Diaper Review: ABU Cushies!

A while back I asked readers to send in their videos or diaper reviews – well, Thomas was awesome enough to post not one but TWO diaper reviews to youTube!

I love how thorough he is in assessing the many virtues of the ABUniverse Cushies – and I think you’ll find it’s an unvarnished look at what lots of little boys and ABs consider a leading brand (the cute pattern sure helps!)

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UHQ957KuaTo’]

Do you have any other suggestions for future reviews? We’d love to hear them! And if you have a diaper review or video of your own you’d like to share – pass it along!

8 Replies to “Diaper Review: ABU Cushies!”

  1. I dunno if I agree with some of the stuff in the review. Maybe I’m a little spoiled, but I found the fit was iffy since the one single tape couldn’t “pinch” in the seat a bit, and it’s way too thin for my tastes. *shrug* Cute, though. I often use it as a second if another one gets a rip in it.

  2. hi it babyandy off http://danielsbabyboys.com if we could get abu in the uk i would try a pack, i not one for buying ab/dl nappies as the only thing your going to do is throw it in the bin at the end, but some times a cute babyish nappy is sweet, but been 24/7 in nappies it the price? as we say in the uk horses for courses, if you need to look cute ab/dl nappy is the way, if you need a nappy to keep you dry and clean i go with a inco maker

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