see a handsome little boy all spiffy and well-groomed (and hopefully well behaved!)

But it’s the moment when you pull his pants up over his clean diaper that a daddy will feel a special sense of love and bonding with his ‘son’….knowing that even though you’re headed out into a more adult space he’s still your diapered little tyke.

Signals and Caring
As the night progresses, it might seem like all ‘daddy/son’ thoughts have taken a back seat to hanging out with friends, laughing, and talking.

The truth is, however, that there are subtle little signals that you’ll pick up.

You might place a hand on his shoulder, and his body will relax a little. You might adjust the collar of his shirt, and he’ll blush like a little boy who wants to be ‘big’ for his daddy but will never fully be able to.

Just before you arrive, you give his bum a little pat and you almost need to hold his hand to stop him from automatically sucking his thumb.

You might see the sort of gaze he gets in his eyes and know that he’s wetting his diaper – if you’re able, muss his hair a little or lean over and give him a little kiss, he’ll suddenly be aware that daddy knows he really does need his diapers and that daddy can tell when he wets.

All of these little signals and moments will give your little guy confidence that while daddy knows that he is diapered under his jeans, others don’t know – and that even if they do, he is in the safe circle of his daddy’s care.

Unconditional Love, and Unconditional Diapers?
Over time, his sense of acceptance and love might even give him the confidence to confide in others – but only after discussion with daddy, and only once the two of you can be assured that others will feel like their own boundaries have been respected.

Through it all, remember that while he’s a little boy, that while he’s your diapered baby, he is able to feel safe and loved unconditionally because he has a daddy. As you strengthen his sense of self, you will find that the circle of care you have created grows wider to embrace a larger world.

But your little guy needs to be free to express himself to: so what situations would you be OK in a diaper for daddy? Are there situations that would still make you nervous?

27 Replies to “Big Time for Little Boys”

  1. When I visit Daddy, he puts me in a disposable diaper with soaker, plastic pants, and a nice onesie. This is how I’m dressed at home. When we go out, to a toy store, a museum, or a nice restaurant with friends, I have a pair of long shorts like little boys wear these days, or a pair of long pants, that fit over my diapers. Daddy doesn’t change me until we get home, but he occasionally pats my behind or messes my hair. I feel perfectly secure, and no one else seems to notice.

  2. I’m a adult baby and when daddy and I go out we take a back pack or diaper bag everywhere we go. I guess maybe there should be some limits for some?? But being a baby and having a daddy/baby relationship you have to trust daddy.. A baby has no choice in what daddy chooses for a baby..I just feel if you want to be treated as a baby then you should trust your daddy to do as needed without any fuss..
    Just my thoughts
    Baby Deano

  3. “.. the safe circle of Daddy’s care “. That sums it up perfectly..

    And I think to myself, really that’s what EVERY friendship and relationship should be.. Not invading a person’s ‘space” .. and not abandoning him either .. but just offering a “safe circle of care ” in which he can safely be himself..

    Daddies have the privilege that they can create a “safe circle of care” in a particularly vivid way. The nappy/diaper itself is symbolically “a circle of care” that creates safety and freedom.

  4. During special times with Daddy’s adult friends is when wearing a onesie would come in handy as to hold the diaper in place and also to conceal the diaper just in case of bending over or a shirt riding up. I want to get a couple polo shirt onesies that would be great for times like this when being too babyish is not appropriate. They would also come in handy for wearing at work.

  5. if i go with someone to see their friends or if their friends come to visit, i luv to be babied just like i always like it, but only if the friends r like “into it” as well. that doesnt happen very much. really only other tbs or abs can even get it that boys like to be babies. the only other thing that some ppl get is that my big brother/daddy really luvs me so much that he will take care of me even if im a baby. some ppl think im cute enough i think they would baby me if i was their friend and they were my “daddy”. so i have to trust “daddy” to like fix it with them if he lets them know about me wearing diapers and stuff. mostly we just keep it like a secret between us and he makes excuses to go with me when i need to be changed. other boys my age dont get it at all but older guys r sometimes cool about it. i luv it when i can be myself with “daddys” friends but mostly we just dont tell other ppl and its r secret. thats kinda fun too. im mostly just so happy he likes me being his baby and takes care of me.

  6. ich habe leider keinen papa
    in deutschland ist es schwer einen zu finden weil viele sich schĂ€men dafĂŒr
    ich als ab muß mich immer selber wickeln und trage gern windeln weil ich bettnĂ€sser bin benötige ich sie ja auch nachts

  7. Hi Daddy!

    I haven’t commented before, but I’ve been a long-time reader. As a caretaker myself (albeit online-only for now), I’ve found tons of little helpful tips in your posts. I just had one suggestion for you. I know you’re both gay and appear to only adopt baby boys, but I’d be really interested to see a post with your opinion on caring for baby girls. I’m straight and I have two adopted baby girls, and I’ve been looking for tips and ideas for any eventual caretaking that might take place with them. Your blog has been the only place I’ve seen describing (very well!) how to be a Daddy to *B/DLs. I’d love to hear what you think about caring for the girls and any special issues that might apply.


  8. I have a dog that will not leave me alone when I eat. So one day me got this idea. I got the highchair my kids use to use out to see if me could still sit in it. I found out I did fit in it and the tray would look in place,so I eat all my meals sitting locked in the highchair.My dog doesn’t bother me anymore.Does that make me an adult baby? Please send comments.

  9. ich habe leider nei das glĂŒck gehabt einen lieben papa kennen zu lernen und das ich mich als kleiner wohl fĂŒhlen darf oder geborgen
    ich stelle es mir aber wahnsinnig schön vor sicher geborgen in seiner windel und behĂŒtet zu werden
    oder gar gefĂŒttert zu werden mich als erwachsener zu einem klöeikind fallen lassen zu können das wĂ€r mein traum
    kann mir vorstellen als baby immer zu leben aber auch das ist ein schwerer weg einen papi oder daddy zu finden der sich genau das zutraut mich zu seinem baby zu erziehen

  10. Everyone knows your son is special. They know that he wears diapers. No need to hide the fact. Even if his diaper shows, so who cares. Be sure to take some diapers along, the evening might be longer than anticipated. Want to keep your little one dry as possible.

  11. Well it is hard to explain but I work construction and I am a tough acting guy at work but when i get home I love to walk in the door all dirty and have daddy waiting for me. he walks me straight into the bathroom and strip’s me naked then into the tub for a nice bath. I trust daddy.

    It is the same when he takes me out with friend’s< Every Friday night daddy take's me out to dinner and we meet his friends for Mac n cheese and fried Haddock.
    I always am dressed nice when daddy takes me to meet friends.

    Here is what he put's me in

    First baby powder then a nice thick disposable diaper.

    then comes a pair of plastic pants.

    then come's my white onsie or what every color daddy picks to go with the polo shirt or dress shirt he put's me in.

    then daddy puts my socks on me

    then daddy puts my pants on rather they are jeans, Kakies, or dress pants that is up to daddy.

    Then daddy puts my nice clean white sneakers on me that I only wear when he is taking me out some place special.

    Then a nice coat/jacket.

    once dressed daddy always give's me a big hug and a peck on my cheek.
    That is what make's me feel so safe, then we go to the car he buckles me in and away we go.

  12. One time at a party for Daddys job he dressed me in all big boy clothes. a blue golf shirt and tan docker pants. But of course I had on my diaper (disposable this time) and teddy bear plasticl pants underneath. Daddy even bought me big boy boxer shorts with baseballs and basketballs on them. He put them on me over my diaper and plastic pants. They were kinda snug but we thought it was our funny little joke. A couple times he patted my bottom at the dinner and of course I was wet but nobody else knew it. When I sat down my boxer shorts showed over my docker pants waistband and I guess I just looked like any other of the teenage boys there. We had extra fun fooling everyone that night.

  13. I have been with my daddy now for over 6 years, and to this day I cant figure out how he knows I have wet my diaper or that I am wetting my diaper. but he knows and he always gives me a pat on the back and says don’t worry daddy will take care of that in a little bit. I use to turn red when daddy did this but not anymore.
    and I now wet without even knowing it.

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