Special Moments: The Adult Baby, All Diapered Up!

Adult boy gets changed! (Thanks Maxen for the photo!)

It’s Sunday, and it’s a quiet day at home for you and your ‘little boy’. Toddling around in diapers and a t-shirt (and maybe a pair of socks to keep his feet warm!), your little guy is lost in a world of Legos or coloring, or maybe he tries to help daddy with a few simple chores.

One of the simple joys of being a daddy to an adult baby is that some days can simply be restful and quiet: you let him play in his room or maybe even have some time with his video games while you do ‘daddy stuff’.

But what makes it special is that even when you’re not spending time cuddling or hiding in the blanket fort with him, he’s still your little boy, he’s still in diapers, and you still need to check in on him now and again.

Wet Diapers on Quiet Morning

Over time, your “son” will get used to being diapered. They are part of him and probably always will be.

He will start wetting his diapers without encouragement, and knowing he needs his diapers even when it’s a lazy day at home is just as important as the times when he’s being given his bottle or put down for a nap.

As you quietly slip behind him to give him a little kiss on the head, you’ll slide your hand down to give him a diaper check, and no matter what he’s doing he’ll have that little rush of feeling that comes from knowing he’s safe in daddy’s care.

He might not remember wetting – it comes naturally now and he has learned to calm his fluttery tummy and just let go as he needs to.

When daddy comes to check him, there might be a little shock as he realizes he’s in need of a change, and he’ll shyly follow you to the change table.

The Moment After

The rituals of a diaper change are an important connection between a daddy and his little guy. Each time you clean him up, each time he smells the baby lotion and powder, and each time he sees you unfold a clean diaper are affirmations that he’s loved and that his daddy accepts him for who he is.

But just as important as putting him in a clean diaper are the little moments you spend after.

Sometimes he pops up and wraps his arms around you for a big hug.

Sometimes you pat his diapered bum as he toddles off to play.

Or sometimes you gently rub his tummy after his change. At first, he wants to hop up, but as you adjust the waist on his diaper, as you gently rub his tummy, he settles down a little and lies back in his clean diaper looking up at his daddy, his teddy bear in hand.

Reassure him: tell him you’re his special baby boy, that daddy loves him, and that no matter *WHAT* he will always be your little boy.

Even on a day that’s just about a daddy and his son at home, he’ll feel reassured that he is always a baby boy, that it is safe to just be who he is deep inside, and that he has someone in his life who respects and cares for the amazing tender parts of his heart.

19 Replies to “Special Moments: The Adult Baby, All Diapered Up!”

  1. “Reassure him: tell him you’re his special baby boy, that daddy loves him, and that no matter *WHAT* he will always be your little boy.”

    This statement is critical to all Daddy’s (and Mommy’s) as well as AB’s, thanks for enforcing it again!

    Your pieces are always a joy to read!

    ~ foxxyluv

  2. I’m so glad to see this stories daddy; my daddy reads them carefully and loves it treating me the same way.

    baby marek

  3. ITS sooo awesome that you can really capture how it feels to be with daddy after a change!!! another great work!!

  4. my boy teagan loves sundays he wakesup at 9:30 and i give him a bath and diapers him and he walks with me to the couch with his blankie behind him and we cuddle up on the couch and watch tenage mutant ninja turtles then i give him apples and bannanna baby food and a warm bottle of milk and i let him down to play while i work on the house then i give him a kiss on the cheeck and say its diaper time and he grabs my neck and i change him and he coos and giggles them we laydown for a nap and he wets again

  5. I love it when my daddy changes me and give’s me that hug when he is done it make’s me feel all warm and soft, I never want the hug to end.
    I also love it when daddy has me lay on the couch with him to watch tv. I like to lay down and rest my head on daddies lap while i suck my thumb and cuddle with my bear Snuggles and my blankie

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