Adult Babies Take a Peek: 1,000,000 Views

When I started this blog I didn’t think I’d find too many readers. I had been looking for information on being a ‘daddy’ to adult babies but was having a hard time finding sites or advice.

A few times in my life I had taken care of an AB/LB – one over the course of several years. When I looked back, the connection and emotions I felt in being a “Daddy” were some of the most meaningful of my life, and I wanted to know if others felt the same way.

Little did I know that just over a year later I’d be seeing the 1,000,000th page view. Considering that there are just over 100 posts, that’s a lot of people reading each article!

Thank you for your support as I’ve taken this journey through memory and feeling, and thank you for reminding all of us that there is a need in the world for the kind of peace, love and connection that you find in the relationship between a daddy and his adult baby boy.

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19 Replies to “Adult Babies Take a Peek: 1,000,000 Views”

  1. I think we should be thanking you for keeping up this blog when you are so busy yourself, with work and family crises and such. Bravo to you πŸ™‚

  2. i would have to agree such a good site with few like it if any it has helped me be a daddy to an rl ab/dl freind even thou im just a baby to it was fun thank you so much for the ideas and encouragement from just your site being up

  3. your site is of great help. If being an AB is not easy sometimes, being a daddy is a lot of responsability, and sometimes doing it right is a very important part of any relationship.

  4. for me its like ur a baby boys dream daddy is why i luv reading everything u write and i hope the reason so many other ppl read it is because there r more babies and daddies than i ever could even imagine. like every other thing u write this makes me feel better about being who i am

  5. Hi I am looking for a young baby that want’s to be
    a baby full-time. That means wear dippers (nappies) 24/7, and eats and drinks baby thing and also wears baby cloths. The baby will be treated just as a baby, if I plan to go out my baby shall come as a baby and if he/she needs a change I will change them like a real baby anywhere it means as they are just babies.

  6. Thank you Daddy for this great site. Love and best wishes to you. Let’s hope more daddies find this site and want to adopt more of us baby’s. We need them and wonderful people like you.


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