Moments with Daddy: Diaper Time for the Adult Baby

When you imagine yourself with a daddy you might imagine your crib, your paci, your high chair. Maybe you picture the days you spend playing with your toys, the shortalls daddy will dress you in, or the cartoons you’ll watch together.

And all of those things are part of the very special relationship between a daddy and his little boy, but it’s often the simplest things in the world that will make you feel like the special baby boy that you are, and that give you the deepest connection with your daddy.

Preparing to Be a Daddy
As a daddy, I like to make sure I’ve thought of everything. Being well-prepared and trying to make sure a little boy has everything he needs to feel comfortable and safe in expressing his toddler side is just something a daddy will do, I guess.

So, I’ll make sure that I have a drawer full of onesies, a closet full of shortalls, sleepers for night, and toys for the day.

But the truth is that a daddy and his adult baby can be just as happy with a coloring book, time together, and enough diapers to see them through the weekend.

Being an adult baby is a feeling as much as anything – the tangible things like cribs and rompers are important ways to help your little guy feel safe and to express his identity, but the more important thing is to just be his daddy, to check and change his diaper, and to understand that he’s dependent on you not for the physical things but for the emotional need he has to have a daddy in his life.

Special Moments Between Daddy and His Adult Baby Boy
When you look back on times when you were a daddy, you’ll remember how cute he looked in his sleeper – but it’s even more likely that you’ll remember things that have nothing to do with how he was dressed or what things you had.

You’ll remember the lazy Sunday when you first let him run around the house in just a diaper.

You’ll remember how shy he was at first being in front of someone else in just a diaper – and how much it meant to you that he felt comfortable being diapered in front of you, and how natural it became over time.

You’ll remember the first time he wet himself knowing that his daddy could see, and the way he blushed as he realized he was using his diaper with someone watching for the first time, and the sensation you had that it was a special bonding moment between daddy and his baby boy, and how proud you felt to be an important part of his life.

You’ll remember sitting alone in your living room once your little one was snugly tucked in bed and how you noticed the babyish smells in the air, and how deeply content it made you feel.

You’ll remember waking him in the morning, kissing his cheek and gently patting his diapered bum as he groggily blinked open his eyes, and realized he was waking to a new world in which he is a baby boy and his daddy is at his side to care for him.

All of those little moments don’t need a lot – they don’t need nurseries or expensive clothes, special toys or playpens.

Put your little guy in a diaper, show him that you accept him and that you care enough to check him and change him, and give him the trust and love that a baby boy seeks and the bonds that form between a daddy and son will create memories that last long past the time when all the things you buy have worn out.

20 Replies to “Moments with Daddy: Diaper Time for the Adult Baby”

  1. Reading this I remembered what is was like to have a little boy of my own. Are there any little boys looking for a daddy around Green Bay Wisconsin?

  2. That was great to read about Daddy. As I posted before I had a great sunday night playing with 1 year old and toddler toys in the toy box. I really felt like a Toddler and thought about nothing but the toys and making them go. 🙂

  3. good read cute pic to ive had a fun time with a little guy i know now it was alot of fun and this artical reminded me of that day

  4. Daddy,
    Another insightful and meaningful post that really made me feel little and babyish. I only wish Daddies out there aspire to be like you and that someday I might have a Daddy in my life (you or otherwise) who would treat me with such love, respect, and admiration.

    baby John

  5. i wish i had a dahdee,im wooking fow a daddy who could pway,feed,change,cuddle,snuggle and take cawe of me’s,i is onwy 1 year old(16 in real life)and i weawee want a daddy who is wooking fow an infant baby boy,pweeeze text babyzac but u have to be male and u have to be a daddy or a friendly babyboy,tank ew!i hope i’s can find a dada soon,i weawee want to cuddle at nini:) -BabyZac:@

  6. newborn baby loves to be bathed powdered diapered feed baby formula put over daddys scoulder and burped taken out in a pram for long walks and controled like a helpless infant made to wear diapers sleep in a crib my phone number is XXX anytime

  7. I am 21 and I live in Wisconsin. My father has been in prison since I was 3 years old. Id give anything just to have a dad around let alone have a daddy. i dont want replace im but he doesnt even know about my diapers or anything. I almost cried reading that post just wish I had the caring and nurturing

  8. Being on the other side of this (so recently, so wonderfully for the first time ever!!!) it was so nice to see what I felt reflected in your article. Although Daddy is insanely generous, the best best best part about it was finally feeling it was safe to be me and the joyfulness that I felt at being loved and cared for as the person I am inside. The simple things, the everyday things, the take-it-for-granted things are what make my heart leap when I reflect on them, that I was a baby, I wore diapers and plastic pants and went in them like I was supposed to and daddy treated it as just a normal part of what it is to take care of a toddler like I have always been.

    Babies, you can be liked just the way you are, daddies, thank you so much for loving us this way.

  9. Wow, I’m finding your blog super late(only like 10 years later lol), but I’m finding great comfort in it. I’m a baby girl, so I know I’m not your target audience, but it still gives me warm feelings inside reading your experiences as a daddy. I just parted ways with my daddy, so I’m kinda lost right now- these blogs are making me feel good, though, thanks!

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