Daddy’s Special Moments: Baby Boy Sleeping

It feels to me like the daddy to an adult baby or ‘little’ boy has all the pleasure and joy in the relationship.

There are moments with a little guy that are almost heart-breaking they seem so wonderful: there’s the way his eyes droop closed as you give him his bottle, there’s the way he wraps his arms around you in appreciation after you put him in a clean diaper, or there’s the way he lights up when you walk into a toy store.

For a daddy, those little moments are reminders of how special it is that the world has room for people who have the courage to express the child inside and who give the gift of letting someone else care for them, cherish them and protect them.

The daddy has to do so little and gets so much in return: he creates a safe space for someone to express the little boy inside, he makes sure to check his diaper and that his paci doesn’t roll under the couch, and what he gets is a way of looking at the world that is all the reward he can ever need.

A Boy Asleep
For me, one of the most amazing moments is when he’s asleep.

Maybe you settled him into his crib for the night and return an hour or so later to see if he’s OK, and find him sleeping soundly, his paci still in his mouth and an arm wrapped around his teddy bear.

Or maybe it’s that moment in the morning when you go in to check on him and get him up and find he’s still sleeping, his hair all mussed up and a nearly empty bottle tucked in under his covers.

As you look at your little guy you feel a sense of peace and warmth – you wonder what he’s dreaming, whether he feels safe in his crib, and you hope that he’s comfy in his sleeper or onesie.

Then, you might wonder whether his diaper will hold out until morning. You might very gently lean in to check him – if he’s a bit wet you realize he’ll probably be OK until morning but you also feel assured that he needs his diapers and that you’re glad you can keep him snug in his protection.

In the morning, you’ll find, of course, that his diaper is wet. You might remember the time when he woke up with you checking him and told you that he didn’t remember wetting – that he had wet his diaper in his sleep, and you recall the look in his eyes as he realized that he really did need you to diaper him at night.

And in those moments before he wakes up and you look in on your sleeping little boy, you’ll feel grateful that he has given you the gift of being in your life and wonder why daddy’s are so lucky to have so much spirit and tenderness in their lives in a world that sometimes seems like it could use a lot more.

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  1. Yay, this is the sweetest post, and makes me wonder if daddy really feels that way when he watches me sleep. makes me think if daddy was watching is he as happy as i am to be so safe and cuddled up, tucked into the bed he put me in, snuggly into the the diapers which though wet, he wanted me to be in.

    this is awesome!!

  2. When i Sleep i mostly dream about the fun i had. And that Daddy is there for me. but i never knew what daddy thinks when im sleeping. But everynight before i sleep i get bath time and story time. I feel safe in daddys arms and a snuggly time before i rock off to bed. THIS is GREAT.
    Thanks daddy

  3. What a Wonderful post. It is exactly how a baby boy wants to feel. Dependent on your Daddy for your happiness with a fresh clean diaper as well as a bottle in the morning or at night and making sure you are all snug in your crib for the night or nap time. 🙂

  4. I love the tender care you put into your posts. You make a great daddy and bring hope to all the AB’s, littles, toddlers, and teens out there that maybe they’ll find their own daddy one day.

  5. please i just want a daddy or an oldew bwoyer!im an only child and my real dad died in a car accident when i was 4 years old. im mixed with white and hispanic,mostly white.i have black hair and brown bi but im mostly gay,im a really nice baby infant,who likes to be cuddled snuggled and be wif my teenbaby age is 1 year old,i want to be able to be with a daddy on daddy’s day because i don’t have one,after my dad passing away,ive never known what it was like to be with a daddy:'( so please if there is any daddy looking for an infant or an older teenbaby boy thats looking for a baby brother to have a fantasy relationship with,please text babyzac i really want a daddy,a big brother or a teenbaby boy friend,please!!!

  6. I just wanted to say that this is an article that I totally relate to.

    I am a dad based in Sydney Australia and I have several lads who call me daddy.

    As a dad I love nothing more that the image of a sleeping little fella. I just love it when he falls asleep in my arms during bottle time and im putting him to bed. I also love the cuddles when hes waking up as well, thats just magical.

    Thanks for posting this article as all the true dads out there can really relate to what you wrote.

  7. I am soo glad that I found another daddy who cares about these little guys as much as I do. Little boys are so wonderful and sweet. It is such a wonderful experience to care about someone else. 🙂

  8. i love walking in on teagan he is so cute when he sleeps he has his nite nite paci in his mouth sucking on it and his mr.ted-ted under his chin moments like this make you feel so lucky to be a daddy for an adult baby

  9. daddy i miss you so much and i love when i can get a message to you 😛 this is one of my favorite post of yours keep up the good daddying i miss you -love your little boy
    ps i cant help wonderin if the whole paci rolling under the couch has anything to do with the millions of times youve seen me do that hehe 😛

  10. hehe theres so much i haffa tell you like how i saw a little girl and her daddy on the train in portland :p and so much more . i think about you every day. talk to you soon daddy ttfn hugs

  11. hi iam 33. my baby age is 10 mounth old iam a girl and a boy i haf both fully working boy and girl parts iam baby only non-sexael i live as a girl but i look and sound like a boy id thiers a daddy that would love to have a cute baby like me and not want to have sex wif me just be daddy then look me up at and iv not known whats its like to haf a daddy mine split when i was boren and called me a freek but i lked your post

  12. I’ve been stadily reading your blog since I found it last week and this is the first time I’m going to comment.

    I’m a ?AB 2ish and an online mummy to a very special little boy in america and this post spoke to both sides of me.

    As a little girl this post opened my eyes to how parents respond to things, I had a friend who said he’d look after me online but he just stopped getting in touch and it really hurt so its nice to know that there are daddied out there who really care and it gives me hope.

    As a mummy you had me in tears, I’ve never met my baby irl (im in the UK and hes in MT, USA and were both underage) but when we talk online sometimes we IM and before I have to go I always go through changing him and putting him to bed as an RP but we use our real names not characters (its surprising the difference it makes) and the last cuddle before he falls asleep then the post that comes after just being a line of z’s is the most heartwarming thing and I can only imagine that being there irl would be so much more powerful.

    Thank you so much for your blog it really does mean the world to this little girl even if you do write mainly about little boys I do relate strongly.
    (Typed this on my smartphone and I love how it corrected the word daddies to safekeeping, which says it all really)

  13. I Have Two Baby Boys(Baby Dean & Baby Patrick)
    Both Live In Wales,UK But Maybe Only One Will Be Living With Me In About
    Two Years!
    And I Am Glad To Read And Learn From You Daddy Josh!
    Keep Up The Posts And Work!
    I LOVE My Both Baby Boy’s!

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