Doubling Up: Diaper Covers and Plastic Pants for the Adult Baby

If you’ve already dressed your adult baby in his crinkly thick diaper then why would you need to use plastic pants as well? With a cloth diapes plastic pants are essential of course, but why would a daddy use them over disposables? And is there a reason for babyish prints on his plastic pants?

The other day I ran across my supplies of plastic pants and diaper covers and I started wondering whether they can be a needless ‘doubling up’ when a daddy dresses his little boy and how there really are times when a plastic pant or diaper cover might be more ‘form than function’.

Plastic Pants and the Disposable

Consider the boy who you dress in a disposable diaper: it’s the weekend, and you have a dedicated few days with your ‘son’. You’re going to stay home and watch movies, play with toys and give your little guy all of your care and attention.

Now – he might also wear diapers during the week and have ‘baby time’ with his daddy – but the weekends still feel special, like it’s the ultimately safe space for him to express the little boy or baby inside.

He’s happily sucking on his pacifier as you diaper him, and you sense in his relaxed muscles that he is feeling very ‘little’. Maybe you use a stuffer inside his diaper for extra protection and a nice thick feeling between his legs. With the smells of powder and lotion in the air, you snugly tape up his diaper.

Now, even though his diaper will give him plenty of protection (and with daddy checking his diaper regularly there are far less risks of leaks) it can still be a good idea to grab a pair of plastic pants.

As you slip them over his legs and pull them up over his diaper, you’re may not be giving him extra protection, but you’re giving him other less tangible benefits.

Crinkles, Patterns and a Happy Daddy

For the daddy to an adult baby, you’re not just making sure your little guy has “protection” Β – you’re creating the conditions so that he feels safe to be under your care and to express the little side of himself.

By putting him into an extra layer of protection it’s like you’re telling him that today he deserves special care and attention, and that daddy will be there with him throughout the day.

Depending on the pattern, the plastic pants or diaper cover can give him the reassurance of being able to “act his age” – the fluffy clouds or duckys can help to reassure him that he really is a baby boy.

Plastic pants can also add an extra ‘crinkle’ to his step depending on the material. As a daddy, I like to hear that reassuring rustle sound as my little guy moves around.

Plastic pants and diaper covers can also mean, however, that it’s not as easy to see if your little guy needs to be changed. There can be something nice about letting your little one run around in just a diaper, knowing that when he wets you can see that he needs changed and that he knows you can tell from the changed pattern on the diaper.

So in his plastic pants or diaper cover, you’ll need to check your little guy’s diaper more often. But as he senses you slip your finger along his legs to check if he needs changed, your adult baby boy will also feel the rustle of his plastic pants and the band along his legs, the crinkle of his diapers and the snug padding, and his daddy’s love and attention and will know that he’s safe and secure in being daddy’s little boy.

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  1. Cute article for AB’s and daddy’s to understand the need or comfort of plastic pants. And as always your pictures are adorable!

    ~ foxxyluv

  2. Great Idea Daddy but too hot for summer. I tried that one time and it just gave me rash. πŸ™ Occasionally I do use plastic pants though. πŸ™‚

  3. i wish i had a daddy or big bwodew to cuddle and pway wif me’s,if dere is a daddy or a big bwoder that is wooking fow an infant babyboy or a babybwover,i am the one for ew’s!) i wive in johns creek,GA and i is awso wooking for a nice boy that wikes being a baby or a daddy to be my boyfwiend:) so pweeze choose me as ur baby,i no know wha it feews wike to be a weal baby,i need a daddy or big bwoder to wook up to:) )-BabyZac,a cute baby:D

  4. I love the first picture, Pokemon was my favorite show when I was little, before they started changing it. πŸ™‚ Never had the chance to use any diaper cover or plastic pants, always wondered if they worked or not. Nice post. πŸ˜€


  5. so cute. the extra attention to being daddy’s little one is perfect! I am a cloth baby boy so always need my plastic baby pants. Usually, they are sort of boring blues or frosted or yellow but a baby day with baby print pants is a clear reminder that I am not an adult in diapers but an oversized little boy.

  6. plastic pants do help me feel like a baby like u said but they also do help prevent leaks a little bit if do what i do sometimes: just put a folded washcloth or about 4 thick paper towels inside the panties so if ur diaper leaks that will soak it up before it can leak out and show or ur clothes.

  7. Very informative, as always. As an additional note, could I ask a question? I was wondering what should be done with a little boy who’s caught a cold.

  8. I wub my new pwastic pants!
    They got little bears sleepin’ on little moons! πŸ˜›
    And they may not do a lot, but at least they hold my diapees up! πŸ˜›

  9. Ordered those new plastic pants with the Polyurethane and the cloth like on the outside. So far they work excellent and they do not get too hot even on hot days under pants and shorts. I have tested them for about 3-4 days during the long weekend. They were a bit pricey but they are supposed to be a bit durable. Unfortunately no cute little designs on the front of these. White only.

  10. I enjoy this site and still being a bedwetter at 22 can relate to still being diapered every night and then plastic pants to keep my bed dry. I am new to the Daddy thing but enjoyed being babysat one weekend by a really nice man who treated me like the baby that i am and look forward to doing it again some day.

  11. I can imagine many of us babies out there dreaming of having wonderful loving daddy, just ABDL DADDY who will understand our needs in such a loving and kind way. Thank you Daddy for these great posts and site.

  12. I love wearing plastic diaper covers for the extra protection and the noise that is made when I walk. Additionally, it makes me feel more babish. Stevie

  13. I hope you dont mind if a girl posts here.Iam 17 and i love wearing cloth diapers and cute baby print plastic pants under my dresses to church,for holidays,etc.I got started on them when i was 14 and put thru catholic baptism as an infant by my parents.they dressed me as a regular infant in a white infant style gown,with a bonnet,lace socks and satin booties.i wore a cloth diaper,babyprint plastic pants and a tee shirt under the gown.i was considered an infant for the day and liked it.i started wearing the diaper and plastic pants to mass and around the house and love the feeling of being a cute little girl.i still wear them now at 17.

  14. I absolutely love those adorable star-moon plastic pants! Would it be okay if I inquire where they might be purchased? πŸ™‚
    I’m a huge fan of your blog and I always get all giddy with butterflies in my tummy when I read your posts<3 Keep going daddy! πŸ™‚

  15. Thanks Stan πŸ™‚ I can’t remember for sure but I think the Star/Moon diaper cover is from Privatina….but to be honest I can’t remember.

    Thanks so much and huge hugs – love your Tumblr!

  16. Stan I have seen similar ones but not exact from “Angel Fluff” diaper company and in fact want to order a couple mattress protectors in those same themes this next month from them Their prices are reasonable and they have pretty good products in pants that I have bought before. When I had questions their people were pretty responsive too. πŸ™‚ Hope that helps! -ColoToddler!

  17. You give all the best reasons for plastic pants. Extra protection, extra attention and feeling safe and secure to be Daddys little boy. I love to slip my feet into the plastic pants Daddy holds open for me when I get dressed in the morning or at night. he picks the plain white ones or the yellow or lite blue color ones to go over my daytime training pants and pulls them up so they peek out over my jeans or shorts. At nite he picks out the baby print ones like teddy bears or circus animals to pull on over my nite diaper and booster pad. They always help to keep my clothes and bed dry.

  18. Thanks Todd. Are Angel Fluff plastic pants like the ones from “” cause thats where we get some of mine from. What are some of your favorits?

  19. When My Baby Boy’s Move In With Me (Baby Patrick 3″30″ & Baby Dean 4″40″)In Two Years
    I’ll Be Putting Them Into Disposable Nappies(Oops I Meant Diapers For The American Babies)
    Until I (Or They) Run Out Of Them!
    I’ll Put Them Into a Cloth Nappies(There I Go,Again)
    And Plastic Pants Plane(Oops,Plain)Or Print!
    My Babies Can Choose(If They Want To)

  20. Now that I’m back from pull up training pants to daytime diapers, Daddy is not just doubleing up but tripeling up. First comes a nice thick depends with 3 tapes on each side and a wonderful crinkly plastic outer cover. Next is a thick cloth diaper pinned up snug with two cute diaper pins on each side. Last is a large puffy pair of nursery print plastic pants and then my overalls and tshirt. We get to resuse the cloth diaper and plastic pants at nite cause they stay dry and the depends usually only needs to be changed a couple times a day cause it absorbs a lot .
    I like how thick it all feels and I feel real safe and protected anywhere we go now. Daddy is proud of me for going so easily now in my diapers and is glad I no longer need the potty.

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