Diapers Under Shorts, and Spring Has Arrived for the Adult Baby

After a long winter and a few months of feeling very very wet and listening to lots of rain, it always seems like warmer weather doesn’t just creep up it arrives with a bang. Suddenly the sun is out and it’s not just nice out it’s actually hot!

(At least in climates like where I live, which has a winter with snow!)

And with warmer weather it’s time to pack away the wool sleepers and dig out the shorts and shortalls for the adult baby in your life.

Spring and summer is about renewal, about life and warmth and growth, it’s about sky and grass and lakes.

But it’s also an important time in your relationship to the little boy in your life because it opens up new ways to show how much you care for him and how much you accept the baby boy he really is inside.

What Spring Means to the Adult Baby

Spring can make an adult baby scared, excited, curious, and playful. After months that focused mostly on indoor activities, it’s time to head outside.

Your little guy will want to go to the playground with his daddy and be pushed on the swings or swoosh down the slide; he’ll want to head to the beach and splash his feet in the waves; or maybe he’ll want to go to the zoo and stick his tongue out at the giraffes.

But as excited as he is about all the new things he can do with his daddy, he might also be feeling a little nervous: because spring means spring and summer clothes, and summer clothes often mean more of a chance that others will notice the white of his diapers sticking above the waist or see the bulge of a nappy under his shorts.

Diapers Under Shorts

As a daddy to an adult baby you’ll be changing him and dressing him for the day. It’s important to realize that he might be feeling a little flutter of nervousness in his tummy as you get him ready for that first day out in warmer weather.

There’s no reason to change your morning routine: be gentle and loving as you put him in his diaper, making sure that it’s nice and snug and is unlikely to leak.

Reassure him that he’s a good little boy and that with his diaper there’s no worries about accidents. Reinforce to him that he needs his diapers but that daddy is there to take care of him and to change his pampers.

When you dress him for the day choose something that suits a warm spring day!

But keep it simple: a pair of shorts with Pokemon on one cuff, or a pair of baby blue shorts in a soft cotton are perfect.

Put a shirt on your little guy that comes down over the waist but is in bright colors or childish patterns.

Take a look at your little boy and tell him how cute he is, that he looks like an adorable baby boy and that you’re proud to be his daddy.

Give his diapered bum a little pat and perhaps assure him (it will depend on the character of your little guy) that his diaper isn’t toooo noticeable under his shorts.

And remember as you walk around with your baby boy on a beautiful day that the crinkle of his diaper, the secure padded feeling between his legs, the idea he might have that other people can notice his slight waddle or the bulge of his diapers will have him leaning towards you for security and safety.

He’ll feel self-conscious on his first day of spring as daddy’s diapered boy, out for a walk in his spring clothes, but he will also feel happy because he knows that he needs both his diapers and his daddy, and that the world is even more beautiful because of it.

But what about you – do you feel shy or excited when daddy takes you out to play in your summer outfit? And what’s your favorite outfit for a trip to the park on those first really warm days of spring?

Oh! And a very special thank you to the little boy in the photos for being such an inspiration.

24 Replies to “Diapers Under Shorts, and Spring Has Arrived for the Adult Baby”

  1. When I visit Daddy in the hot weather, he dresses me in a diaper, plastic pants, and a onesie. When we go out, he adds a pair of shorts and a cute baseball cap. I’ve traveled across New York and to nice restaurants dressed like this, and no one has ever seemed to mind.

  2. great post, thanks daddy! It also happens that my diapers will show when I sit down and they puff out of the legs of my shorts. This is especially true on the swings, giggle.

  3. I personally don’t like summer because wearing diapers outside in hot weather is rather uncomfortable to me. However, if I had a daddy that I knew would look after me, I might could venture outside with a fair amount of confidence.

  4. When it gets nice and warm outside, I like to be in a thicker diaper (fewer changes, and extra bulk/crinkle/waddle) with cargo shorts, a polo shirt and a baseball cap. If it’s a little cooler (like in early spring), putting a onsie on underneath keeps me from getting a chill and holds my thick diapee in, which gives me more confidence :).

  5. I never really thought about what the summer is like as an AB. I just recently got a daddy, who is the greatest eber, :). So we haven’t done much yet but I look forward to the day when we do take a walk down to the park and he pushes me on the swing. I don’t care what I’m wearing as long as Daddy is there to comfort me 🙂

  6. It is always summer in Florida…… As I think. I dont have a dadaaa yet but the rare 1 time I wore diapers in public I had on basketball shorts and a tight t-shirt on and went for a bike ride and I got pulled over by a cop and he asked if I had a diaper on and I said yes and he said thats cool have a nice day. But he didnt like pull over I was texting and he got in his car and saw me and then I was right by the station already so he got behind me and asked… Lol complacted to say:D

  7. I love the summer and ride my mountain bike a lot with thick diapers and baby pants under my shorts and friends of my dad comment as they can see the pantys peeking out of the legs some times and of course the bulk. I love the extra padding and being able to pee when evr I have to so diapers are great and love that my Daddy keeps me in thgem all of the time

  8. Shorts and a tee….if you get a white onesie and shorts you can conceil the diaper better. Im a shorts boy definitely!

  9. The interesting and surprising thing is that nobody notices.. Everybody is either on a mobile phone, or they are all thinking about themselves and wondering what other people are thinking about them.. In a way it’s sad that the human race has become so inward-looking and self-obsessed … but it does have advantages for those of us who are a little bit different.

  10. When I’m with a daddy I don’t want the rest of the world to know that I’m wearing a thick nappy and drawing attention to myself. Not that I’m ashamed of being a baby or toddler. Yes I need the reassurance from a daddy that I do need to have my nappy/diaper on, even when out but on those occasions have it be practical and be put into a lovely pair of Terry trainer pants with a nappy cover or plastic pants over them. That way daddy has gotten me into a nappy, it’s not bulky and I feel more comfortable. After all, I know who I am and who my daddy is. Well at least I will when find one.

  11. Hey I am a diaper lover my self … Wearing a nice thick diaper does bring you back to being a baby love it……

  12. I’ve just discovered again that it really doesn’t matter what kind of nappy/diaper puts me into when going out for the day. Because when your with you daddy it’s ok to be scared. Daddy is there with you. He reassures you. Isn’t that part of the learning experience of being with and bonding with your daddy? Instinctively I’ve noticed that when I was with my last daddy that I just responded without having to think about it. And even though I was a little scared there was this feeling of safeness and a wonderful feeling of joy that I was with my daddy and felt so happy looking at him. He was special and he made me feel special too. Often when out with my then daddy he would look at me and tell me I was his baby and it made me feel safe and that he wanted me in his life.

  13. I love being baby in diapers it realy makes me fill like a real baby at times just like a baby girl amber And as an adult baby i fill safe in the world

  14. I fill so cool being a baby in diapers And i woold like to meet more adult babies just like my self so we can talk about what its like being an adult baby

  15. I’ll Be Putting My Two Lovely Baby Boy’s In a Nappy (Oops,Diaper”The American Word”)
    And Shorts And T-Shirt In The Summer One Of My Baby Boy’s Is Above Age 4(40) And The
    Other Baby Boy Is Patrick Age 3(30)

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