Boys Will Be Little

Following up yesterday’s post about picnics in the park, I simply had to share this photo of – well, of a little boy in a tree! (Click on the image for full size).

Special thanks to Dumpling for this amazing moment in the park – for the perfect little boy expression on his face and of course his awesome outfit (his shoes turn into roller skates I’m told!)

And for you daddy’s out there, don’t you think it’s those little moments that count?

Shaking your head as you look into the tree trying to figure out:

– How the heck did he get up there, anyways?

– How will you ever get him down?

– Why did you ever think that candy and pop was a good idea for a little guy who was already super-excited to begin with?

And then of course the real question:

– When your little guy feels like he doesn’t have a place in the world, or when he feels small and uncertain, how can you capture those moments when all you saw was a boy who simply needed to be told that it’s OK, and that the trees were always there for climbing.



9 Replies to “Boys Will Be Little”

  1. That looks like fun Dumpling… I cannot climb the trees now as much as I would like to.. Probably the Tree Would fall for my size now! :p But I do remember the days when I could put forts or tree houses in the tree and one year the tree was our Yacht! That was a wonderful summer! Must be covered up and have shoes now for sure.. I imagine lots of tree branches will pierce that outer diaper covering if I go too high… Used to go about 50 – 65 feet in the trees in our backyard and that was like the Tower of the light house type of feeling but it was wonderful! 🙂

  2. hurray! what fun! play time is so wonderful. thanks for posting daddy and Happy Father’s Day! hugs to you

  3. thats funny Dumpling got way up in the tree. He likes climbing on things. Just like i do! You would have lots of trouble if it was both of us Daddy Josh!

    Happy Daddy’s Day


  4. Hi-five for the picture lol. I had a similar experience yesterday…even if it was somewhat hard to get down from the tree. But I do really like this article. It’s reassuring to know that its OK to be getting a year older (on Wednesday :D) and still climb trees from time to time.

  5. Hyi I’m still around i love to climb trees when i find a good one that isn’t all sap covered. Just to sum it up atm I’m living with a friend temporarily till i can find somewhere to move to. And i found out ill pee the bed but if i sleep on the couch either up or laying down i won’t pee but not shure if ill pee if i actually drank sumthing before going to sleep. Ps love ya daddy. Mike

  6. i wish i a dada to be wif on daddy’s day:,( i no know what its wike to have a dada,if dewe is a daddy wooking fow a baby i weawee wan a dada:'(

  7. I miss climbing trees. I miss my Tower at the top like the light house where I could see the WHOLE neighborhood and Way off in the distance The Colorado Mountains! 😉

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