The Adult Baby Picnic: Rule #1 – Pack the Diapers!

Diaper boys love the park (Photo by Max)

It’s the weekend and the adult baby or little boy in your life has been looking forward to some dedicated time with ‘daddy’. With the warmer weather, you know it’s time to get outdoors – a trip to the zoo or a walk to the park to play on the swings.

You’ll find that you don’t need to make things too complicated. Some of the best times I can remember were the simplest – and one of the simplest ways to show your little guy how much you care is to take him on a picnic.

Diapers in Public for the Adult Baby

There’s something special about being outdoors with its sense of freedom, adventure and exploration. But for the adult baby boy it can be liberating in more than one way: because wearing diapers in public can help him to feel free to express the little boy inside!

At first he might be nervous about being in diapers in public and will keep tugging down on his shirt to make sure they’re not showing. But after a while, you’ll see that he becomes more comfortable. He’ll realize that other people in the park aren’t really noticing….and will also realize that it’s OK regardless to just be himself, and to be proud to be his daddy’s little boy.

A Sight that Makes Daddy Happy (Photo credit: Max)

Rules for the Perfect Adult Baby Picnic
For your little guy to feel comfortable and to know he’s in his daddy’s care, it’s important to prepare. A few of my top tips would include:

1. Bring plenty of diapers!
Your little guy will get thirsty being outside and running around – and wet diapers will be the result. I often get asked about how I handle diaper changes in public and my number one rule is not to make other people uncomfortable or offend them.

In other words – diaper changes should be discrete. Public restrooms can be OK, or a makeshift “blanket fort” in your picnic area can be a way to retreat from public view for a diaper change.

This is also one of those many situations where a daddy will bless the person who invented snaps – they really do make changes so much easier, and your little guy will blush at the reassuring ‘click’ of the snaps between his legs.

But regardless of the how there’s no denying that a little guy will wet his diaper – and unless you’re prepared to let him waddle around with a soggy bum, you’re going to need to prepare to change him at least once.

2. Food Comes in Little Pieces!
Someone I know says that there are only a few food groups: candy, cookies and restaurant food.

You can probably guess that he’s NOT a daddy. Which points to another rule – the food you bring for the picnic should be kid-friendly.

That means cut up little bits of food, little sandwiches, fruits and veggies in little wedges, and any food that looks like animals. So are candy and cookies and anything that might be slightly messy!

(Bring a bib! Or at the very least, bring plenty of cloths with babyish or cartoon patterns).

Don't leave the plushy at home!

3. You’re Not Alone at the Picnic
It’s not just daddy and his little boy of course – don’t forget the rest of the family! By now you’ll be used to the fact that your little guy can’t go anywhere without his plushy – but a picnic can be for an even larger ‘extended family’.

Bring along all your little guys stuffed friends (well, within reason of course). The memories you create of adventures in the park with lions and tigers and teddy bears will be amazing bonding moments between daddy and his little boy.

What Are Your Must-Haves?
But what do you insist that daddy brings to the picnic? Or if you have a little boy, what are some of his favorite things to do when you take him to the park for a picnic?

For me, it’s less about the ‘things’ and more about the memories:

– Of seeing a little boy running across the grass towards the swing set and the slight bulge of his diaper under his shorts

– Of the time in the late afternoon when he felt comfortable enough to lay on the blanket in just a diaper and t-shirt

– Or the quiet moment at home at the end of the day when he snuggled in my arms, tired out from a long day in the sun.

All of these memories make the experience of being a daddy to an adult baby or little boy the most rewarding thing of all.

Note: If you have a photo you’d like included please send one to the e-mail address on the right! I’ll add them to this or future posts – and if you have one in the park in your shortalls, it might even make our feature rotation on the home page! 🙂

20 Replies to “The Adult Baby Picnic: Rule #1 – Pack the Diapers!”

  1. I don’t really feel self-conscious in my diapers anymore. There are plenty of medical reasons that might be involved, and as long as you don’t actively offend people they will be polite and ignore the diapers if they notice at all. I’ve been everywhere with Daddy in my thick diapers and plastic pants, and a picnic would be no different.

  2. I love your site and insight into all of this! And I love how your boy is in a harness! There is no better way to show you care about his safety than making sure he is wearing one while out!

  3. Summer can make like interesting as an AB too. I try to make sure that wherever I am going that I plan a place where I know I will have no problem changing. This could be a fast food place I am familiar with or a Rest Area. Its always best if you can to plan these things in advance. I also try to remember to check my diaper bag to make sure I have plenty of diapers in case something happens and a day outing becomes an overnight by accident or something. I might also add that with shorts diaper changes are much easier as you do not have to take shoes off every time. Have a Great Summer everyone! 🙂

  4. i dont know about other dl/tbs, but i figured out there is some kind of weird thing in me that really wants other ppl to see im wearing diapers. its sort of a rush because its mixed up with being shy about it at the same time. this story reminds me about times when i was at parks or playgrounds when i was a little kid and other children would see im wearing diapers. like if i was hanging on the monkey bars and stuff like that and they would stick up out of the top of my pants, or if i had on shorts they could see up my pants legs. like you said, nobody ever made a big ugly scene about it. i would see them point and whisper to each other, and sometimes other kids would wait till we were alone together and ask me why i was wearing baby diapers. i just told them it was so i wont pee my pants, and that was about the end of the conversation. they just would go like, “Oh”, or something. when i made friends and played with other kids i kind of liked it when i got called over to get changed if they would come watch. they would ask my mom all sorts of questions about it that made it like embarrassing for me but at the same time i know i liked all the attention of getting babied at the same time. i wonder if other boys felt the same way as that. it would be nice if u could write about it and see what other kids say.

  5. “Someone I know says that there are only a few food groups: candy, cookies and restaurant food.”

    QFT 😛

  6. Is a awesome post, i would really love to have a picnic with my daddy, he like to go camping so is great to be in just a shirt and diapers around the woods. you should make a post of babies toys and what toys they should use. since my daddy is ok with the toys i chose i chose wwe figures they are super fun for me.

  7. This is such a perfect day for a diaper boy like me to visit a park or the beach with Daddy and me in my diapers…having fun and not worrying about anything. I recently met a man who is a potential Daddy that I referred to this site. I hope he reads these well written articles to get some idea of what being a boy in diapers is all about. Of course there is the leather/BDSM side of diaper play too that I am interested in as well but this side is the part he lacks knowledge in. Thanks for such great info from the Daddy perspective.

  8. mag es auch in der freien natur das baby sein zu dürfen
    geborgen und sicher fühlen weil dad mich kontroliert mich windelt mir babyflasche mit trinken giebt
    ja auch das da mich kontroliert und erzieht ist eine zuneigung die als baby brauch

  9. I went to Sam’s Club with my future ex wife. Before we left I decided to wear a pull up. After I put it on I realized it was backwards so I took it off turned it around and put it back on.
    So we are walking around at Sam’s. I need to pee really bad so I have to let some out. Then about two minutes later I feel that the legs of my shorts feel cold. I reach down and feel that the front of my shorts and down the legs is wet! I slip my hand in and feel that my peepee is right at the top of the pad. So I figure some leaked through the cloth. So I nonchalantly adjusted myself because I couldn’t hold it any longer and had to let a little bit more out. The front of my shorts got wetter. All I could do was hope nobody noticed and I don’t think anyone did, but at that point I thought who cares!!
    There was a little baby boy in a basket with a pacifier in his mouth. He was watching me,as I walked past, and his mom noticed and told him to wave at me. I waved at him and told him ” Hi, I wish I had one of those in my mouth to suck on.” if his mom noticed my shorts she probably thought I should have one in my mouth!!
    When I got home I looked in a mirror, I had red shiny sports shorts on and it really didn’t show hardly at all. I thought those were the worst pull ups I’d ever tried. So I decided to let my bladder empty then take them off. The pee ran all down my legs and puddled on the garage floor. I took them off and looked at them and realized that when I put them back on ( after being backwards ) I had turned them wrong side out. The pad was on the outside!!!!! Im a Silly baby daddy huh? My little age is 3-4 years old. My real age is 58 yo.

  10. Ok now no offense meet to you “Babyzac’s Daddy” but I’m a daddy who has been looking for a lil’ one, but its “story’s” like this that make me not come forward and advertise that I’m daddy. I mean you said you are 58, maybe act like it a little more. AB’s always seem to forget that there is an adult side to the whole Adult Baby thing. I know Josh has said exactly that. I really can’t put into words how much stuff like this aggravates me. I’d like a smart baby to take care of not someone who goes “oh gee my diaper is leaking I think I’ll flood it”. I’m sure I’ll come across as an arsehole but I do hope there are others out there in the community who feel the same way as me and will see where I am coming from.

  11. You know George, I really don’t understand what your upset about. Is it that I choose to wear out in public? Do you think that AB’s should keep all of their being babyish at home? “Come forward and advertise” you have got to be kidding!!! Act my age, do you even have a clue as to what an Adult Baby is?? In my opinion if you don’t have a baby boy, you are just a daddy wannabe. In case you didn’t notice I didn’t flood it until I got home. What happened at the store was an accident! The point of me telling this true story is to let other AB’s know sometimes things go wrong and all you can do is make the best of it. As far as the comment about a smart baby, I am quite intelligent. By the way I’m the daddy, my baby boy and I have a wonderful relationship due in part to the fact we both love to wear diapers.

    Sorry Daddy Josh I just couldn’t let this go by without a rebuttal.

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  13. Unless the law does not allow and it is warm enough, it would seem to me that a diaper and tee shirt would be ample clothing. Of course Daddy or Mommy needs to plan for one or more changes. Hugs, Stevie

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