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  3. im babyzac i is onwy 1 yeaw old,i wike to pway wif bwocks,sweep wif my pwushy kewby,and meet new babyboys(suckles on pacifier cutely)

  4. I am TODDler or ColoToddler or if you prefer just Toddy and I also live in the Denver area- I also happen to like choo choo’s too. I have the mind of an 11 mos. old and am used to being treated like a young TODDler at my house. I have many onesies and baby toys, a crib, a high chair and hope to add in the next year a matching changing table for my nursery. I also like Disney Movies and lots of bugs bunny cartoons and Superman. I am a 24/7 diapered baby but work my schedule around my AB life with REAL life.

  5. mr.daddy,im weawee sowee if i caused any twouble on dis website:( i didn’t mean to’s i jus weawee wanted a daddy,i sowee(baby cwawls to daddy and huggles his feet inocantly)

  6. I am a adult baby that sleeps with stuffed animals. I drink from sippy cups. I prefer cloth diapers over disposable; but, have a supply of each. I live in northern Virginia and would love to correspond with other adult babies and/or diaper lovers. Please contact me. Thanks, Stevie

  7. i am a TB wooking fow a AB or a TB fwiend to pway wif.i wive in southern Georgia.i am 16 yeaws owd now and i’d love to meet any AB or TB,so if ur near Georgia,contact me,thank you.-Zacharias

  8. hi my names andy if your on twitter i am so proud of my daddy (he a new daddy) i have not meet him yet, but i can not wait to, he wants a full time baby, if you need a friend online i am here, i hope you will take the time to read my profile on D/S so you will know where i am coming from,

  9. For years growing up Iโ€™ve dreamnt of being loved and taken care of by another man who would be my daddy. Right through my teens to where I am now.

    Iโ€™ve spent many years on and off joining ABDL sites, going round in circles getting nowhere to being open about my AB side on a regular gay site. And to date I have only ever met one man who was part of a couple actually take me as his little boy and give me all the love that a dad gives his son. That relationship with that loving man, my dad sadly came to an end because both he and his partner were both heavy drinkers. And the time Iโ€™d spend there I would have to see both of them getting drunk, their behavior changing and sleeping with a dad who was so out of it snoring, stretching out and spending the whole night being pushed out of the bed and having the duvet pulled off of me and freezing cold. He was a loving attentive daddy when he was sober but it all got too much for me to bear anymore. And knowing that when I wasn’t there his wonderful loving partner would be beating up on him. Now Iโ€™m back on my own.

    Iโ€™m no longer the young cute teenaged boy in his nappy/diaper and cute baby clothes. Yet still the same young vulnerable little boy who grew up without the love of parents who abandoned him at five months old. Spending a life in foster homes and childrenโ€™s homes taking abuse from adults. Who to this day still needs all the love and attention that a daddy can give him. And now that Iโ€™m back on my own I no longer enjoy putting myself into nappies/diapers. Nor drinking from my bottle or indulge in any of the things that would normally give me comfort.

    Going onto ABDL sites leaves me feeling empty and with a constant reminder of what I no longer have. And my experience at best of such sites is that very few seeking a loving daddy never get to see their dreams become a reality. You’ll see lots of single people all wanting the same thing with their pictures of wet and messy diapers or looking cute. Or still others talking about what wonderful relationships they have with a big bro, partner or daddy. And personally my view is that for many such websites at best only offer most the chance to just talk and give comfort to those happy to just hang around in cyber space with virtual online friends, online daddies far away in some other part of the world who you could never meet.

    I have done everything that I could find that one special person and dad, but it come down to many calling themselves a daddy lacking any maturity. At best only wanting open relationships with lots of men younger than themselves or around the same age.

    Now to survive I choose to wear a mask of adulthood everyday. Engaging in the grown up world more and more. And the day has come where my child as all those years ago growing up has been and still is, denied. And this has become the accepted reality for many of us.


  10. Looking for my Daddy in the United Kingdom North West Lancashire. Any area. Willing to travel and can accommodate.

    Studied Psychology- Psychotherapy and Counseling at UCLAN (University Of Central Lancashire} Preston. BSc combined Honors. Took time out now working on doing a Single Honors BSc Psychology. I use Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) in all areas of my life. Had some articles published on the NLP LIFE Training website, and write life coaching posts where I’m a moderator of two boards on a wonderful website that a good friend owns. And have many wonderful straight friends there who know of my baby lifestyle. I love singing and recently bought Brett Manning’s Singing Success Vocal Training Program which is just brilliant. And practice Tai Chi, Yang Style. I’m still very much a cuddly nappied daddy’s boy looking for his special dad to take care of him and to love. Ideally would love this to be long term. Love my terry nappies, terry trainer pants, baby food and enjoy being nursed with my bokies. Having all the wonderful things that dads do with and for their special little boys. Having my new daddy decide what I look cute in and picking out my baby and toddler clothes to wear and dressing me. While I may be able to do all the fun clever grown up things I’m still the little guy who needs the reassurance, guidance and love and protection of daddy.

  11. This is such a FANTASTIC idea! A good way to gather those who are looking for daddies or baby boys!
    I would regret it forever if I didnโ€™t post something to try. Iโ€™m a northeast Ohio baby boy of 18 years, about a half hour south of Cleveland. I hope to find a daddy whoโ€™s willing to care for me, even if its just for a weekend or somethingโ€ฆ
    I must admit Iโ€™m a bit shy about my baby side. I typically keep it to myself, but I hope if I can find someone willing, I can truly show it as long as thereโ€™s someone I can hug if I feel scared or too embarrassed.
    I like to see myself as more of toddler when it comes to behavior. I still like to wear thick diapers and the things that come with that, but I prefer toddling around with some independence, but still in need of a daddy. If I had a daddy to help me along, I would be open to going to the park for picnics, lazily laying in the sun, or hiking, going to the mall, restaurants, or even just a slow day at home of cuddling.
    I encourage anyone who lives close by to contact me!
    Thank you for reading and I hope to hear from a willing daddy soon!

  12. Sure, why not~

    I’m Luca, a babyfur. Or, a furry/ab/dl for those unaware. I have a Daddy who’s my boyfriend who posts here occassionally.

    If any Daddies or other babies/cubs wanna say hi, feel free to :3. Daddy lets me talk all I want online, but I gotta be a good boy RL so…yeah.

  13. Hello, im dex a 23yr old bos who loves diapers and need a daddy to take care of me. i love to please and will do anything for my daddy. please message me if u want a little diaper boy who will love his daddy, and please his daddy

  14. Hello everyone,

    I’m Chris, 27 and currently living in the middle of farm country in Pennsylvania…its a little boring but that’s alright hehe. Well as you can probably tell I am or at least i try to be as good of a lil baby boy as I can, not many daddies in the area (none really) so i’m pretty much a orphan I suppose.

    Spent most of my live here in central Pa, though I did spent a few years in Boston, Ma which were some really awesome years that I spent some searching and really discovered who and what i was i guess if that makes sense.

    I’m pretty happy go lucky at times, I don’t really sweat the small stuff because I don’t really see what would be gained from it. I’m just your average fun loving baby boy hehe.

    Well I’m not here to write a book I guess so should anyone want to contact me,

    I also have a twitter, and most IM services so I like to stay connected. Ciao for now everyone and have a wonderful day *hugs*

  15. Hi, my name is Brad. I’m a 33 year old DL living in Northern California. I’m just your typical boy next door type guy that happens to enjoy wearing diapers.
    I have been exploring some AB things but mostly just enjoy wearing with other and hanging out together.
    You can look me up on RUP or DiaperBois under screen name (pamp1877).

    Have a great day everyone and stay padded,

  16. Hi
    I’m in Vegas for another night, then LA for two more, wouldn’t mind seeing Daddy for some home there, but if anyone can offer me regular dad dying in Sydney, Australia, I would be sooo happy ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. Hi! I’m a big fan of this site, and hope to meet some people from here.

    I’m an AB/LB from the Northeast, 27 years old, in good shape, good sense of humor… etc, blah blah. I’m looking for care and discipline.

    Feel free to contact me if you’d like!

  18. Hello!

    My names Ryan and I’m an AB/DL from Nor-Cal. I’m super private though and haven’t included anyone in real life. I’ve been a 9 y/o bedwetter for 17 years and like to talk about being an AB/DL online. Super Dry Kids are my favorite!

  19. Hey everyone – wow, thanks for making introductions! Just a reminder, if you want to include your e-mail address in your reply, put it in the body of the message. The automated system will hide your e-mail from bots (although others will be able to see your e-mail when they click on the little mail icon).

  20. hi everyone, I’m a sissy baby boy in Wisconsin, I am very active in the local fetish community here in Madison, I am very friendly and open minded so if you want to get to know me send me a message

  21. I’m Sean, im ab/dl straight guy,. acutally born from Canada, Quebec and moved here when i was baby, lived in Tx for 27 yrs. back in 1988 at age 5 or 7 yr old, starting like diapers wanting go back in diapers, love to wear diapers as again. living in Tx is okay, tired of living hot/heat teampture as in summer weather long heat seasons. i’m from Tx still looking for right daddy to meet who are interseted adopting me to be his little baby diaper boy for awhile or so. Daddy who wants/like kept in diapers 24/7. who understands my about diaper wearing reason and who i am. I’m Sci-Fi guy who enjoys Sci-fi adventures and would wish experince doing reverseing alien technology engineering for space ship upgradings. i’m good at computer gaming and expert skilled at hardware computer mod game tower case building, used to be artist like to draw,painting cars,tree,buildings, enjoying watching European/Japanese car street racing and LeMan 24 European racing on tv shows.

    intersted to know more, also have a photo of me (Pampersboy1988)in

    intersted to e-mail me

  22. Hello / bonjour

    I’m eleusis a French DL guy (34 years old).

    I want to find a little brother, of course if possible in France. But i like to chat with everybody and make ABDL friends in the whole world.

    Feel free to contact me at :

    Kiss to everybody

  23. Well my name is Tyler, or Ty Ty. I have been into diapers since I was very small, but only recently became an AB. I currently live wif my daddy and his wife in Green Bay, WI. I am new to having a daddy but he makes me feel safe and makes me so happy. Sometimes I dont know what to do, like I forgot to how to be a baby, or what it meant to be a baby. I want to become better at switching into baby mode, learn how to quit being an adult even if for only a little bit. If anyone has any suggestions on how to getting into that “little” headspace please e-mail me.

  24. Hi, my name is carlos but everyone calls me amk. I’m 21 and I’ve been into this whole ABDL scene ever since I was a little diapered kid lol. I love being in a diaper and the idea of being a helpless baby to be taken care of. Normally I would look for a mommy but it turns out my wife wouldn’t be too happy about that and before I saw this site I was scared or intimidated with finding a daddy but now I hope I find the right one! I love all things baby and would love to be taken care of by a loving daddy. It’s so hard to find a non sexual relationship between an AB and daddy/mommy, and so much harder o even find anyone else into this scene where I am. I’m in Miami, Florida. Message me through email if you wish to contact me! ๐Ÿ™‚ I have pics of myself on diaperspace, username litle_diaper_kid. Hope to hear from someone, be they ABDLs or daddys.

  25. Hi I’m Andrew, I’m a teen baby. I’m from Jersey. I love wearing baby diapers such as pull-ups, pampers cruisers, etc. I’m looking for a daddy who can cuddle me,give me bottles, and of course diaper me :3.
    I love pacifiers and playpens.

  26. Hey guys! I dunno if I’ve done this yet but :3…hi, i’m Bran ^-^ also known as Akari….i AM a female IRL, but I play as a baby boy~ Currently living in Florida but looking forward to a VERY big move soon!!! look out England :D…

  27. Um, hi everyone.

    My name is Caitlin. I’m very nervous about posting here, but I want to reach out to others who share the same interests.

    I’d really like to have a daddy to love me at some point in my life, but for now, I think it would be best if I simply made it through college and started my life. If a daddy comes sooner though, that would be great!

    I’m not much for IMing, but I’ll happily return emails to anyone who’d like to talk.

  28. Hi! I’m 21 years old, but I can act much younger if I’m diapered by a daddy! ๐Ÿ˜‰ I’m from Minnesota and I’m more than willing to talk with a daddy or just another baby boy. If you want to talk, just e-mail me and I’ll give you my IM handles. ๐Ÿ™‚

  29. hi there. as always i love your blog. i try to read it often. this last one i read about public diaper changes is an interesting one. i agree with you on when and how to do so. i too am an AB and DL. and yes i wish to have that “parentt” figure. i dont do the whole diaper wearing and such 24/7/365 i cant and couldnt. i like to and want to have a regualr realtionship too. dont get me wrong i love to and like to very much so be dessed and treated like a baby toddler or little as much as the next person. jsut dont and cant let it be the ONLY thing in life i do. i want love and companionhsip. roamnce. cuddle and snuggel time. and of course to do “adult” things. my email if you wish tio post is

  30. i looking for ab boy im going to be daddy
    i have few experience in ab stuff
    im 37 yr old i fun lovi caring understanding peron
    i want to treat ab like a real
    i from newark uk

  31. my name danny 23 i like being 2yo babyboy i been looking for daddy or big brother now for long time but cant find non ๐Ÿ™

  32. 24 year old here in St. Louis. would like to make some friends, would be interisted in exploring the possability of a little brother, big brother, and or daddy also. Email me if you would like to chat, but if it seems like we don’t have much in common I probably won’t keep you in my ffreinds list to long.

  33. Ive been getting up the nerve to do this for awhile now, but here it goes

    My name is Sam, im 14 (more like 2) and this website has pretty much changed me. before i read this site, i considered myself closer to being 5 or 6 mentally, but after, i realized how much better being younger would be. I dont really know anyone else like me in real life, and i feel sort of alone, friends and family are great, but i feel isolated, and not accepted. <that has to be the longest thing i have typed in awhile

  34. About time I did my intro. Im brandyn, 25 in Nebraska. Before finding this site I felt quite alone in wanting to be like my inner young, babyish self. Im looking for friends to share the same babyish love and hang out with and maybe even have a short-term daddy (like on weekends). I am happily married to a wife that I thank God for, cause she accepts who I am.

  35. Hi, Im Johnnie! Im 14 but when diapered im more like 2! Im looking for a bigbro/daddy relationship and Im kinda new to the site. Im a TB/AB baby boy, and live in Michigan. email me if interested!


  36. hi im baby zacharias,im a teenage babyboy 17years old. who loves to be cuddled and hugged by a special male love to meet the majority of you babyboys and daddys:)baby brandyn sounds like a nice person to meet,you sre more than welcome to text me,,for, seven,won,ate.please text a really good baby:) who loves cute babyboys:)remember im still just an infant teen baby,so when you contact me,babytalk me:)i love being babytalked:)

  37. Hi I am Donnie and i am in So. Cal. I am 36 but more like a 5 year old that is accident prone. I Love Teddy Bears and all things Disney. I am a Huge fan of going to see Live Theater Musical type shows. I also like to go to Amusement Parks. I’d like to find a Daddy or some diaper brothers to have fun with.

  38. Hey everybody, my name is Michael or Mikey. I’m a 19 year old college student in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I’d love to meet any other babies and especially a daddy to take care of me ๐Ÿ™‚ So please don’t be shy, I love meeting new people!

  39. Someone should make a site like this for females. ^^ Have fun all you boys, it was nice to stop by and meet some nice people. Yes I’m a girl< And probably the only one to have stopped by this website hehe.

  40. Hi. I’m Myley from Ireland. I’m looking for a daddy or big baby brother in Ireland or UK to treat me like a baby or sissy in nappies (diapers) & baby clothes. I already use baby beakers & a pushchair.

  41. hello all. I am Kevin and at night when I get to be a baby/toddler my name is Jeffy. I am 28 going on 6 and would like to find a daddy in the Gladstone oregon area, outside portland. Please email me if you are a daddy who would like to meet sometime. thanks much

  42. Hey! Im alexander and im 15. I would love to chat with some people around my age. I like being babied and punished. I also like being a sissy boy so email me at if you want to chat. I prefer to keep it under 18 but as long as you arent a creep i’ll go up to 25. Email me for anything else.

    -Alex ๐Ÿ™‚

  43. Hi!! My name is Stevie. I live in northern Virginia ten miles southwest of Washington, DC. Love corresponding with other adult babies and/or diaper lovers. Please do not let my age scare you off. Lol, Stevie

  44. Hello, Im a man in my mid forties, Look good and in shape. Like to be a misbehaven 14 year old diaper lover. I like to travel, enjoy being outdoors and indoors,like sports styled clothing. Into cloth diapers at the moment.Would consider be a diaper lover for the right daddy. Need to be disciplined and kept in a diaper. Looking forward meeting my daddy in the philadelphia region

  45. hey i have been looking for a daddy in sc now for a little and was woundering if there was one for me…im a little pick so her we go…never done the ab but would love to find that side i am defently not a sissy but would love to stay diapered 24/7

  46. Um… Hi, im david guba, im a 19 year old sissyboy who is trying to find a mommy or daddy, and im having troubles finding one… is there anyone out there willing to help me out?

  47. hi im babyzac,im a shy 11 month old baby 16 years old and live in Georgia,im looking for a daddy,big brother,teen or adult babies to be friends can text babyzac at for seben ate-five zero ate-for seben won ate:)

  48. Hello there!

    I’m an ABDL from South Australia, and a 20 y/o baby boy. (More like 2 though!)
    Mostly looking for a carer (gender doesn’t matter) or ABDLs to chat with online and maybe play with.
    I’m rather new to RL things though, I might be interested but don’t expect me to open up to those things quickly.

    I’ll list out IM handles if asked.
    My email is

  49. Hello all! I’m happy to have had a few pics show up on this site so far, thought I may as well introduce myself. I’m a 19 year old lion furry who enjoys being taken care of and treated like a cub, hopefully one day by a wonderful daddy. I still enjoy having intellectual and adult conversations, but there’s nothing better than wearing thick (wet) padding, suckling happily on my paci and letting a sweet guy pamper and change me.

    I live in Southern California and would love to chat with daddies and diaper wearers nearby! Also happy to chat about anything else from science, to plushies to politics. ๐Ÿ˜›

  50. Hi everyone, I am a 21 college student, but I prefer being a 2 yr old baby. I live in Las Vegas for pretty much my whole life. I can say i am reserved still with embracing the baby in me, but I do want to with the right kind of daddy who is very loving and supportive and really nurturing. Beside the obvious of the magic of diapers, I really want to get into the whole baby role. I’ve met some fellow AB’s some nice, some creepy, but I hope to have for the most part good experiences. email me if you are an Daddy/mommy in Vegas, or if you want to chat and be friends. ๐Ÿ™‚ email, or tweet me @abjon

  51. Hi guys! I’m new to this, and shy about this too, so here goes… I’m a 43 yo AB who could also be a daddy. Would love to find others near me who could be an AB, daddy , or both of us be AB’s together! You can reach me at Would love to chat, and hope to hear from you soon!

  52. Also forgot, you can reach me at seven-ate-five,two-three-two-three-one-four-two. In Topeka, Kansas, and would love to hear from anyone in the area, teen Ab’s, 20s, 30s. Just make contact, and lets chat!

  53. I’m a young woman looking to explore the ABDL lifestyle. I identify as a switch, but I’d love to be a mommy/big sis to a little boy some day. I know this website seems to mostly attracts boys looking for daddies, but I’ve noticed a few that wouldn’t mind having either a mama or a daddy. So, if any guys would like to talk, feel free to email me. We can be friends. (: I’d be happy if any daddies contacted me as well.

    I promise that I will always respond.

  54. hi im new to this im mark from England and im 25. I think im a lb though. Never had a good dad so dont know. Looking for a lil bro, big bro or cool masculine daddy i guess????

  55. I am an 18 year old, very new to the ABDL lifestyle. I’m a college student in northwestern Oregon. Looking for a Daddy or a baby brother to play with. Leave a comment if interested.

  56. hi im babyzac im wooking fow big bwoyer ow a daddy.text me at for seben ate,five zewo ate,for seben won ate:) text babyzac,i is a shy babyboy:)

  57. I am a baby trapped in a bear man’s body, hoping to find that special daddy to help me be me day in and day out!! I know my daddy is out there somewhere! Don’t be afraid to message me!

    Big Huggies!!


  58. I am happy to have been introduced to this site. It is invaluable. I am an older daddy (have birth children and grandchildren), who also has two young men in my immediate family who are still bedwetters and thumb suckers, and have desired the love and care of a daddy all their lives. We lead pretty normal lives — work, go to church, enjoy sports like bowling etc, enjoy doing things together as well as with our individuals friends — but these young men are daddy’s boys, and crave and receive diapering and all the things you describe here. Would love to keep learning from this site, and be in friendship with other daddy’s and adult boys. Thanks for all you do. May add pic and more at a later time.

  59. May I ask that if you post your email, be sure it works, I’ve tried contacting people, but the emails won’t work
    Please and thank you, seth & sammy

  60. i am a ab in melbourne australia looking to meet a daddy to help me with my babyhood. i have meet some people into diapers but for them it was a sexual need not a part of their person

  61. Hello there!

    Iโ€™m an ABDL from South Australia, and a 20 y/o baby boy. (More like 2 though!)
    Mostly looking for a carer (gender doesnโ€™t matter) or ABDL friends to chat with online and maybe play with.
    Iโ€™m rather new to RL things though, I might be interested but donโ€™t expect me to open up to those things quickly.

    Iโ€™ll list out IM handles if asked.
    My email address is

  62. hi, im baby stevie from western ny. im 22 in real life but a 2 year old little. im looking for a mommy, daddy and older brother to chat with and play with. i like lots of things, diapers, binkies, sippy cups, babas, blankies, and more. you can email me at

  63. Hello,

    My names Travis, i’m a 21 year old AB from southeast Michigan. I’ve yet to actually have a daddy, mommy, brother to be with but i’m absolutely sure i want one. The few people i’ve played with all take it too much as a fetish, which is fun for a little bit but what i really want is the regression, the safety and calm of being a baby again. Truth be told i really had no childhood growing up, it was along the lines of “Well, you’re two now so time to be a man”. I’ve always felt like i’ve lost something that every boy should be entitled to and, well, i want it… Even if i may be a bit older >.>

  64. 24 year old here in St. Louis. would like to make some friends, would be interisted in exploring the possability of a little brother, big brother, and or daddy also. Email me if you would like to chat, but if it seems like we donโ€™t have much in common I probably wonโ€™t keep you in my ffreinds list to long

  65. Hi I’m Jay i’m 15 and looking for a brother and daddy, I am from MI email me if interested.I am more like 2 when in my diapers looking for someone to change me and spoil me .

  66. Hi Iโ€™m Jay iโ€™m 15 and looking for a brother and daddy, I am from MI email me if interested.I am more like 2 when in my diapers looking for someone to change me and spoil me .
    Text me: (313) 263-4350.

  67. I am a 20 year old 4’11 AB. I am looking for someone in my area of Luther,Ok to Baby me when I want it. I just want to be loved and cared for almost like a baby. I Love my binky and I always need it to help me fall asleep. Don’t be Afraid to message me. Bye bye for now

  68. Hi there!

    I’ve been lurking on this blog or a while i finally worked up the courage to say hey every one! I know that this blog focuses mainly on baby boys and daddies but i figure it couldn’t hurt to introduce myself anyway!

    I’m 20, i live in NYC and I’m definitely more of a DL than a AB. Not to mention I’m change pretty fluently between Mommy and Little Big Girl (about 10) personas. XD

    If anyone feels like talking please do! you can find me at though, i warn you i don’t use email much

  69. I’m a daddy in Sydney, Australia. I have several babies, but there is always room in my heart for more. Both “cyber-babies” and “real life” babies are welcome. I always care for little ones with gentleness and respect; I have no interest in shaming, punishment or any other form of abuse.

  70. hi i’m baby mikey looking for a daddy to change my diaper when i go pee pee. i’m gay but if not a daddy a female will do. i would be embarresed being undressed by a women. never been naked in front of a female but willing to try.

  71. I am looking for a dl baby who wants to be taken care of like a toddler their diaper changed, feeding them a bottle, giving them baths, putting them in baby clothes, nurturing and so on. If you are interested just email me I live in Blue Springs MO

  72. I’m Will.

    I’m 27 and a little kid starved for attention and eager to make Mommy or Daddy smile. I just like to be cuddled, coddled, and told everything is going to be okay. I dont get that alot and honestly I have love/hate feelings for this blog because the blogs are exactly what I want/need, but I feel like I’m never really going to get it.

  73. Daddy should change his little one’s diaper as soon as he knows it is wet. This should help control diaper rash.

    If Daddy wants to really control diaper rash then Daddy should let his little one go without a diaper. Fresh air is good for little one’s bottom. Stevie

  74. awwww,william,im so sorry:( maybe u would like to be a brother to me,i would love to treat u like the baby you deserve to be,just text me whenever you can buddy(478-508-4718)i would love to meet you baby william:)

  75. Hi,

    I’m Steve, a soon to be 40 year old guy from near Manchester, UK.

    Are there any young babies from near Manchester that are looking for a daddy to change them when they have an accident.

    Send me a message.

  76. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
    Skype=Gmail. i never use my Skype, so i decided to enter my Gmail. so yeah, no skype. sorry. ill try to get on more often, but ill have to retrieve my password lol.

  77. @Jameslouisiana

    I’m not in Texas yet, I’m going there for college soon. ๐Ÿ™‚ and I’ll probably be living on campus at College Station. ๐Ÿ™‚

  78. Hi, I’m Riley, 19. I’m a mommy from Northern Virginia, but very new to the whole AB thing. If there is anyone who would like to give me any tips or coach me in taking care of a babyboy, please feel free to email me.

    My email is

  79. I am just as much a baby as I can be…I enjoy my night time laying in my bed wearing my diaper and onsie drinking my bottle and when done, sucking my pacifier and dreaming what it would be like to have someone care for me as a baby…I have so many stories of my early years when I was a bedwetter and days of wetting my pants and being kept in diapers and being babied as a punishment…..but those days have become so much who I am now….a little boy in a grown mans body….I live in las Vegas, Nevada….if you need a friend or just want to chat and share stories, contact me @10:30 Daniel10601@yahoo. Com…..

  80. Hi Iโ€™m Sean and I want a daddy who will let me be his baby. I would really love have a daddy to take care of me and treat me like the baby i am. daddy who wants to keep me in diapers. always love to wear diapers 24/7 full time. never give up diapers or never quit diapers at all. diapers makes me feel safe and secure, diapers make me happy and dry. no more undies, no more potty.
    E-mail me

  81. Hi Oklahoma im looking for a baby, brother or a daddy please i need some company friends babyes brothers or some one to take care of my diapers please

  82. I am an adult baby who wishes to meet others and maybe find a daddy to care for me.
    I live in upstate NY and love to be in my thick diaper’s day and night.
    If you are in the Albany,NY area lets be friends and chat or if you are looking for a baby boy maybe we can meet.

  83. hey im 16 in athens, ga. if anyone wants to talk or chat email me please im looking to meet some friends who are in georgia im really friendly

  84. I’m 35 living in New York City – I’m a very loving baby – hoping to find a Daddy or big brother that will play with me, treat me like a baby, keep me safe, and tell me that everything’s gonna be okay.

  85. Hello Daddy,
    My name is marcelo I am 15 years old and I Live in Mexico with my parents, i’m an TB (Teen Baby) in secret from my parents and i have a friend (age 13) that is my “DADDY” or “BIG BROTHER” but i dont have anycloths but although the world is cruel with us the TB/AB/DL I like what i do and I will never stop doing this.

  86. Hihi everyone, I’m Chris. I live in Pennsylvania and would love to find a daddy someday of my very own.

    I’m 27 and am pretty easy going with a friendly happy go lucky attitude. I hope everyone has a good day, bye bye,

  87. @ JamesLouisiana

    I live in East Texas, about an hour from lousiana. Just saying, reply to this if you want. ๐Ÿ˜›


  88. Hello My name is D.J., I’d love it if DADDY would take care of me. Chang my diapers and feed me and every thing else.

  89. Hi, 18 year old daddy looking for online chat/rp . please feel free to email me at . specifically interested in regression and maybe a real life long distance relationship. hit me up. btw, please, no older than 21, otherwise we’re just going too far up

  90. Im 16Looking For A Daddy Or Brother To Hang With, I Love My Diapers Only If I had Someone To Change In Feed Me . From MI anyone contact me 16-18

  91. hi im babyzac a 16 year old babyboy,looking for a friend to play with or an older brother to take care of me contact babyzac at (478-508-4718)dont be shy,im a really nice babyboy!c:

  92. I wish that i had an internet daddy to change me feed me and love me and every think els i love being an adult baby and just have fun with me and read me storys it would be fab Or an internet daddy to adopt me I would be like there real child

  93. Hey, another baby boy here. I’m in Brisbane, Australia.

    Just looking for a daddy who’ll look after me well, treat me right and just let me be, and express myself!

    Email or MSN me at

    Or just Skype me at pure.ochre

  94. hey, im baby stevie, 22 from western ny. would love to have a daddy, brother, mommy and or sister to play with. love diapers, diaper changes, feeding, pacis, onesies, baby talk and more. feel free to email me at

    willing to chat with anyone.

  95. Good Evening Everyone… This Be Raven… well thats my Furry name… RL name is Tyler… Hehe… How is everyone..?……….

    Well anyways to start off…..I am a 20 year old LB/TF.. in other words a Little Boy and Toddler Fur… I do wear Padding or in better terms Diapers or Nappys… I like to wet them mostly.. since Messing causes Internal problems sadly….. Hmm Well if U have any other questions just email me…. Im not very good with these intro things hehe.. Im better one on one.. hehe

  96. Hey all!

    Im Mikey and I live in eastern PA. I’m a long time AB and just found ABDLdaddy. I’m the kind of baby who wants the love of daddy, since daddys offer so much more in terms of loving comfort. I love the blogs and have found tons of inspiration from reading them to better myself as a toddler.

    Stop by diaper space sometime and check out my profile or I’ll see you in the abdldaddy chat room.

  97. Hey I’m tommy. I’ve been a lurker for a while and finally got around to doing this. Anyway, I’m looking for an daddy (online or in person) near philly PA. Also I’d really like to see some additions to the adoption center

  98. hey all, long time no se, just thought Id update my email ause my old one got hacked, and also wanna say, if there are any tbs near coloumbus on may 4, theres ginna be a teens only party at cosi if you wanna meet me. Email me if you do! Thankies!

  99. Hi, I’m Tommy. I’m 16 and I’m looking for a daddy or big brother, I live in eastern PA. I Love to play guitar and I am a big baseball fan. Email me to say hi (please include your name and that you are from ABDL Daddy)

  100. hi my name is owen im fromthe uk age 17 im looking for a freind of sorts who can help me explore this unexpeted side to me

  101. Hello everyone, i’m John and i’m from Texas. I’m looking for someone to be my little brother, i’ve always wanted a brother. I can be just about anywhere in the south, as i have family from Dallas to Georgia. Y’all play nice now.

  102. Hi everyone, I’m Arthur and it’s nice to meet you all! I’m a lot of things in the abdl community, I’m an abdl, daddy to some, big bro to some, as well as sissy, lil bro, and son. If you are wondering what the heck Onyx Orion means that is my furry name as I am a babyfur as well. I’m into a lot things not baby related including metal(music), sports, card games, cooking, TV, etc.

    If you want contact me via messenger
    Yahoo: areyes6789
    Windows Live:
    AIM: artrey619

  103. Hi. Im Tyler. I am a diaper lover. A bit of a teen baby too. I still fit in pampers cruisers and wear goodnites too. If anyone would like to talk, here is my email. I love the diaper world, but theres also a lot of cool stuff about me besides this fetish ๐Ÿ˜› Here is my email:

  104. Hi guys, I live in Seattle and have discovered the joys of being a Daddy. I’m really new at it, but I have diapered a few baby boys. One in particular is becoming very special to me. Say HI if you are in Seattle and want to chat.

  105. hi im 17 year old diaper lover looking for a daady/mommy to take care of me in diapers 24/7!!! i would move anywhere to be in diapers 24/7!!! if you want to adopt me reach me at!!!

    Thanks so much!! (ps i live in california)

  106. Hi pj here. Love this site. Easy going happy go lucky,guy here. Hope to one day find a daddy person. Dont do 24/7/365 but like to be adultbaby.

  107. Hey everyone I’m Baby Pablo. My Daddy is latino and gave me a latino name. He lives far away and we have never met. I’m a returning abdl from years ago in high school.

    Having some trouble with diapers right now. I bought a sample pack of medium Abena X-plus a few days ago but can’t figure out how they are supposed to go on. They feel too tight around the waist/tapes, but a little baggy in the groin. Can Daddy or anyone else help me?

    Baby Pablo

  108. Hi I’m jake or jakey I’m a sub uke slave bottom and I have a hug pacifier fetish…….. C: we’ll anyways hi and hello dare…

  109. i am just a 34 yeqar old ab in search of an understanding daddy type. not into 24/7/365 just whenever daddy chooses. just like the holdinjg diapering bathing dressing feeding and things. not too much else less daddy chooses. also like to be my chrono age self and do things like two friends roomies and such.

  110. Daddy here in Delaware looking for someone to take care of. Chnage there wet and messy diapers. Feed them bottles and letting them play in the playpen with there baby toys. Would need some help with the expenses’s of buying diapers, baby wipes, baby oil or baby lotion to keep baby in there diapers.

  111. Daddy in Edmonton, Alberta seeking a special little man to play with. Enjoy the role play and the fun two consenting males can have

  112. Young boy in Oklahoma City looking for a Daddy. Would love to meet someone, seems like I’ve been looking forever for someone!

  113. Hello all!

    I’m a 25 year old Daddy looking for an AB to keep in diapers and take on public outings. Age, sex, whatever don’t really matter to me.

    Mostly I’m looking to get some experience, change some wet diapers, and provide some TLC.

  114. Hi,

    My name is Chris (or Christopher when I’m in trouble hehe) 19 looking for a daddy to RP with. I guess I’m still technically a teen baby. I fit in pampers cruisers and goodnights still. Very shy and playful. Want more than just a Daddy I want a friend someone I can just chat with as well. Interests outside of being a TB: music, writing music, skateboarding, surfing, drawing, guitar, tattoos and gauges. Feel free to email me @

    Little boy Blue ^__^

  115. Hi,

    My name is Tylar (or my supposide baby name that is) and… um… I’m a TB girl that likes to be treated as a Little/baby boy. I’m looking for a daddy who likes to put me in diapers, treats me like a normal baby boy, and doesnt treat me like a girly girl and lives in Maryland, cause that’s where i’m prowd to be…

  116. Hi everyone ๐Ÿ˜€

    M’names Jake…wellll some people call me Jakey. I really really am lookin’ for an online Daddy (or a Mommy).

    What kinda makes me different is I’m not ‘zacly a baby….I dunno ‘zacly how old I am when I rp but It’s somewhere like in between 5 and 7 years old (not in real life, I promise, I’m 20 there!!)

    That don’t mean I can’t do a lot of baby things…I kinda wanna Daddy who’s gonna baby me a little, and let me keep my baby things, but not make me BE a baby and let me be a big boy (like big like 5-7). and someone that can be understanding of accidents and maybe still needing diapers at night and sometimes in the day when Daddy wants me to like if I’m havin too many accidents ๐Ÿ˜›

    I wanna RP a lot and have fun but i also wanna have somebody that can hug me and make me feel better when I’m scared, or upset, or sad….that can be strict when he needs to like with bedtime and stuff, but also understanding that i’m really sensitive….that can punish me when I’m bad but reward me when I’m good…and that doesnt mind a boy with tons of energy who wants to talk about Pokemon and The Last Airbender all the time!!!!!!!!!!

    I always feel kinda like I dunno…like a kid for real. I still have so many kid things, and like kid things, and have kid feelings a lot of the time, and I really just wanna online Daddy or Mommy who can help take care of me and really love me. I know I’m a little kid but not a BABY, but i do need diapers sometimes (just online in rp :P) and still have a pacifier at night and still have a ton of baby stuff and still can be treated like a baby sometimes. I’m kinda immature.

    I’m also kinda lookin for friends, SO if ya also feel like me and youre an AB but more like 5-7 years old than 1-3 years old then IM me (or email)

    My YIM’s jakerz150, and also thats my yahoo mail account soooo yeah ๐Ÿ˜€

    See ya bye! ๐Ÿ˜€

  117. hey all my name is mark I’m from jersey love meeting new people i’m very out going and loyal i speak my mind. my ab age is between 18 mo to 3 yrs i also am a kid at heart of love cartoons and icollect anime and actions figures i have alot em i also love music,art,wrting,vide games,t.v my binkies,sippy cups and bottles and a fresh diaper when needed. my adlt side i am a pubished poet and i draw i have aartist page on facebook well message me at if not i’ll see ya in the nursery byeeeeeee

  118. Hi, I’m Daddy Kevin. I have been a part of the ABDL community for about 12 years. I wee indroduced to the world of adult diapers by him. Thru this is when i earned the title of Daddy. Even after our break up a few years back, I found I still love diapers and found that there was so many guy that needed a Daddy to be apart of their lives.
    Back on June 10th I meet a youngman through another site. I looked through his photos and I see a smile and a look in if eyes that all I could think of was a lil boy. I read his profile, and sent him a message. Saying hello baby boy. Then the wait. That day I got a reply. We have not stopped talking. We found that we are a match. He has been this lost little boy with no body that understood the lil boy in him. He came across a lot of guys that wanted to be his Daddy but like so many they wanted a sexual relationship with him. And that’s just not who he is. I understand both sides of the coin. I have been and to some point still am. But he is different. I find my self just to want him as my son, my baby anthony. He as become so much more to me.
    On Friday the 15th before fathers day, I was looking through the cards, looking for a card for my own father. As always the cards just never seem to fit. I did not have a good relationship with my father growing up. And then as I’m reading the cards I was thinking of baby anthony. The talks we have had and the real emotions that we both felt. And I was brought to tears, no not overly crying but a little tear fame to my eyes. I have found my son. My baby boy. Through out the whole weekend our time together was the best time in my life. On Sunday. With out words. On Father’s Day June 17th, 20012. Baby anthony and Daddy Kevin became Daddy and son.

  119. Hi, im from the uk, (kettering).. want someone to look after me ๐Ÿ˜› email if you are interested ๐Ÿ˜€

  120. Hello, I am a 35 year old Daddy who lives in Norfolk, Va I have 2 baby boys Benjamin and David if anyone needs advice on daddy or baby living or has a question on anything AB related drop me a email.

  121. hello to all the daddys. yes i am looking for you. i am hoping to find the daddy of my dreams. one that would like his boy to be in diapers 24/7 and never use a potty again. yes i am an adult baby and yes i want you daddy. i am willing to move mountains to find you daddy i know you are out there. my email is please email me and we can get to know each other

  122. hello to all the daddys out there.i am sam i am a 35 y/o baby boy. i am looking for the daddy of my dreams. one that wants his baby in diapers fulltime and one that never wants his boy to use a potty ever again. i know you are you there daddy and i am willing to move mountains to find you. my email is please daddy i need you/

  123. Hi! I have been on a journey since coming here in April of this year. I came loving a special place that I found with two great AB guys, as providing that safety and caring and encouraging figure for their baby selves. I felt that surely that was the role for me, being a presence and a force as i became the adult man that i had to become. I have opened myself up. I have not even really “made a decision” because it’s not about “deciding” it’s about allowing what I feel to come alive. it’s been in bits and pieces and colors and smells and sounds and the universe has brought me to this night. this night where I have allowed me to be happy. I am a little guy AB. I dpn’t know how far down I will go. But I know I am happy and proud of myself and you know, it all started with the great resource here. Think of me as I go through whatever happens next. Hope for me to be happy. I am so happy tonight.

  124. Hello everyone my name is James I live Norfolk, Va with my 2 baby boys Benjamin and David I am a daddy 24/7 I work from home so I can can take care of my boys if anyone has any question about talking care of babies, questions, or any daddies want to talk drop me a line at cya later.

  125. Hello im Teddy im 26 years old and im from holland but at the moment living in melbourne australia. Im an adult baby and would love to have a daddy for a weekend.

  126. Hey everyone! Im new here (just got shown it by a friend of mine). This blog looks great and I look forward to keeping up with it. My little name is Avery, and Avery is generally 4 years old; though still in diapers. My real (or big) name is Julian and Im from the bay area north of San Francisco. I am 20 years old and have been into the scene for about a year and a half.

    My email is
    If you contact me make sure you let me know your from here.

  127. Hi my name is Jessica and I am 4 years old and looking for a kent Daddy how as a car and a own home and i will be good for you and i like westlife ok and you can cell me n [01622]727688 ok and ask for Karan ok

  128. Hey everyone, I’m Mattie. I’m a 18 year old girl that likes to be treated like a baby boy. I’m searching for a daddy that would accept me as his baby ‘boy’ in a sence of speaking. I live in Phoenix, Maryland, and if anyone who is willing to talk to me, @

  129. Looking for a daddy to care of me!! I am a good little baby boy who need to be coddled and loved. I am located in Carlisle, Pa. Here is my Skype user I’d pschwartz69 and my email… I have been looking for a Daddy or a Mommy for a long time and I have started to think that I am all alone ans wanting a Daddy or a big brother to take care of me… A big sister would be ok too! Does anyone know of any abdl’s in the Carlisle, Pa area ? I will await your reply’s. Baby Paul

  130. Hey everyone! I’m Danny and a TB (Im 16) but I still don’t know what to call it because I think I’m more like a little boy. I act very little but are don’t want to wear diapers… at least I dont think so. I want an online daddy or older brother to take care of me, cuddle with me and comfort me when I’m sad, scared or vulnerable. Of course it will all be online role play so location wouldn’t matter.

    Contact me please at


  131. Looking for a dady or momy to take care of me im 17 and i live in kent i Need somebody to baby me x please e-mail me for a chat if you are a dady momy baby anyone ๐Ÿ™‚

  132. Hi I’m Wil.
    I guess I qualify as an “adult kid” ranging in age from 3-12. I’m really looking for folks to chat with and maybe do some online RP, this is all new to me so take it easy if you would.

  133. Hi My name is Harley, I am 19 years old (Although I feel more like i’m four or five) I am looking for a daddy that can be tender and affectionate to me, can change me, play with me, and all in all make me feel like the little boy that I am.
    I live in Missouri.
    you can skype me at: harleythetiger
    or email me @

    I promise i will be the best little man you ever knew if you give me the chance :3

  134. *facepalm* two mistakes. If the moderator could please delet my last two posts it would be appreciated.

    Hihi my name is Darius Iโ€™m just another baby-boy looking for a daddy, or a mommy or even another baby to play wiff. Iโ€™m 23 Af. American 5โ€™4? tall, about 125 lbs and constantly being mistaken for a 15 year old. I love baby stuff, Iโ€™m usually diapered all the time and have a collection of cloth diapers to supplement the disposables that I usually wear.

    Iโ€™m also what is called โ€œfurryโ€ or in my case a โ€œbabyfurโ€ and despite the media dramatizations of furries we are not all a bunch of sex-crazed lunatics. Iโ€™m a bit of an like to draw and color cute things seen here-

  135. I’m a dad to several nappy wearing boys in the UK. I am always interested in looking after others. I’m on dl-boys forum under ‘nappeeuk’
    Hugz xx

  136. I’m Jay B know as Jay and from MI, I want a daddy or a brother to play with and to hang with and change and play in diapers, if this sound like fun email me at jalwayswithasmile at g m a i l . c o m

  137. Hi, my names david, im looking for a loving caring mommy or daddy to take care of me and keep me in diapers 24/7 IRL, im 20 years old and very well behaved, if anyone is interested and would like to know something about me please email me at be sure to elt me know you found me here or i might not respond, i look forward to hearing from someone soon.

  138. Hi I’m Stevie, I’m 23 but identify more as a toddler – 2 year old. I live in Rochester NY and I’m looking for a Mommy and or Daddy. I’m a good little boy, nothing makes me happier than hearing Mommy or Daddy say “good boy”. I like diaper, diaper changes, pacis, onesies, high chairs, baby talk. I really need someone to nurture my baby side and make me into the baby I know I am deep down. Also willing to chat with anyone.

    My email is

  139. Hi to everyone.I am a 47 year old Diaper Lover and have been since I was 13.Looking to meet same in the central Fl.area.Great site you have here

  140. Hi, I am a 35 yr old Daddy in the Boston area and I think I am looking for a son. I have never played with a boy into diapers and I really want to change a boy and get into some d/s roleplay while we are playing. I am very, very new to this and would love to talk to other daddy’s, esp boys. If you are in the Boston area that is a PLUS!!!

  141. Hello there. :3 I’m a 16 year old TB from Scotland. I’m always up for making new friends and would be interested in an online Daddy or brother of some sort, preferably not TOO far from my own age, for some online chat and such. (If you’re another ABDL who just wants to chat feel free to say hello anyway)
    My interests include reading, writing, playing video games, surfing the web and such.
    Yeah, that’s about it. If you want to know anything more then just ask. (=
    My email address is:

  142. Hi I’m Paul aka Baby Inky. I’m also a daddy to ab/tb boys who desire to be tenderly and lovingly taken care of similar to the stories told in this blog.

  143. Hey, I dont know were i fit in this fetish or lifestyle but i am just checking it all out. In my wet diaper. I don;t know what i am looking for or if anything at all. But I would like to hear other peoples input. You can email me at I would love to talk to anyone..

  144. hello. my name is chris im 19 i’ve been an AD/dl since i can remember i always wanted back in diapers. i’m from waterford michigan. just wanted to introduce myself to every one. i love to play and suck my pacifier. i’ve been looking for a daddy for years and never found anyone who wanted more than a sex. maybe i’ll have better luck here.

  145. hey am an asian ab heading to NYC early Oct for holiday. I wish i can meet a daddy there . I am 27 years old….send me a mail if any daddy wanna meet up or chat

  146. Greeting Daddies!

    me is baby bear. me 18 this years, Australian, AB.

    me looking for a daddy to fufill me dreams because when me small around 5 years old, me both parents passed away and me went to orphanage. the family adopted me want me to be potty-trained and me dunno what is potty-train and me dont care. and me was sent back to orphanage till now, 18 years old.

    me wish to have a daddy to give me the love, concern, cuddle, security and safe for his lil son (me)!

    me is always welcome to chat and can email me @

    Thank You! Stay wet always! 24/7 diapered

  147. Thanks for taking the time to look at my profile. Odds are if your looking here you are an adult baby or baby fur that is looking
    for a daddy or a family. My wife and are a mommy/daddy team that are still looking to adopt
    our lost family.


    We parent our little ones like we would like any real children. We like to live our lives like the old saying PLUR Peace Love Unity and Respect.

    The adoption, is like any Real adoption, once you have been adopted, the adoption in our eyes are forever. Each person whom we adopt will become part of our IRL (In Real Life)and extended family.

    If you would like to know more about our family, Our private website does have more information about us and the adoption process please see the website above.

    Feel free to contact me on the above email or on my yahoo messenger under daddystitchpa I have most of the others, if you want one just ask.

  148. I’m just getting out of the baby closet. Some of my friends call me boy and now I can see why. My bedroom is full of teddy bears and dolls, many times I like to giggle and laugh at silly stuff and I like to buy cute cloth from Sesame Street, Dora and Hello Kitty. Recently I started using diapers and pacifier when in my home and I love it. Hope I can find some day a family that see me as the little boy I am.

  149. Hi,I’m looking to meet a nice baby boy in nyc. I’m 55, love to wear diapers, but really like being a daddy to a good boy…i’m gwm, looking for the same…lets talk

  150. Hi I am cheyenne I am 18,I am from Kansas and love teddy bears or other stuffed toys and suck my thumb a lot and I am looking for a daddy or brothers. I like atterntion and have lots’s of energy. I am more of a 2-5 year old but mostly 2.

  151. Hi !

    My name is DaddyTim. I’m a 47 year old daddy that lives in BC (British Columbia) , Canada.
    I’m 6’3″ , 190 lbs , dark brown hair , brown eyes , 33″ waist , white .

    I’m looking for an adult baby boy that is shorter then 5’6″ , weighs no more then 130 lbs and no older then 26 . This is really just a “guideline” for the perfect baby boy I’d like to have to keep and love forever. But I do have to say (nothing personal) but I’m not interseted in a adult baby that is my age nor over weight.

    So if you are interested in having a daddy to take care of you and love you , then drop me an e-mail.

  152. Hewwo I am an ab boy fwom Mississippi. I’m 6’3 180 pounds I’m sweet I don’t get into awot of mischief. I have been wearing ,24/7 ,and pacied ,any chance I get, since late may of this year. I would like to meet a daddi near me

  153. Hi. I’m Jake. I’m 39 yrs old, going on 9 yrs old. I’m from Seattle, Washington. Although I’m just as mature as any adult can be, I still wet my pants as though I’m a newborn infant.

  154. Howdy I’m a 26yo going on 2 or so, I have tried finding a mommy/daddy to care for this little baby boy in or around TN.
    You can check my profile to learn more about me.

  155. Thank you for being there for all of us…. all of you. AB’s go through a lot to stand up for what they believe in…. I love this site, it is so poetic and well written… ONLY ABDLDADDY.COM UNDERSTANDS US TRUE ADULT BABIES….. (And our dada’s of course…

  156. Im a somewhat shy 20 year old boy who enjoys wearing and using diapers when i can, and i enjoy dressing up in pink girly outfits while being diapered up. My goal is to find the perfect mommy or daddy for me eventually, someone who really understands me and wants me as i am.

    I’ve been looking for a while but so far everyone ive thought to be the one has proven otherwise, so im going to keep looking until i find the right mommy or daddy for me.

    If anyone has any questions please feel free to ask me, im not very good a talking abotu myself unless im asked directly…

    i guess i can list a bit of stuff about me though…

    I like to play MTG and warhammer 40k.
    I like wearing my frilly romper to bed when i can, or my special PVC diaper/spreader outfit. (havnt worn either one since i moved to MI though)
    I like playing all kinds of tabletop and board games with friends, as well as going out to museums, parks, movies, etc.
    I like to bake cakes and cupcakes, and other pastries.
    Im very disorganized, even when i try to be organized, and i have toruble spending money, which reinforces my need for a mommy or daddy so they can stop me from wasting my money.
    I like the thoguht of being stuck in diapers forever, as well as being forced to use them (by force i mean just being locked out of a bathroom, or in a diaper until i cant hold it anymore, no enemas or suppositories, or laxatives, or anything liek that unless im being punished)
    Im nonsexual, period. Ive tried sexual things and its been unenjoyable for me, and ask everyone respect my choice to be nonsexual.
    Im terrified of chastity belts and related things.

    Um… please feel free to ask anything you want now!

  157. I am a 25 year old adult baby who wants to wear diapers and be bottle fed and baby food 24/7 I want a daddy to adopt me!

  158. Hi i live in MI new to the blog i would love to be adopted by a MOMMY/DADDY with a bdsm component need strict discpline and protocols very submissive and willing to please!i love to be forced into diapers 24/7 treated as a toddler/ diaper pet leash, collar,cage very fetish oriented and obedient e me thanks bye bye for now!

  159. I to love wearing thick nappies & plastic pants because I wet myself fairly often also I love the secure feeling of doubling of nappies & plastic pants the only thing is U can see the shape of my nappies & plastic pants

  160. I for got to say my nappies & plastic pants show through my trousers I would like to be kept against my will as a baby girl wearing pretty pink frock with frilly pink knickers & frilly bonnet & dumy

  161. Hello i’m a 18 year old female (5 year old ab girl looking for a daddy) i love being played with tickled hugs toys and being treated like a baby i want a dady to adopt me Pwease xox

  162. Hi I am 29 years old adult years and 2 year old baby years not many people know about my ab life i chose a name for my self baby John. I been wearing nappies since I was 13 years old but kept it a secret from my parents until I was 27 years old. At the moment I only do this at night because my sisters don’t know about this I like to play with toy cars and watch cartoons my favourate cartoons are poke’mon and jake and the neverland pirates and also I love to watch all the land before time tv programes and films I own them all. I am a non sexual person and don’t think about sex. Now I want to go all the way with being Abdl. I think that Abdl daddy are the only website that really understands how we adult baby’s feel inside. I want a daddy to look after me all the time I want to be bottle fed nursed to sleep and cuddled and someone to play with me all the time.

  163. Don’t let the name fool you. I do enjoy being a baby. But I have also found a fatherly side of me. I think taking care of a baby boy or girl would be a very unique experience.

    Keep in mind, I’m only 16, and can only role play. Can’t really do anyone older than 18 …… 21? I’m not sure. But I would like to give it a try one day. I’m on the site sometimes with the same name, PM me if you wanna.

    Thank You. ๐Ÿ™‚

  164. im a 19 yr old male wanting to hang or just talk online. I live about 20 miles away from jacksonville, IL… i have a car so i can trael there if need be.

  165. Hi it baby John from uk again. I got another lecture again today from my mum about dummies and nappies anyone I need your help please my problem is my mum caught me with a dummy then thew it away so I bought another one she knows about my nappys that I wear them at night in my bedroom but tonight she said no more dummies please I told her I want to keep my dummy I have had them since I was 13 years old along with my nappies anyway she said I caught you in bed with one on again the other day then she said I need you to stop wearing at in bed do what you need to from 10 pm til 2 am I stop up late at night all the time. Then take it off and put the dummy away please I had to agree but I really love to wear them at night with my dummy and my friend Toby my teddy it makes me feel whole I said I would wear jogging bottoms she said yes fine but no nappy I really want to wear my nappy as well though what do I do she said what if you special needs sister caught you doing that then she threatened me with my 1 year old nethew what if he came in to your bedroom in 1 years time saw you like that and he would want to know what you are doing in a nappy. What do I do please help me I am 29 years old I live with my parents I can’t get out because I cannot live on my own independently. I asked her to give me some privacy like please knock on my door before comeing in she Said all I do is open the door and say get up now and put the light on. I have a dog who sleeps in his bed next to me at night once the dog has got up the door has got to be left open Its a stupid sliding Woden door I was thinking of getting a new proper Woden door with a lock on the inside of the door. She also said if the house burns down you will look stupid because you can’t take it off everyone will see you in it. The thoughts in my head to it was fine I don’t care who sees me in a nappy it’s my choice if I want to wear one I love to wear them if it was up to me I would go on to this all time. Can anyone help me should I wet the bed just to sleep in them please help me thanks John

  166. Im an ab/dl 24/7 im in phila pa. im a baby i use daipers 24/7 wet and poop them i love bare bottom spankings and love to get pooked up my bottom and love to suck! cry and bee a baby changed wen ever and were ever mommy/daddy wants to chang me at im a sissy love plastic panties and dresses and onsiese!im in need of a mommy and a daddy and i can relocate>

  167. I’m lil trey, i’m a 26, almost 27 abdl boy. My little is between 2-7. I like to be spontaneous, but I’m not always rambunctious. I like wearing diapers, coloring, playing games, watching movies and TV, bottles, sippy cups, and of course attention. I don’t usually talk much, either as an adult or as a baby. If you want to know more, and are interested, please send me an email. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Now it’s time for me to go play… ๐Ÿ™‚ buh bye

  168. look john it can sometimes be crappy when people dont accept who we are… this is part of our personality i learned that upon finding this site. i know im not in the same situation and i also have to hide my nappies and dummy. your mom wont accept it that sucks! and though my advice may seem cheezy and cliche, what do you feel in your heart is the right thing to do? mabye you should sit down with your mother and talk about your felling as an AB/DL. hiding who we are is like wearing an eternal mask. most of us will deal with this over and over! acceptance is hard! i had to accept who i was before i even put on a nappy again i hid from it. to say the least i felt lost, not myself… whatever your heart says go with it, itll work out it always does:)

  169. So here I go….
    Lets start with that I don’t know how to make good post cause this is my first one just like my daddy’s first post.
    What I want you to know is that 15 days ago I’ve put some pic of me on my abdl accounts. Back then I thought-” yea I’m almost 18 and I’ve some accounts on Abdl blogs so I can finally put some pic, maybe someone will respond”. And you know what happened? After two or three hours even not that much some stranger has written an email to me. He said that I’m most adorable baby he has ever seen and that he would love to be my daddy. So I was like OK. But I thought ” I have nothing to lose” so I responded that I would love to be his little boy. I would never have thought be will write back cause I already got some mail like this and no one have ever responded. And just like that we started calling daily each other on Skype, yahoo or even we used iMessage on iPhones. Everything was soooo amazing that I couldn’t believe in this, it’s seemed like a dream but at the same time it seemed like we belong to each other. Today I think we really do belong to each other cause I never spend so many hour on computer to just talk to someone. This all was a dream unreachable to me. Every now and than I thought maybe I would meet my daddy when I would be 40 or even 50. I’m still like 18 but it doesn’t matter cause I love him as a little boy would love his daddy and daddy loves me as his little son. And at the very and of it all I have to say that technology is amazing cause we’re like 3500 miles from each other but technology made it all easier. I really love my Daddy and I would be his son for ever and ever . Lilboypatrick
    This is our blog
    don’t forget to leave comments

  170. Hi everyone I am baby Jessie I am almost and an ABDL I will be this November 23, 2013 and well to be honest I have had a rough time with my parents about being a tbdl to be honest my curiosity of diapers always seemed to be there and I actually bought a pack of huggies when I was 8 and got caught not to long after and ever since the. I have had a struggle wih diapers and my mom who when I was thirteen turned my padded dream into a nightmare by mentally abusing me she got me diapers, formula (I find nasty).etc and forced me to be a full blown baby the whole day and wouldn’t let me do anything not even let me get off the couch and she yelled and screamed at me all day asking if this was what I wanted and basicly broke me mentally I still have trust issues with her and a lot of people ever since and last year she caught me a seriously is threating to kick me out early if she every found any again so I stopped, I just want somebody to love me and understand what I went through -sniffs- I don’t wanna stay broken T_T

  171. I am actually visiting my grandparents right now who know and bought me a pack on the condition that I clean up after myself and they don’t have to see my diaper
    They are accepting and tolerant an I love them

  172. Hewo… my name ish Scarf Cookie, but you can call me Scarfy, or just Scarf, or Cookie. My hands are literally shaking, as I’m a shy 1 year-old baby boy, and um… also a sissy… I’m a babyfur, in case you know what it is, and my fursona is a 1 year-old doe…

    As for real life, I’m an almost 18 year-old living in southern California, living in a very strict household. Recently, my parents burnt my whole stash, containing a couple of cases of Bambinos and Cushies, as long as pacifiers, onesies… made me watch after a terrifying scolding.

    I’ve been depressed, and have been desperately looking around for some comfort from a daddy…

    Please, anydaddy, just add me to talk through e-mail… I need to be comforted…

    *Looks up at you with big teary shiny eyes, wanting to be held*

  173. Hi jeesie your story is similar to mine… but my dad just put me in diapers an live me out of the house so other people can see me was bad i know how you feel.. were you from

  174. Hi,

    I am in Ottawa, Ontario. I konw I am not the only Adult Baby auround town. I am looking to make some new friends and a daddy would be nice. If you want to know more just contact me. I am cute ๐Ÿ™‚

  175. I a stinky baby girl in Canada looking for a dada or mamma! I make wee wee and stinky poo poo in my diaper! I’m only 14 though! However I really want to know what it’s like to be a baby for a day or so! I’ve never been spanked but try to spank myself…. I love diaper changes! I’d like a daddy or mommy preferably a daddy! I’m not daddy’s little girl at home and want to know what it’s like! I love using my diapers but sometimes it takes a long time to actually go…. All I have Is diapers and pacifiers to liveout my fantasy! My younger cousin who’s 11 also enjoys diapers! However I don’t k ow how I’d be able to visit my temporary mommy or daddy without telling or giving anybody a reason where I’m going! Nobody but my cousin is aware of my baby addiction…. HELP ME

  176. Hi Daddy!

    I’m always looking to talk to new people and you seem like a really caring daddy *blush*

    Maybe you can email me and we can talk? I’m just a baby who wants some direction.

  177. Hello everyone my name is James I am from Norfolk, Va with my 2 baby boys David and Benjamin I work from home so I can talk care of my baby boys if anyone needs any advice, question, or just wants to talk email me at

  178. hi i have been a ab for as long as i can remember, im now 22 looking for a loving / caring relationship with a dad โ€œreal lifeโ€ no sex, just trying to fix a hole in my heart. i live in fortcollins co please email me at

  179. Hi Matty,

    I live in Denver and while I am not a Daddy I understand how you feel. I am actually 43 but its that feeling of a caring person to care for you that it sounds like you want. Good luck and I can tell you they are out there but there are not that many in our area to be honest. ๐Ÿ™‚ – TODDler

  180. thanks TODDler,
    you are 100 percent right about me and i can only hope its like Rukia said โ€œthey may have taken your past, but they cant take your future! lost bonds can be reforged and rebuild, am i wrong Kurasaki?โ€ in the end all i can do is try and keep on trying!

  181. Hey my name is Jeffrey I am a 25 year old switch (daddy and baby) that lives in South Florida. I love to meet and talk with people to hear about their experiences. So you can email me or hit me up on my yim. at diaperedje

  182. Hey hey whats up everyone im a roudy little 2 year old (22) actually lol i like to have fun i wear 24/7 go to college and i would like a daddy to help me with bath time and a bed time story and making sure my wittle butt is dry but daddies and bubbies be weary like i said im a rowdy baby boy my name is tim i live in the littlerock arkansas area im friendly and outgoing so please feel free to email me and chat it up ๐Ÿ™‚

  183. 25 year old Adult Baby Boy from London,UK seeking enslavement to serve a Daddy. I enjoy elements of BDSM as well; but mainly Adult Baby.

    I do work and I’m willing to travel. I’ve never been owned before as a baby. I’ve had live experiences; so I am at ease with live play.
    I also enjoy being a Adult School Boy – I have my own school uniform, along with nappies. I am seeking someone who understands being a Daddy.
    I am willing to live in a Adult Baby Nursery and be totally babied and controlled. I wish to have no opinions or adult life when I’m babied.

    I’m 100% shaved and smooth. Ideally I’d like to meet and chat with someone who is very experienced (age doesn’t matter).

    I have many pictures of me in nappies and in my school uniform. I have a mobile and be willing to chat with sane and mature people.

    If anyone is keen to baby me for a long term and committed relationship – please e-mail me on:

    I only wished to be babied and controlled. Thank you.

  184. Just want to say hello to all out there being themselves. Being new here and would say that I am a loving and caring daddy and look forward to getting to know all of you.

  185. @Mattybear- Thanks for the response and I am sure you will find one eventually. IF its meant to be then its meant to be.

  186. Hi there my name is Baby John i have been a AB Since I was 14 iam now 29 years old and I love it each day I love the time I spend with my teddy bears and I wait each day to do this I really love it I feel right like I belong with them I like to play with Lego, cars and a new thing I have been doing is putting toddler apps onto my iPad when I am in baby mode it awesome to play with them I also like to sleep in a baby onsi I bought a dinosaur onsi from the Internet I sleep in that and a nappy underneath it with my dummy in my mouth and my best friend Toby he is my big teddy bear I sleep with him at night I have a teddy bear for the day I have a small doggy I like to call him Sam I usually have him when I am in my bedroom my parents know what I do they don’t mind as long as I keep it to my room at night time they don’t understand it they sometimes when I get my nappies through the post more wired parcels and I say to them I don’t care some people don’t understand what we do.
    I usually act really babyish all the time wether I am in baby mode or not I sometimes suck my thumb I never sucked my thumb when I was little its developed over the last few years.
    Also over the past 9 months I walk past mother care when we go shopping and there’s cots in the window with a teddy in it and all I do is look at this cot each week we pass it all I think is I want a cot so bad in my bedroom is this normal should I save up and buy one i really wish I had a big one where my bed is but I have no chance of it yet anyway.
    Also sometimes I wish I had someone else to play with while iam in baby mode or a mummy or daddy to look after me. Thanks for listening to me anyone wanna chat I would love to talk to AB/DL’s anytime thanks Baby John

  187. Hello mn name is Londo im mexican/american and full time toddler boy. have been wearing using diapers since i was 8 until 13 years old. I stopped wetting but fell in love with diapers. I became moe babish as years went on. I feel like a toddle boy of around 4 to 5. Who isn’t potty train. Althouh I still use big boy tolite for poop I cannot control wetting the diaper. It is very hard to find a Full time daddy that 1, isn’t married, 2, doesn’t have a BF. i AM IN NEED OF A FULL TIME DADDY TO CARE FOR THIS BABYBOY.

  188. Hi baby John here again I wondered if someone can help me yesterday I bought some baby’s nappies because I was a bit curious they didn’t fit me of course they wouldn’t because they are size 6 exl anyway I put one in my pants and put safety pins around it I thought to my self wondered what would happen if I took the dog like this with them under my jeans I did it I thought to myself wonder if anyone can see any diffrance I covered it with my coat but I only passed 2 people who I know it’s the first time wearing out I wanted to know what it felt like it feels like a great big rush but with paranoia as well should I continue my parents haven’t seen my like this yet thanks BJ

  189. ello! my names meggy, i’m 19 years old that lives in Maryland. i’m looking for a daddy that would care and love me as his own. however, i revert to a little baby boy, not a girly-girl. to contact me, its ‘Blackcittykat’ at
    bye bye

  190. Hi,I’m billy and I’m 22. I’m looking for a daddy in CT.I enjoy diapers, overalls, and being fed mashed peas. Feel free to talk to me.

  191. Hi i’m not a baby boy but i’m a baby girl, My boyfriend is the baby boy and we take care of each other but it gets lonely when he isn’t here to take care of me or talk to me, i’m looking for a friend that will treat me kindly and more like a daddy would treat his little girl. I have 4 Pacifiers and 3 baby bottles i have yet to buy any diapers because my parents wont let me even when i’m down at college but i have a ton of plushy toys.
    I’m fairly shy at first but i will open up if you talk to me more, i’m sweet kind hearted and loving.
    ~<3 Ash

  192. Hey guys ๐Ÿ™‚

    I am new to the whole Abdl thing. My wife has recently come out to me as an ab and I am willing to give this a try for her.

    She doesn’t wear diapers but she does love being an ab and treated as one. I called her a potty trained ab and she loved that ๐Ÿ™‚

    So being new and all, I could use some advice. I am still not comfortable with her calling me daddy, but I think I will be in the future.

    If anyone has any advice about how to best get started on the path to being a daddy, please don’t hesitate to share it. ๐Ÿ™‚

  193. Hi my name is binkey boo boo today I admitted to my dad that I like to role play being a 2 year old he already knows I like to wear nappies so dose my mum but I want to try to tell my rest of my family it’s going to be hard I want to be like a 2 year old all the time and to be looked after as a 2 year old. I don’t know how to get this across to my family and the people I know I told my dad I don’t really care who knows if I wear diapers it’s my decision iam 29 years old. He said one day it will wear off and the baby thing will become boring but I have been doing this since I was 11 years old and it becomes more exiting each time. Any pointers anyone I would love to know thanks binkey boo boo

  194. Hi Hi my name is winniethepoohfan but you can call me winnie. I’m a 4-6 year old little boy who wouldn’t mind talking to or role playing with little boys my own age. I’m not into the who diaper thing but I do enjoy wearing my superhero undies and my onesies and footie Jammie’s. I love to dresslike a little boy with cartoon characters and bright colored t shirts and shorts. I can’t sleep at night without my teddy and blankie. I love my sippy cup it looks cool. I’m also on the abdl chat room all the time. Feel free to email me I’m a nice little boy who just wants to chat with others like me or chat with me on the abdl chat room. I do have on question how do you ban somebody on the abdl chat room cause someone is using foul language on there and is calling me and others bad names. If anybody could help that would be super de duper

  195. Hi there again John here again today I really need help my little sister came into my bedroom this morning and caught me asleep with my dummy in my mouth she know what it was she is 19 years old with learning difficulties she knew what it was she said John gaga and I thought dam it what if she tells people she knows or will she remember it. My mum and dad already know about me liking nappies, dummies and teddys when my mum caught me last year she pratilcally threatened me with them at least my sister didn’t see my nappy I was wearing. I can’t even lock the door beacause it’s a bendy door. She hasn’t said anything yet to any one maybe she will forget it she went to see a show last year and this man had a dummy like mine and she went on about it for a month I really am scared inside. she goes swimming with people from social services latter if she says some thing I am screwed please give me your opinions anyone I am 29 years old I am not giving anything up its like my best friend I have been doing this since I was 12 years old please help me thanks John

  196. Hey everyone,

    I’ve bbeen lurking around this site a bit (mostly for the stories, they’re awesome!) But I thought I’d introduce myself. I’m 35, living in northern california with my partner of 8 years (he’s 32) and our partner of about a year and a half (he’s 19.) I’m the only one of the three of us who’s into diapers. My boys have played around with them for me but they aren’t really into them. While I’ve worn diapers from time to time what I really want is a boy to take care of. Diapering myself is kind of a way for me to diaper someone when no one around wants to be diapered. Now’s the part where I drop my email… so here it is

  197. I am andy, asian ab in NYC. I am 20 years old, a colleage student. I would like to find a daddy who wants tp adopt me as his young baby. I would like to start from being a very young baby and growing up with the daddy. My idea is to find someone i can meet regularly and spending the weekend together .

  198. i… i’m anthony. a baby sissy who’s never had a mommy or daddy… i really like the stuff i’ve read on here so far ๐Ÿ™‚ kinda scared sometimes but i know that every little one needs somebody to keep them in line hehehe

  199. This was the first site I ever visited, a little over a year ago. I was interested, at the time, as being a parent figure for ABDL male friends. I was completely unaware consciously that I was actually going to be drawn into the journey of accepting that I am an ABDL man, myself. Guess that was what I was looking for, but couldn’t see.

    My awareness of being truly an adult baby continues.

    I wanted to say thanks for this site and the guidance/awakening it has provided for me.

    Thank you.


  200. hi. my name is joseph and I am not light skinned and
    like to wear and use diapers and do baby things but my parents do not approve. is there anyone else that is black or native american that likes to do these things? I have not seen any online from america.

  201. I have been wearing adult diapers for sometime now and am really enjoying it but I’d like to actually find baby diapers that would fit me so it would feel more real like being a baby. Haven’t had any luck yet

  202. Hi. I am a boy who wears diapers when I can. I am 22 years old and pretty skinny and can fit into smaller diapers. I am just trying to figure out if I should stop wearing or embrace being an adult baby. please email me to talk and to give me advice. Thanks. Email:

  203. Hi my name is Jakey. I like to wear diapers for what they are ment for . I wear 24/7. I live in upper part of Michigan. Send me a text if you want a diaper boy. Text me with some info about yourself@ 19063740100

  204. I’m clay. Looking for a part time daddy In Northwest Alabama. I don’t wear all the time because of people and such. Hope I can someone who can let me be. Please tell me your near :(. Thanks

  205. Are we still doing the introductions? I am an older AB in the Washington DC area. I used to visit a Daddy in NYC but he grew too old to handle a toddler. I would be glad to hear from daddies and babies. My email is Be sure to note the dot between p and k.

  206. Hi,
    Iโ€™m Jamie. Physically Iโ€™m 50 on the outside but on the inside Iโ€™m an 8 year old shy passive little boy with some toddler tendencies. Hope to find my Papa some day.

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